Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Receiving an abundance of blog love: Part 1

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Hello, lovely Planetarians – I’m pleased the ‘Sunday Splendour’ posts seem to be taking your fancy. They are becoming a highlight of my week. And as for the hint I gave in my last post, it’ll have to stay ‘secret squirrel’ for a  bit longer, just to ensure it all works out as hoped. But I’ll let you in on the secret ASAP as soon as (and if) it does. Mmm, cryptic, I know! Lately I have been so engrossed in the normal hurly-burly of life on Planet Baby whilst burning the midnight oil doing the awe-inspiring Blogging Your Way e-course, that I haven’t mentioned the many kind presents of blog love which have been arriving at Planet Baby recently. So, without further ado, I’d like to thank the following generous-hearted bloggers for their generosity.

Isn't Paula gorgeous?
My sweet friend Paula at Eggshell Blue mentioned me so sweetly in her post here and tagged me with a few blogging awards. As I recently posted in response to one here, I’ll sit this one out but please treat yourself by popping over to Paula’s blog. It’s one of my all-time favourites – her whimsical photography is such a treat to behold. I adored her post on pastel chalk – you’ll see what I mean about her photographic artistry. She’s a clever cookie, mum to the gorgeous Lily and a delightful person.

I was lucky enough to win Magnolia Square’s giveaway of Bronnie Masefrau’s new ‘Ideas book – be inspired as you transform your house into a home’. It’s a nifty little book, well styled and laid-out. A clever designer, Bronnie provides a host of different decorating and storage ideas for every room in the house with ideas and matching photos for inspiration. There are also sections for jotting down people’s contact details, websites you fancy and a ‘watch these bloggers’ section. I’d better start filling in some of your names there ☺. I particularly admire her concept of a ‘parents’ retreat’ – what a welcome haven that would be on Planet Baby! She also has a blog which showcases her latest finds and passions. I have a feeling this little book could inspire a few welcome changes on this planet…


My newfound fellow stationery fiend, Louise of Love Stationery, kindly passed on a Versatile Blogger award to me.  She finds the niftiest and most stylish stationery treasures from all over the world. You can also find her shop here. As for #1 above, I’ll sit this award out but encourage you to visit her at her new blog, The Design Villa. She describes it as her ‘new home of professional graphic design, styling and photography services’. I was particularly smitten by her post ‘Collecting’ which had the following fabulous photo of some vintage stamps. Hmm, it’s about time I posted about my love of philately…

I then had the luck of winning an enormous giveaway from fellow Tasmanian blogger, Michelle, of Michelle Walker Designs. Michelle is a crafty girl who had an over-abundance of her fabric ‘stash’ which ended up on Planet Baby in the form of a huge, packed-to-the-brimful vintage pillow case of fabrics samples, scraps and haberdashery. Here are some of the pretties inside it. What about the cute blue buttons, too? You can find out more about Michelle’s many talents including a display of her artworks  here.

Then sweet Courtney at Vintch came up with a fun idea for a giveaway which I lucky enough to win. She found the book ‘Love is a mix tape’ so enchanting, she decided to do a giveaway with a twist. Have any of you Planetarians read it?
So here’s the twist, set out on a card inside. Courtney, I’m going to paste it in so it doesn’t get lost, okay?
It’s such a sweet idea, don’t you think? I’m relieved Courtney hasn’t given me a timeframe to read it but has encouraged me to savour it. Once I’ve read it, I’ll have a little giveaway for you to allow the book to continue its global journey – okay? Courtney writes beautifully in her blog – you’ll enjoy reading it. She also has a delightful Etsy shop where she sells vintage clothing.

And that, sweet friends, is *only half* the blog love I’ve received lately. I’ll be back with Part 2 shortly! Doesn’t receiving such kindness from complete strangers really transform this bloggy caper into something altogether extraordinary and life-affirming? It never ceases to amaze me. Do share if any has flowed your way lately.


  1. True gifts of serendipity and friendship for a lovely person.

    xx to you, Felicity

  2. Love all of these wonderful treats you have won and received. What a lovely treat for you. Enjoy N x

  3. So many interesting sounding blogs to visit from here Jane. I particularly love the idea of the book with the note from Courtney, what a clever thing to do.
    Congrats on all the lovely gifts and awards.

  4. I think its called karma Jane. What you give out you get back, and you obviously deserve all these treats. The book idea is so lovely.
    Amanda xx

  5. Gosh, you must really be feeling the bloggy love!! And you're such a sweety so you totally deserve it :-)

  6. Such lovely gifts. I can tell they have put a smile on your face, which puts one on mine xo

  7. beautiful post Jane!
    you very much deserve the bloggy love because you give so much love around & it always makes me smile when I receive a sweet word from you.

    keep on smiling ♥

  8. You are so deserving of this blog love sweetie, you are so generous of yourself that it should come back to you. The book sounds like a wonderful idea, enjoy all your beautiful treasures. xo

  9. love your prizes, jane. you deserve all that and more.


  10. How beautiful :) I love your photos!! Enjoy all those fabulous things.

  11. You deserve all the best blog love my friend! And lucky you with all the new loot! Woo-who! Exciting!

  12. My goodness me, that's a lot of very lovely blog love!! All well deserved :)
    I must check out the links...

  13. Goodness me, the luck is with you Jane... well done on all those wonderful goodies! Georgie x

  14. Congratulations Jane and I so love all the fabulous things that you have won! Well done! xx

  15. Wow, you have scored big time! Lovely to see you have been so blessed.

    Ang x

  16. I know it totally amazes me that is why I had to come back I was missing my blogging friendships / community. Charmaine

  17. How lovely, and inspiring and beautiful! Lovely to meet you here x

  18. Wow, so many good vibes, open your arms and embrace all this warmth. And keep them open, as I add a little twinkling star from the other side of the world.

    x Iris

    ps I just calculated there is 17.000 km (!) distance between us, can you imagine?!

  19. karma baby!

    hugs to you...and waiting...xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. What a lucky lady you have been and totally deserved!! Enjoy

  21. Thanks for the kind mention, Jane. You've been a loyal follower and friend to me right from the onset of all things bloggy. I love reading your posts and smile when I see your sweet words appear on others. Hugs x

  22. Your blog is gorgeous! I love that ideas book, I'd love to see inside. That stuff looks lovely! All of it, and Paula is gorgeous!

  23. Why, thanks, everyone. You all have huge hearts. I hope you're found some new little secrets to savour! J x

  24. oh jane, you are so fabulous. thank you for mentioning my giveaway. i'm so happy you got the little note and the stamps! i was thrilled to give this book to you. i know you have the type of heart that will cherish and soak this book in. you are certainly lovely!

  25. Hi Courtney You darling girl. I'm just sticking the card in right now and can't wait to read it. J x

  26. Thank you Jane for all your support! :) I love reading your blog and I'm glad to have inspired you with my 'collecting'! :) Your truely a wonderful person and I feel very lucky to know you! xx

  27. My pleasure, Louise! And thanks. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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