Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Our little announcement - finally!

Ah, sweet Planetarians, thanks ever so much for your kind comments on my Dad’s health following my last post. He’s still in hospital and waiting on test results which will determine what lies ahead. I won’t go into details in order to protect his privacy but I have grave fears. Yesterday was one of the most surreal days of my life. In the truest sense. I thought it would never end. It was a total rollercoaster of the highest high and the lowest low. The low was seeing my Dad so terribly vulnerable and frail and having some family discussions I hadn’t expected would need to occur for many years yet. The high was discovering that finally I can let you in our news. You’ve been extraordinarily patient! So, here goes…
A house purchase

Yes, Planet Baby is on the move! Yesterday, just minutes before I raced to the hospital to be with my Dad, I discovered that our bank had approved our purchase of a house in Hobart. Woo hoo! It’s been the culmination of many years of hoping, dreaming, thinking it was too hard, putting on the back burner, having the 3 pixies in 3 ½ years, thinking we could never afford it in Sydney, living on a single income for the past 3 years, moving back to Hobart and then suddenly, this little charmer appeared.
Mr PB had been sporadically keeping an eye out for houses down here and just stumbled upon this gem of a house. Built in 1924, it’s a weatherboard house which has been completely renovated. Exhale! No need for us to do anything. Except change some paint here and there if we want but only to suit our tastes more, not because it’s needed. Oh, and garden as we desire.

Let’s take a little wander. Here’s the master bedroom just to the left of the front door.
The blue-and-white girl in me is pleasantly satisfied. It’s spacious, has ceiling height built-ins and that gorgeous little window nook which will catch the afternoon sun delightfully. I fancy the picture rails and polished floorboards as well.

So that’s the first bedroom. There are 5 here – can you believe it?! The mind boggles at all the permutations. Joshua has always shared a room with India. Our Sydney apartment had 2 bedrooms and our current rental has 3. Now we have a multitude of options. Two of the pixies could share a room, leaving us with a playroom and a room for me. The pixies could each have a room, leaving a room for me.

Are you sensing a theme here?! Yes, I finally can have a ‘room of my own’, something I have craved ever since reading Virginia Woolf’s book (you know what I mean, Ann) but most recently as I have started rediscovering my creative side. This is the current contender which has fabulous built-in storage and will allow the light in throughout the day. Sure it looks a bit drab and spartan now but don’t you think it has *potential*? Ooh, I can’t wait to hang up my Blogging Your Way mood board!
Finally, I can have a room where I can paint, do my cross-stitch, write, foster my growing interest in papercraft, read, learn to sew and embroider - basically whatever takes my fancy. And I can leave paintings out to dry and creations at mid-assembly stage by simply shutting the door. I can’t even imagine the *delicious* sensation of having my own space which I don’t have to share with other little people, putting things away before creeping hands reach them or Quicksilver Sam runs away with my scissors!

So that’s the bedrooms dealt with. There are 2 bathrooms and most importantly, 2 toilets, an essential when living in a house of toilet trainers. But let’s walk outside this room and have a peek around the corner. What can we see?
This gorgeous sunlit area leads out onto the deck. Note the reverse cycle air conditioner above the door – a bonus in Hobart where older houses are rarely well equipped to deal with the winter cold. Are you feeling the relaxed vibe of the place yet?

Let’s keep walking and turn right. Look at the scene which reveals itself in all its stunning glory.
I can’t believe this spacious, pristine, fabulously designed kitchen will be mine! It has heaps of built-in storage, brilliant deep drawers everywhere instead of poky cupboards – it’s all so convenient and accessible. I’m excited to have a gas stovetop again. All I might add is a couple of floating IKEA Lack shelves on the far wall for my cookbooks.

Here’s a view from the other end of the kitchen. Hmm, loving the oven and the dishwasher.
But let’s not overlook the loveliest feature, dear Planetarians. Look at those bi-fold windows!
Yes, these ones which open up all the way along to overlook the deck. Can you imagine the fabulous summertime entertaining we will have there?

Here’s another view of the deck. Those steps on the right lead down to the enormous garden.
Here’s the only shot of it – it’s hard to fully appreciate the potential with that trampoline there but we envisage having a cubby house, sandpit, swings, raised garden beds, box hedges, hydrangeas and fruit trees. Oh, and lots of lovely soft grass for the pixies to roll on. Sigh. Maybe later on, we might even build a verandah around the back to take full advantage of the sunny northerly aspect.
An apartment sale

In order to buy the house, we are now in the process of selling our 2 bedroom Sydney apartment. If it sells at the market price, we will actually be trading up from a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment with a single garage to a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom, lane for 2 cars and huge garden for the same price! We'll be swapping 120 m² for about 800 m². Unbelievable.

Now that, my dear friends, would just be the best outcome we could ever have hoped for. The timing, especially now that my Dad is so unwell, is perfect for us to be settling down in Hobart. It was a big call to decide to leave Sydney for good but we’re confident it’s the right one for our little family.

What lies ahead

Settlement is due at the end of May so very soon, we’ll have to start thinking about giving notice to our landlord, working out whether to change the pixies’ school and daycare (they’re only 15 minutes’ drive away) and all those practicalities. Meanwhile, we’re hoping our Sydney place sells ASAP. So we have lawyers beavering away for us in 2 states, nutting out the details while we’re just pinching ourselves at our luck.

So, what’s the verdict, trusty Planetarians? Do you fancy joining us for a celebratory champagne on that fabulous deck? I can’t believe that after all this time of reading your brilliant posts about home decorating, I’m actually going to be able to do some myself! Ah, exhale ☺. And time for bed – hmmm, bloggy rehab…


  1. Thoughts and prayers for your Dad, you, and your family. Sending hugs.
    Wow, wow, and wow on the house! I'll bring the bubbly to christen the deck and those brilliant windows to the kitchen! Oh, and look at those fences - can just see Quicksilver Sam lamenting over those fences!
    xo Cathy

  2. Your father & family are in our thoughts and prayers. I know how anxious and nerve racking waiting for test results can me.

    On the news front, congrats on the great purchase! The house looks just lovely and boy do I love the windows in that kitchen :)

  3. Oh Jane it is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. Drooling madly from here, truly. What a find!

    ... and I also send you huge big hugs and hope things are going OK for your family, and your Dad. It sounds very sad and stressful, and I know so much what that is like. xxx

  4. Hi Jane

    Finally a minute to pop over here and visit....mad day! Thanks for following my blog and for your comment. :)

    I hope everything goes well with your sale/move - the house looks wonderful. Great place to raise a family.

    BBC has recently finished showing a series of Relocation Relocation Relocation (to Oz) and hubby and I were drooling over the Aussie houses and way of life.

    I haven't read enough of your blog yet to say much about your Dad but I really hope he gets well soon - Dads are precious.

    I'll be back later to read more of your blog.


  5. So exciting, Jane. Congrats! I love the house.

  6. Well excelllent. Thrilling news. Congrats to you both - all that savinf and squeezing in in Sydney has certainly paid off - it's a fabulous house - a perfect mix of old and new and I just know exactly how you feel about all that SPACE!!! Gorgeous. x

  7. Congrats Jane! I'm so pleased it's happening! I have had my fingers crossed for you and was hoping to hear this news. No doubt we'll chat all about it next month- very exciting! You lucky thing :)
    Now I'll be crossing my fingers for your dad. Maybe just knowing you will be moving to Tassie permanently will give him a big boost. Take care xx

  8. Oh dear Jane, this is wonderful news! The house is already beautiful (it looked much smaller in picture 1, and than came the pic with the deck and kitchen,wow!) So Congratulations! And hope the appartment will sell soon for a good price.
    And your dad, all I can do is send a little prayer to you and your family, hope he will recover for the better xx
    My dad is recovering slowly but he is still here, so I hope the news will be good.
    Life is short (my uncle just passed away yesterday after an accident) so you go packing and everything that comes with moving and you start to enjoy yourself ok? Really looking forward to all your creative moods coming alive again, gotta go now, way past my bedtim...
    Maureen x

  9. Jane, your new home is just beautiful. Gorgeous kitchen and amazing deck. Just love it, and I'm sure you and your family will be so happy there.
    Sending warm wishes to you all during this time of your Dad's illness.

  10. That is the very best news ever!! To have your own place. Too be able to relax in your own space. Very excited for you. I'm sorry that your Dad is ill and I think the waiting for news or information is really very hard. Fingers and toes crossed. Once you know what the issue is, you can take it from there. I guess you were meant to be in Hobart!! Good decision!!!

  11. As gorgeous as the front of the house is, it's so deceiving! 5 bedrooms! Your new home is just breathtaking. I bet you can't wait to get in there. I'm jelly about having your own room!
    I'll be sending the positive bubbles your Dad's way Jane. The waiting must be painstaking. xx

  12. Woohoooo on the house.
    But boohoo with your dad.
    I hope all gets better soon and that he will be able to be just as excited as you about not only your permanent move to Tassie, but your FANTASTIC new home.
    Take care during the week (-:

  13. Wonderful, wonderful Jane! Congratulations.
    Hoping your Dad pulls through and returns to health soon...
    G x

  14. Jane, so sorry to hear about your dad, my thoughts are with you xx On a lighter note, congratulations on your new house. It's a beauty! What an exciting adventure, creating a new family home full of memories xx

  15. One word from me as I race off to work. Awesome!!!.
    I'll come back on the weekend :)

  16. Fabulous. I envy you that you don't have to do any renovation!!! Congratulations! Also I hope your Dad will be okay. xx

  17. Wow your new home is a dream...I love the high ceilings and little window nooks. From the outside it looks like a little quaint cottage that is a bit like pass the parcel...so many layers to unwrap that reveal many wonderful areas.

    Thinking of your dad :)

  18. Jane, I'm so sorry about your Dad. I will be saying a prayer for you all. Such wonderful news about your new home!!! Wow, you must be just so excited and thrilled to be able to really put down your roots. Life is funny how it pans out... I think this is the perfect lift you need right now.

    Love and hugs

    Ang xx

  19. A mixed bag of emotions for you Jane...
    That house is just stunningly gorgeous - what a find! So happy that you got it and that you are so excited about it. It looks like a lovely view from your new deck?
    I will keep you and your dad in my thoughts.

  20. Jane - thinking happy healthy thoughts for your dad.
    I am so happy for you and your family on your beautiful new purchase - that house is divine. i love it all - particularly the bifold bar onto the deck (I so want one of these!). Congrats! When is the first party? I am happy to pack my toothbrush and come from sydney!

  21. Jane I am so sorry to hear you are having a rough time with your Dad's health :( I hope all is going smoothly today.

    But, I am super excited for you new home! Yay!!! It's gorgeous and I'm jeal that you've made the swap from Sydney to Hobart. I love it down there and we (er, I) can only *dream* of owning such a large yet cute and character-filled home in the middle of Sydney. Huge congrats!

  22. Oh Jane, that house is absolutely stunning!!! The view is gorgeous and the kitchen is to die for! A house that doesn't have to be renovated would be my dream too!!

    So sorry to hear that there are not so happy times with your Dad's health. Thinking of you!

  23. Congrats!
    May it be a
    house that is
    filled with laughter
    and many year's
    worth of JOY!
    xx Suzanne

  24. I saw Al on Friday night and she mentioned how unwell your dad is - wishing you the strength you and your family will need to get through the next little bit. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

    And yay about moving into your new house soon!! Good luck with all the decision about moving schools, childcare etc. Lenah Valley Primary is so close to you (and there is Pixie Child Care just next door) I would be tempted to avoid the cross-city trip if the option was available. Also, Rainbow Childcare just opposite Jean Pascal is great (but hard to get into) and there is a family day carer that I know of down near the Carlton St park who'd be another option.

    Can't wait to "drop-in" for a cuppa sometime soon!

  25. Fantastic!! What a beautiful new home! You lucky things!

    I'm sorry about your Dad. Reading this post brought tears to my eyes. I hope goes smoothly for him and that he's comfortable and not in pain. Poor fellow.

    One minute Dads are invincible men we look up to from around their knees, and then before long their mortality slaps us in the face, and they need all the help they can get from their children. Thinking of you Jane.

  26. Loving all the inside space...but is that a view over the water that I spy?? If not water, it still looks like you're going to have a great view! In our first house with a baby (pre-dishwasher days) I had a view from my kitchen window out across the dandenong mountains. I can still remember doing the dishes - the warm water, the view - it was actually really quite relaxing (mental heh?!)
    Best of luck for settlement - hope it all goes smoothly. I wrote a guest-post ages ago on planning with kids called 'moving with kids' - check it out...I'm a bit of an moving house expert :-)

  27. Ah, Jane. I've been thinking about you, and your highs and lows. I do hope your dad can fight on. As I said, if you need me to pop over and play with the pixies for a while, I'm there.

    And as for your good news. Woo-hoo indeed! Actually a little bird told me this morning that they saw a sold sticker on *your* house, so I was hopeful that it was indeed you and Mr PB who had bought it. I'm very thrilled for you, you'll be just around the corner and yes, I will certainly toast your new home with a glass of bubbles!

  28. Wowee Jane!! Looks amazing and I am more than a little envious of the *5 bedrooms* and the *2 toilet* scenario!
    LOVE, love, love the bifold doors and kitchen.
    Looks like you will make a lovely home there.
    Congratulations to you all and yes, please pour me a glass of bubbly and lets toast cheers to your future in your new home. (which suburb?)
    Sending lots of good, get well vibes to your dear Dad too. x

  29. Congratulations. Love the kitchen with the bifold window such a bonus! Charmaine

  30. Wow!! Your new home looks AMAZING!!!! I love so many details of it, it has such character and how nice to have all those rooms.

    Will keep you and your dad and family in my prayers xx

  31. Terrific news re your Hobart house! It is stunning..who'd a' thought it had so much room in it from looking at the outside! Fabulous kitchen and deck..and beautiful traditional features as well. What more could you want? Thinking of your dad as well.

  32. What wonderful news and your new home looks absolutely fabulous. Of course, that spare room could become a guest room for bloggy friend to visit ;)

  33. Squealing in excitement for you!! OmGoodness that kitchen is awesome and the window! oh My! Love all the little window nooks, picture rails ... So excited for you all!

  34. Wow Jane, what a fabulous house for your beautiful family to grow up in. I love it. Thanks for sharing it with us.xx

  35. I am just thrilled for you. That kitchen and view are amazing! Keeping my fingers crossed on the quick sale of your apt and wellness for your father XOL

  36. Roller coatser ain't the half of it !
    What a day Jane !
    Sorry to hear your Dad is unwell, never a good thing to findout, but at least you are near and not worrying from Sydney.

    And - kathunk - falling off chair - what a brill house - sigh . . . is it permited to have kitchen envy ?

  37. I'm just getting over reading news of your Dad, Jane. So sorry to hear. I'll be thinking of you every minute until we hear good news.

    Now, on a much, much, much more exciting note: what a fabulous new home you have scored! That kitchen is divine! You must be so overjoyed. Yippeeeeee!!!!! x

  38. So sorry to hear about your Dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

    About the house. Gorgeous, heavenly, lovely and awesome.
    What a treat and so love the kitchen and all of it!

    You will create so many wonderful memories there and I look forward to seeing you add a little more Jane style and magic to the place.

    Congrats! so exciting. N xx

  39. My thoughts are with your dad.

    That house is amazing, Jane and I feel the first photo was a little misleading! It's so BIG! Wow. I love that you're going to have a room for yourself, what a wonderful thing.

  40. Jane I do hope that your Dad will be ok sweetie, I am thinking of all of you.

    I am so happy for all of you to have your very own home, it's look beautiful and that view, wow. I look forward to sharing in your new adventure in your new home, how exciting. xo

  41. Oh my goodness Jane..I shared a few little tears of joy and sadness for you after reading this post...its terrible when things sometimes feel bitter sweet. Your new home is so amazing..your not wrong when you say you wont have to do a thing to it..what an absolutely beautiful house....one that will soon become a beautiful home filled with so much love and laughter..so so happy for you sweet pea : ) Congrats to you and hubby.
    Will say a little prayer for your Dad tonight...and hope that things come good. Sending big hugs your way sweetheart...thinking of you : ) x

  42. oh jane you must feel a rollercoaster of emotions right now with your dad being unwell and the purchase of your new home-well it looks like a beautiful homey home. loved the tour, love the big doors and deck, the pretty blue room, oh the kitchen!congratulations!

  43. Ahhhhhhhh, how cool is that!!!??? I am doing a virual celebration dance on that amazing new deck of yours. Wow, what an enormous amount of space and what a beautiful house. Oh and the joy of thinking how to decorate that white canvas. A great opportunity to make a few new mood boards, I would say... (and buy Holly's book to be inspired).
    Big hug, Iris

  44. I am so sorry to hear that your Dad is unwell Jane...I do hope he gets better soon but at the same time your house news is fabulous and so exciting...Wishing you well and fingers crossed all goes according to plan....xv

  45. the house is absolutely perfect, jane. it found you...
    all of that beautiful space, in lovely condition, too. wow.

    so sorry to hear about your dad. i'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

  46. Jane, sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. Thinking of you, your family and dad at this time - why is it that life so often delivers the highs and the lows simultaneously?! Your house is such a magnificent find - the sort of place a family can happily reside in for life - well done and thank you for the tour xxx

  47. Oh JANE!!! I love the place!!!! Which suburb? Are you closer to me? WOW it is PERFECT. Ahhhthe sunny days will be magic there!

    AHhhh in the mist of all this excitment you are carrying a big emotional load... I am speechless as to what to say...

  48. My goodness your new home is absolutely beautiful!

  49. Oh my! You gorgeous, gorgeous souls. You Planetarians have the hugest hearts. Thanks ever so much for your kindness and compassion about my Dad. Today we found out that he doesn't have leukaemia yet so that is something positive. We're waiting on more test results.

    And I'm *completely* overwhelmed by your generous comments about our new house. I've tried to email you all privately with responses but am so just thrilled you're as excited as me! I can't wait to try out new ideas and will definitely be calling on all you crafty, interior decorating loving Planetarians for ideas. Oh, we're still pinching ourselves!

    Yes, it's such a bitter-sweet time for us. So much for our brains to absorb. I hope to post tomorrow when I've gathered my thoughts a little.

    J x

  50. Oh Jane, such a difficult yet exciting time. Hoping all works out positively for your Dad. I love you new home and can't wait to see what you do to put your own stamp on it. it is simply divine. Wishing you positive thoughts..X

  51. Wow! Congratulations! I do hope you dad continues to Improve! That house looks amazing. I love the kitchen and windows! Perfect light for photos and pretty things!

  52. Hi Jane, I fear I am very late to the party on this lovely deck! Firstly, I hope things with your Dad aren't nearly as bad as you fear. I hate to think what you're going through just now.
    And secondly, while I'm sure you feel odd 'celebrating' while so much else is going on, it must be so exciting to have this gem of a house just around the corner. I can't wait to see the first images of that 'room of your own' once you get all your treasures in there! Cross fingers for a quick sale in Sydney. Things have a way of working out well for good people! xx

  53. Hi Jane, This is fabulous news and the house is tunning loving that kitchen window and view!
    I am glad you got a little relief for your dad and that will keep being positive from now.
    We are also getting ready for our new home and settlement date , everything is going well for us so I hope it will be the same for you!
    Take care
    Sandrine x

  54. Oh My God. Just got home from a night with Mum and Dad and leaving the girls for 2 nights. I cried when I opened your blog and saw your beautiful home. My guess was right and I am so happy for you all. Can't wait to come and visit. There may even be room to stay. Good Luck with everything including your Dad. I just love the house. I should send you some photos of ours and show you what we did.
    Love and Best wishes to you all. Jo xxxxx

  55. gorgeous gal...well you know how i feel about it all....
    i've been away from blog reading hanging out with my brother and sis in law and nieces....much needed...
    & have come back to what we all had everything *crossed* for...i can go pop that cork this weekend for you....
    we didn't send you a recipe as you have had WAAAAY to much going on...but we will...it will be a *master chef* worthy meal in that glamour kitchen...i have been back to that link of the house you sent me upteen times!!! i LOVE it!!

    now - your papa...i can't send you enough friendship and hugs....you know that....

    m xxx

  56. Dear Jane,
    Hope and prayers for your dad.
    But very exciting with your new home - love the pictures
    - warm thoughts all the way from Denmark.
    A xx

  57. Fan-ta-bu-lous! I want some too!

    And hugs to you and your Dad.

    LCM x

  58. gorgeous Jane. Congratulations. i love looking at houses and this one caught my eye too. It is so lovely.

    I hope your dad is OK. What a time you are having. take care xox

  59. Jane

    What a gorgeous looking house, congratulations! I love old houses and this one has also been given a great contemporary renovation. I have been offline most of the week so just catching up and sorry to hear about your Dad. Thinking of you and your family. Gx

  60. I like your new house
    I am a Real estate agent and this really is a beauty!!
    I'm so sorry to hear your Dad is unwell. All the best.

  61. I'm wishing the best for your dad. I know how hard it is to be concerned for a parent's health, while taking care of small children and moving, to boot. Your home looks lovely.

    I just found your blog. Though we live on different continents and I have left Planet Baby and am now on Planet Hurry Up Children and Give Me Grandchildren!, it sounds as if we have many of the same interests. I love all things French and part of my heritage is German (via generations of Germans living in the U.S.). I love languages, words, stationary, and films, too.

  62. Jane that's terrible news about your Dad, you poor thing. In our minds parents are always supposed to be invisible aren't they?

    But well done in your stunning house. It is a real find and even though not much needs doing to it you can really put your stamp of individuality on it. xx

  63. Oh, my! Thanks so much for all your caring and thoughtful comments. I've been a little distracted over the past few days and just caught up on reading these last ones.

    We're still pinching ourselves about the house. Our Sydney place is receiving a lit of interest already so fingers crossed, it might sell at the price we hope within our timeframe.

    As for Dad, we hope he can leave hospital this week. Then hopefully we might have more of an idea of what his prognosis is.

    And somehow, in the midst of all this, I have to start planning the move, school, daycare etc. Hmm, thank goodness the Easter break is only days away!

    J x

  64. wow wowo wowowowowowoweeeeeee just fab - so you so me so yummmeeeee :) loving it all - the kitchen, the windows, the sunny bits and the white bits, polished floors, the change over economics - how fab !! like buying in NZ ... you go girl - best le xox

  65. Jane, I haven't been online much lately but just stopped by to catch up on planet baby! Firstly, I am so vet pry sorry to hear your dad is unwell.. I hope you are ok and that he gets better.

    And the house....oh my, the house!! You lucky thang! It is absolutely beautiful. Such a great kitchen and huge yard for playing in...what a score. Congrats and I look forward to seeing more pics as u make it your own. That's the fun part xx

  66. New home is absolutely beautiful! I am so happy for all of you to have your very own home, it's look beautiful and that view!

  67. Cripes, I've just found these comments!

    @Le Thanks, my friend. It is divine. Lots of little things to do but nothing we can't live with for a while.

    @Jess So lovely to hear from you again. Somehow you slipped off my Google Reader - have just rectified that. Thanks for your kind thoughts about my Dad. Sadly he died 3 months ago. And you're very sweet - the house is so wonderful that we're still pinching ourselves!

    @IDM Thanks for the lovely compliment.

    J x


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