Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday splendour: 10 April 2011

Source: iStockphoto
Ah, sweet Planetarians, I’ve had a real roller-coaster of a week on Planet Baby. There have been unexpected delights in the mail from caring bloggy friends like Maureen, numerous tantrums from certain unnamed pixies, frantic phonecalls to and from Sydney (so sorry I can’t reveal our news yet - we are sooo close to being able to), lunch-as-my-first-ever-meeting with my sweet Hobart bloggy friend, Sarah (we enjoyed ourselves so much, we’re planning another one) and most importantly, my Dad has been admitted to hospital and is very unwell. After some tests tomorrow, hopefully we’ll know what lies ahead. So my heart is heavy tonight. But I’ve still found some splendid moments from my week to share with you – enjoy!

*I feasted upon* this luscious (store-bought) crème caramel. One day I’ll have the time to make it from scratch but for now, this is my little treat of choice.
* I discovered* this delightful self-inking silhouette stamp at Le Papier Studio, one of my favourite online stationery haunts. For a small fee, they even offer to design a custom silhouette for you, using a side-on photograph of you. Hmm, I’m seriously tempted…
* I enjoyed* this stunning typography using leaves here by Vladimir Koncar. Do have a look, my fellow typographiles – it’s a stunning array of natural objects which Vladimir arranges to form letters and numbers. Now I just have to work out if I can buy them to use or just admire them. Do any of you Planetarians fancy them, too?
* I created* something pretty out of the mundane, inspired by my sweet friend, Tina, who has such a knack for turning the everyday into something unique. I took these.
And with my new-found passion for washi tape and some sharp scissors, turned them into these! 
Now hanging out the washing seems so much more enjoyable! It was a cinch to do, used things I already had and kept my mind distracted from the problems swirling around me.

* I read this* thought-provoking post at The Inspiration Tree. I particularly related to #1:
The only person that can ever truly make you happy is yourself. Stop depending on everyone else.
Source: Kayla Ross
* I watched* Joshie proudly play in his first ever soccer (football for most of the rest the world) match for his school team, the Under 6 Wasps. Mr PB had to assist with some shoelace tying before the big match started – note the orange in his hand and the very long socks covering his shinguards!
Here’s an action shot – he ran his little heart out (he’s third from the left).
They went down 2-3 but were very gracious losers which was a delight to see.

I also went on a ramble around this fair city and took some photos which I can’t wait to share with you later in the week. Oh, and I did some shopping for a certain upcoming giveaway…Stay tuned - same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!


  1. Your week was certainly a mixed bag..of mostly goodies. I love your pegs and that hedgey lettering. Hopefully the situation with your dad will be ok too.

  2. Oh Jane I hope your dad will be okay.

    I am enjoying Sunday Splendour. Loads of interesting bits and pieces. Our little guy will be playing his first game soonish. LOVE the pegs.

  3. You certainly have a lot going on at the moment Jane...
    So sorry to hear that your Dad is unwell, I hope that you get some good news this week.

  4. Love your Sunday Splenours Jane! What a great concept :) I received your message and just wanted you to know that a response is coming. I am having a good think, there are just so many wonderful things about your blog that I do not know where to begin!! Your Joshie is just so so cute and you already know how I feel about Mr. PB :)

    Best wishes Jane...back to you soon!

    Jeanne xx

    PS..can you send me your address again, it is tucked away...somewhere...I am working on that too!

  5. All the best for your dad Jane. I just love your pegs! Will has been playing soccer too, though its pretty funny watching a bunch of three year olds running around with their mums. I think my preggy belly will have to nominate someone else to run with him for these last weeks! As for that silhouette love love! xxx

  6. Jane, I am sorry to hear your father is unwell. Hugs to you and the children as you support him and your mum (and yourselves). I'm glad you are finding some creative time for yourself, it is such a satisfying thing to do....create something pretty with your own hands. It's the simple things in life really. Jo

  7. oh Jane, I do hope that your dads test results are not anything serious... Will be thinking of you and praying for good news.
    Laura xx

  8. Hi Jane, been busy here so it's been a while since I popped in.
    Sounds like you are doing well on planet baby, even with the worry of your Dad in hospital. That must be very upsetting for you, so I am sending good news vibes your way.
    Love your pegs and the positive things you are doing and focusing on.
    Keep up the good work!
    Ps Josh looks very cute in his soccer uniform.

  9. Jane, thinking of you and your dad, and your whole family.

    What a gorgeous pic of Joshie with his dad helping him with his boots. So cute! Looks like your team might have been playing 'our' team!?
    Love the pegs - I have a whole bunch of mini pegs which Ina wants to paint. Hmm, washi tape sounds so much better than paint!

    Loving Sunday Splendour... your little space to record joy. Just gorgeous! Have a lovely week and I hope you have nothing but good news :)

  10. Your pegs are terrific! And are you sure you can handle your silhouette on a stamp? i think it would be the end of me. x

  11. Oh Jane, I am thinking about you, your dad and your family...I hope the news is good.

    How cute are those pegs..I would never have thought to use tape to decorate them, very novel.

    I loe watching kids sports, they are in it for the pure joy of playing. Our 8yo starts rugby again soon.

  12. sorry *love* watching kids sports

  13. Hi Jane, I hope this week brings good news, those pegs are great.x

  14. Hi Jane, I hope the news this week on your dad is good.

    (I have to say I agree with maxabella - I couldn't handle my silhouette on a stamp! Maybe my kids instead?)

  15. Hi Jane - Thank you so much for popping over to my blog and saying hello- so sweet of Simone to introduce me to her fellow bloggers. You are also in touch with a dear friend- Ang from Wicker and Stitch - small world isn't it!
    Hope to see lots more of you!
    Em xx

  16. Hi Jane!
    Hope your dad will have some good news,
    You have been creative with your tape, great tip,
    and your boy is so cute! Precious photo's!
    Oh and thanks for the link to me, I just wanted to make you smile and I did, so glad snailmail is still alive and kicking right?
    Hope your news is coming soon, enjoy the week,
    Maureen x
    (oh, and i found a site with stamps as well, will link back)

  17. You are a busy bee. Hope your Dad is ok. I also noted you met Sarah, you lucky thing. I would love to meet her. I love her blog and beautiful photos and dog. Have a great week. deb

  18. Hi Jane, very sad to read your worries for your dad, I hope this week will bring some hope and smiles to you.
    Loving all your highlights!
    Have a lovely week sweet Lady.
    Sandrine x

  19. Jane, you and your family are in my thoughts as I hope everything will be ok with your Dad. It's nice to hear that during a time when your nerves are a bit unsettled, you can still find the beauty in the little things that surround you. Aside from the news about your father, sounds like you had a lovely week...good for you to notice the sweet things in life. =)

  20. I"ll be thinking of you and your dad. You are in my thoughts. leigh

  21. Wow, you have so much going on in your life right now. I hope you are okay with fitting it all in somehow. I'm so sorry about your father. I hope he gets well very quickly. That must be so worrying for you.


  22. hi sweetie...

    i've said everything in emails...but i love your sunday little link ups...
    how cooool is that profile stamp...very tempted at this end too...

    M xxx

  23. I'm sorry to hear your dad is unwell :( I hope you receive some positive news soon.

    Loving your new finds and your crafty pegs are fantastic! What is washi tape? I have three little jars of mini pegs just calling out to me to accessorise them.

  24. First, sending your
    family thoughts and
    prayers for coping with
    whatever news comes
    your way.....And second,
    loved all of the things
    that YOU are loving right,
    now!! The stamp is just
    up my alley. And I remember
    when my William played in
    his first soccer match, only
    six short years ago. Now
    he's nearly as tall as I am;
    12 comes fast, my friend!!
    xx Suzanne

  25. Hi Jane, thanks for the mention, as you know I had a great time at lunch too. Looking forward to next time :)
    I hope you father is ok. Please let us know.

  26. Hi Jane!! So sorry I haven't been 'round to visit you lately (I'm back now :-))
    Love those pegs!!! And as for inspirational quotes did you see the marilyn monroe quote on rrshm recently? (like!)

  27. Well - you know i love pegs! Great job there. Anything to make hanging the clothes out more fun! I have been eyeing those stamps too!

  28. Ah, Lovelies! Thanks for these kind, encouraging and thoughtful comments. You are really buoying my spirits. I'm a bit frazzled at the moment so don't have time to email you all individually as I usually try to do.

    You really must give the washi pegs a try - you'll already have the pegs and there are so many tape sellers on Etsy that are quite affordable. Get some sharp scissors and you're set! Something the whole family can get involved in as well.

    J x


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