Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday splendour: 17 April 2011

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Oh, sweet Planetarians, how I’ve missed you! It’s been one of the most tumultuous weeks of my life and blogging has had to take a back seat. Fortunately, Dad has recovered a little and is hopeful of leaving hospital shortly. He’s had a rare blood disorder for some time which seems to be worsening so we’re not sure what the future holds. My brother flew over from interstate for the weekend which really lifted Dad’s spirits. With all this going on, Mr PB and I have found it hard to actually grasp and celebrate the fact that we're buying our house! However, the pixies are extremely excited which has been a joy to witness. Anyway, in the midst of all this turbulence, here are some of the more pleasant highlights of my week.

*I feasted upon* fresh crumbed Tasmanian scallops last night with my dear friend Sarah from Oesch & Doots (at Flathead, for the locals) over a glass of crisp Tasmanian riesling. They were absolutely scrumptious. Even better than the ones I ate here. But her company was even better. I am so blessed to have Sarah as my friend. We had so much to catch up on that even after the restaurant had closed, we stayed outside in the cold for 45 minutes, talking our heads off about our bloggy friends – yes, I’m looking at you, fair Planetarians! Ah, the funny things we do in this bloggy caper ☺.

* I discovered* this pretty floral stapler here.
Oh, my stars! Isn’t it just delicious? Hmm, I can see one winging its way to Planet Baby with a little luck…

* I enjoyed* reading this tutorial about creating silhouette stencils on Easter eggs. I’m such a sucker for silhouettes and Vana Chupp is so talented at them. Aren’t they just the sweetest little things? Do you think you might have a go at them?
Hmm, maybe we might try them with the pixies this week…

 * I created* some watercolour paintings for the first time in months. Nothing studied but merely washes and blotches. Ah, the sweet serenity which engulfed me as the brush slid across the paper. I’d forgotten how good it feels, that freedom of creativity. Of not having any rules to follow (the antithesis of my perfectionist nature). Of just being in the moment. Here’s one of them. Notice the blues and greens, my calming and favourite colours.
I also whipped up some ribbon holders like the ones you saw on my mood board. Featuring my favourite grosgrain ribbon, naturally. Oh, and some friendly butterflies!
* I read this* little message from the Brave Girls’ Club which was just what I needed to hear right now.
* I watched* India and Sam delight in some painting together. After days of teeming rain and cabin fever rampant, I set them up with all the equipment and let them go for it. Sam started out tentatively.
As did India.
And then it all turned messy. Very. But I *restrained myself* from cleaning up and just watched their pleasure in the sensations of finger-painting. It was Sam’s first time.
India revelled in it, too.
Witness the aftermath! Hmm, nothing some Windex and an old teatowel can’t fix…
So, my trusty Planetarians, thanks for all your support and kindness this week. You have no idea how much you have all helped lift my spirits when they’ve been sagging. This week, I hope to catch my breath, focus on all the tasks which lie ahead (giving notice to our landlord, finding new school and daycare spots etc) and maybe, just maybe, get around to organising a certain giveaway! Anyone want to guess what it might feature?


  1. Hi Jane! LOVE those painty pictures. Looks like a tonne of fun was had. I think you need to invest in a plastic party cloth from the supermarket. Only a few dollars and less clean up. Your watercolour is gorgeous too. The colours are beautiful. I found myself looking fwd to SS today! Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a week you've had! And it sounds like the fun is just beginning :-)
    those eggies are so pretty - I might give these a go with my kiddos this week too!!
    hope you had a lovely sunday...

  3. I'm so glad to hear that your Dad is improving albeit slightly! I hope there is more progress this week. It's lovely to see your girl's really enjoying their painting fun and you those blues, they are calming, I agree!

  4. Hi Jane, what a beautiful blog you have here. New follower and thoroughly enjoyed this post, though I am sorry to read you have been having a rough time of it lately. Hope it all starts to brighten up from here on.
    P.S. Gorgeous pics of the finger painting session :o)

  5. So very happy your
    Dad did well with his
    surgery. I am sure that
    his illness made it hard
    to focus on anything
    else! Love the Easter
    eggs and want to try them!
    Looks like your kiddos
    got Mom's creative gene : )
    Soak up all their loveliness
    and the wonderfulness of
    your life....
    xx Suzanne

  6. So pleased to hear your dad has improved. You're in my thoughts, dear Jane... sounds like a lovely week amongst all those emotions... gxo

  7. This is a lovely post Jane. So great to hear that your Dad is getting better and I love that you are finding some time to get creative. Love your results! So impressed that you let the kids go crazy with painting - they would have loved it for sure. Hoping the next week is a little better for you. N x

  8. A time of mixed emotions Jane.
    There will be plenty of time to celebrate your new home! For now our thoughts are with your Dad.

  9. Glad to hear your Dad may be home soon. My kids were looking over my shoulder when I was reading this post and want to come over for finger painting!! I'm glad the kids are reminding you and Mr PB about the excitement of your new house.

  10. Those eggs are adorable.

    Hope your dad is doing better. We had a rough weather day in the Carolinas. Lots of damage in our yard.

    Have a good week.

  11. Jane, I'm so happy to hear things are improving with your Dad x Gosh, those eggs are diving! What a fab idea!!!

    Ang xx

  12. Beautiful water colour painting Jane. Lovely to meet you and your lovely blog x

  13. Love the painting session and those eggs...a d o r a b l e!!
    Glad to hear your dad has improved :)
    Fun and excitement awaits with your big move.

  14. So glad to hear your dad has improved a bit Jane. Looks like fun with all that painting in your household :)

  15. Your dear Dad is in my thoughts. I'm glad the outlook is positive, Jane. All will be well.

    I love that in the midst of a hectic, crazy, exciting, worrying week, you still found time to buy a floral stapler. Ah, that's my girl!! x

  16. Did you cut out those ribbon holders yourself? By hand? They are so so so cute. I made some for myself some time ago but oh good grief mine are a total dog's breakfast - I cut them out of old packing boxes and they are all higgledy piggledy - they do the job but not pretty to look at.

    I hang my head in shame. ;)

    So pleased your Dad is feeling better. And that your brother came to see him - when my Dad was ill we all flew home (from all over the world) and he rejoiced in having all his kids around him. Really perked him up.

  17. Artists abounding in your home this week. All the best with your Dad. My Dad had clots in his legs the other week and has Factor V Leiden (clotting disorder - makes too many)... but he is now under treatment and has had to daily inject himself into his clots. The most marvellous thing about this is they have the medical knowledge to treat it.

  18. Hi Jane, I collect old silhouette portraits and those lovely eggs are just on time for my easter project. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm sending you lots of good thoughts and hope that things will get even better with your Dad!

  19. Oh Jane, did we really talk outside the restaurant for 45 minutes? It was so lovely to see you, and I hope this week is treating you a little more kindly than last week.

    The fingerpaining looks like so much fun - I rarely let my kids paint, and when I do I hover over them like a mother hen, dish cloth in hand, ready to pounce on the mess. I really should lighten up!

    Looking forward to another catch up soon. And we'd love to help you out with the move if you need an extra pair of hands xx

  20. Thinking of you Jane and your dear Father...sending prayers and hugs...

    Jeanne xxx

  21. you have a talented wee artist there!!

    Thinking of you and your dad, and your new kitchen! That wee boost was a perfect read for anyones day.

    I remember being in nursery school i was 3 n a half i think, and the floor was covered in paper and we ran around with our hands and feet in paint. Thats a very vivid memory lol. Crazy that.. my parents should have known my destiny then :p

  22. There is nothing like the joy of seeing a child paint with creativity, pleasure and lack of inhibition!!! The mess is a small price to pay!!!! My children are older and still love to paint, and still make the same mess!!!!
    Thanks for visiting me, I am looking forward to getting to know you at PB! I am loving that stapler (I am sure I need one!) and the eggs! I have some egg decorating planned and you have given me some more inspiration! I just hope I can get to it before Easter is over!!!!
    I am sending some positive thoughts and a little extra positive energy your way for your Dad. Hope he can keep his spirits up and feel better. X

  23. Thanks, you sweet souls, for your encouraging and kind comments. It's been another busy and stressful week so far.

    Hopefully Dad will go home on Friday for Easter - I'm crossing fingers and toes for him. Unfortunately, his condition overall seems to be degenerative so we'll have to see what lies ahead.

    Mr PB is taking a week or so off over Easter which we are all looking forward to.

    As for letting them make that mess, it required a lot of discipline on my part to just watch. Baby steps for this perfectionist and control freak! But I'm thrilled I did - the photos show their joy.

    It's so lovely to see you here, Julie - I'm now following your adventures as well.

    Bron, I was only window shopping, unfortunately. Their postage is outrageous. I may have to employ one of my UK bloggy friends to procure me one instead!

    I love your post, Wendy, and have emailed you about my ribbon holders.

    Sarah, let's get all our 5 children together for a finger painting session - I promise to clean up!

    And so fabulous to find you, Tiff. Thanks for your kind words. I'm now following you as well. J x


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