Thursday, 7 April 2011

Celebrating 300 Planetarians while waiting, waiting...

Oh, my gorgeous Planetarians, all 300 of you – woo hoo! That was a delightful way to start my day, cracking the big three-oh-oh club ☺. As well as thanking my oldest supporters, I’d also like to extend the warmest of welcomes to the newbies for hopping aboard this busy planet and especially Planetarian #300, sweet Simone. Stay tuned for a giveaway soon! However, at the moment, I am *so* distracted by whether our life-changing decisions we made the other day (see here) will turn out as hoped. The suspense is killing me! I promise to reveal all if it comes off, okay? So, to distract myself, I thought I’d share with you a few little snippets of what’s been going on at Planet Baby.

Our Family Rules

I thought I’d show you ‘Our Family Rules’ which the older pixies decided upon, verbatim.  My dear and clever friend, Janette at My Sweet Prints (Planet Baby’s Honorary Graphic Designer or HGD for short!), then twirled her magic wand and here’s the result (please ignore my reflection – I couldn’t avoid it, whichever angle I tried!).
Janette was a dream to work with, collaborating by email until we had the exact shade of green I wanted, just like an old-school blackboard. The chalky font was her inspired choice. Unfortunately, given IKEA’s absence in Tasmania (don’t get me started on that topic!), I couldn’t frame it with my usual IKEA Ribba version but a plain Spotlight one instead. Do check out Janette’s website for the charming array of prints she has on offer and her cute blog here. I also posted here about her adorable ’Bedtime Bus Roll’ which has pride of place on the older pixies’ mantel.

So, do the rules work? Well, in the main, they’re a guide which aren’t always followed but it does help maintain a *degree* of order on PB. Rule #1 is invoked (and broken) regularly, unfortunately, despite our best efforts. Mr PB is often at fault here and gets sent outside by the older pixies for 5 minutes to reflect upon his actions. It’s a great rule which covers an array of scenarios. Rules #2 and #7 are to encourage the pixies not to yell and speak to each other respectfully (Mr PB, again, is an offender). Rule #3 is necessary in a house of toilet trainers. Rule #4 is a testy one. Rule #5 was written when Joshie was having his night terrors. Rule #6 seems to be blithely ignored, in the main. Rule #8 is *mostly* observed. Rule #9 was a one-off incident – ropes are kept in the shed now! And as for Rule #10, well, that’s followed as the exception, rather than the rule!

The Great Curtain Affair
Hmm, I guess this photo tells the story. For some reason best known to herself, Miss India decided to swing off one of the curtains here while I was hanging out the washing. That was two weeks ago. Mr PB is off to the hardware store this weekend to look for replacement brackets. Ah, the joys of renting (and children)!

The Great Bath Splashing Affair

Lately, Sam has been the leader of the pack at bath time, delighting in pouring and splashing water all over the bathroom floorboards. I have a very cute photo of the three pixies, peering over the bath at their handiwork but to protect their privacy, I’ll post this close-up of the carnage wrought instead.
Notice the reflection of one of the culprits in the pool of water on the floor which extended out the bathroom for about two metres. That was but one of the many sodden bath towels I had to use to clean it all up.  Hmm, the things that occur when you leave the room for a short moment…

The brownie recipe

Okay, so I saved the best bit for last! Since so many of you asked for it following my last post, here is our brownie recipe, courtesy of Marie Claire Cooking.
We dust them off with icing sugar. Do share how you go with making them! They’ve never failed us yet. Just make sure not to over-cook them or they won’t be yummy and fudgy.

Okay, time to finally get the older pixies to bed. Somehow witching hour is lasting longer than usual tonight. Ooh, I hope I have some exciting news to share with you tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations beautiful Jane - I'm so happy that I landed on PB last October - it's such a wonderful place to spend time.

    My first question is "Are you perchance related to Eddie McGuire?" you are very good at keeping us in a state of suspense - very exciting!

    I may just have to go and bake up some of those scrummalicious brownies to celebrate your secret.

    My second question is "How clever are you?". The Family Rules chart is inspired, as is using Janette to zhush it up.

    I hope that we hear the sound of champagne popping [is it that kind of secret?] all the way from Hobart town soon!

    xx F

  2. That Janette is a doll. And 300...that's cool. Well done you!

  3. SO happy to be no. 300!! I don't know how I have managed not to visit earlier since I know I have "seen" you before in Aussie blogland - at Millie's and Meredy's probably :) Well, at least I am here now :)

    LOVE love love your Family rules - I could use all those rules for my two children plus a few more, what a great idea. I might have to copy you :)

    And the brownies, yum! Nigella's brownie recipe is my go-to for a last minute cake sale etc....even I can't mess that one up!!

    Have a lovely day :)

  4. I love popping by PB and it's no wonder that you have 300 is a lovely space to visit :)

    Oh the intriguing!! Am really praying that things work out for you with whatever it is.

    I think these brownies will be on the agenda for this weekend.

  5. Great posts. Love the rules. And the curtain. Never a dull momemnt.

  6. Too funny - that rope rule made all sorts of terribly scenarios flash into my head!! And yes we have issues with bath water rather regularly. x

  7. I love the way Janette designed your rule list - it looks fab and is a good reminder, even if it isn't followed all the time.
    I'll be looking forward to hearing a positve outcome for your news asap. Fingers crossed for you! Talk to you soon x

  8. congrats Jane on the big 300 !

    Ah yes - kids !
    Ever so hard on your furniture and fixtures - you can see why parents go redecorating made after their last teen leaves home !

  9. Congratulations Jane on making 300. Yours is always and entertaining read.


  10. Congrats on the 300 followers Jane, I have no doubt you will be celebratiing 400 before long!! I love your rules - we only have 3 and struggle to stick to them - you are inspiring!!

  11. Oh Jane you are too sweet! I love that I am your OGD and you are my OMM :) heheheh... Thank you so much for your lovely words and for linking to my website and blog you are the best.
    I had to chuckle thinking of Miss India swinging on the curtains! Oh dear! and the bath water looks like my bathroom floor after Will's bath too (whick is why I'm trying to talk him into the idea of showering).
    Thanks again my dear and a huge congrats on 300 followers that is amazing but not surprising.
    Big hugs,

  12. Woot! 300 with many more to come, Jane. Yours is such a warm and welcoming place to be that they won't be able to keep themselves away (despite post length,right? ;) ) I love how much we have in common but with two completely different approaches to things you are always 'new news' to me. I very much hope to meet you when I visit Tassie in July (if I can brave the cold that is! ) x

  13. Hello dear Jane!
    Oh the joy of little just reminded me howthings can go pear shape whentheyare left unattended for a fraction of a second!!;)
    I hope you are celebrating or about to do it very soon!
    Bravo for reaching 300 planetaria's!

  14. 300? Wow, well done Jane! Why is it when you hang out washing, the kids play up? It happens around here too. The last time something big happened was after I hung washing - the two eldest boys had their dukes up ready for a brawl. Hmmmm...

  15. Congratulations on 300 Jane, I really enjoy popping over to your blog. Enjoy your weekend.

  16. Hello another member to add. My Little one obeys nn of thsose rules but I think good ones to aspire to. Especially the inside voice one. Thank you.
    x jill

  17. Go Jane! Congrats with so many finding your blog!
    And many more will come, just keep doing what you do now, I love it all!
    The rules made me chuckle, when they are all grown up, this will make a good conversation at the table I guess...
    And you are keeping me in suspence.... No wait, I know what it is, you will move to Switzerland and become my neighbour?? Or close to Switzerland?! See, now I will not stop thinking about it....
    Glad the package arrived, I have two more stamps for your little big man, does he want them?
    Gotta go, my rice is burning....
    Maureen xx

  18. Congratulations on 300 Jane! In suspense here...did you know it is now tomorrow? LOL

  19. Congratulations on your big 300 - your blog is wonderful Jane, so of course we follow you xoxox

  20. Oh Jane... I love the rules! So funny and I love the underlying emphasis of 'do what mum and dad say'!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Ang x

  21. Hi Jane, love your list of rules...but let me tell you, I am still having trouble with some of those even though my youngest is is a problem here in U.k. as the toilets don't seem to flush very well...bad water pressure and a stupid lever no hope was never a problem with this kid as his batteries used to just 'run down' and he would actually ask if he could go to bed...which of course was met with a chorus 'YES' from everybody in the 6 no hope there, especially with the older ones back home in Aust. My daughter is actually living in our main bedroom in should see the ensuite and walk-in 8 they all just nod and do the opposite and no. 9...I'm not even going to ask about. Robx

    p.s. thanks for your kind wishes.

  22. Ah, ladies, I turn my back and find all this kindness - many thanks! I'm flabbergasted at how quickly this little snowball is rolling. Sorry to be a tease but we're still waiting on our news...

    The French champagne is still on ice, Felicity. Sigh.

    Ann, it involved an anonymous pixie tying the skipping rope around a certain sister's wrist until it started to turn blue. Enough said.

    My pleasure, Janette. You were one of my very first supporters and I won't ever forget that.

    Cool, Bron - it sounds like those plans are becoming more concrete. Er, comment noted, my BB ☺.

    Maureen, will email you properly, you doll. And yes, they'd be a sure fire hit - thanks!

    Ah, Rob, it's good to know other parents go through all this, too ☺.

    J x

  23. Hello Jane,
    I'm glad you discovered Jean Pascal, I love to take my little one there for a babycino after the park. There is another new cafe in the area, you'll have to try if you get the chance. Looking forward to hearing your news!
    Take care x

  24. Firstly, congratulations on your 300 followers! How fantastic is that? I love this place of yours. It is truly fabulous. And that recipe. Um, thank you! Guess what I'll be making this weekend. I think the babies on planet baby and mine must be from the same planet. You should see our bathroom after bathtime. (Sigh.) It's a slippery affair! Have a great weekend Jane. xx

  25. Woo-hoo 300! Go Jane! Laughing along at the water episode!
    xo Cathy

  26. I'm delighted to have become follower number 301!
    Great blog. I look forward to reading more...

  27. Yay, congratulations! So glad I made it to my browser in time to see you hit 300 followers - no surprises there, Jane :) Your 'rules' had me giggling - what a great idea and I love Janette's creation (she is a very clever lass indeed).

  28. lol that first rule made me laugh. I went 'what?!' cuz i was an only child. but i currently have 3 young cousins who are all brothers and i realised. The mouths i got confused about but maybe biting?! congratulations on all the followers!

  29. I think you'll find those rules will change/ develop as your children grow. Mine have all nailed the polite, good manners & nice to each other part, staying at the table until everyone is finished & excused, but i could do a whole list of rules on time management & organisation for high school. I would put on my list "manners are free" as everyone should have good ones. I do like the black board look. Love Posie

  30. After reading Planet Baby 101 and this post, I must say that I was meant to become a Planetarian. Just love it here. That is all...xx

    PS: Thanks for your comments about my blog's name. I am usually terrible - completely awful! - at naming things. Hence, the boring names for both my photo club and the weekly feature I run about the differences between the UK & USA. But, with the blog - and my daughter's name, thankfully - I didn't do half bad. With that said...I have to say, I quite like your blog's name! And, I look forward to reading about your Olympic relative. How amazing!! xx

  31. Lordy! I didn't realise there were so many unanswered comments here ☺.

    Denise, we are so lucky to have it around the corner from us both.

    Thanks, Kymmie - you *get* what that was like for me, then!

    Claire, yep, that's why the 'no mouths' rule, exists ☺.

    Jennie, we are drafting the latest version now. So prescient of you!

    And Sarah, I can only concur. Thank goodness for darling Felicity bringing us together. I am counting my blessings. And I would love to know more about Maren's name! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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