Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday splendour: 27 March 2011

Ah, Lovelies! I’m so delighted so many of you had a ball at the inaugural Aussie Bloggers Conference in Sydney last week. I really hope to make next year’s so I can finally meet so many of you all in person. This week on Planet Baby was a heady one for Mr PB and me as we made some life-changing decisions which I can hopefully reveal to you all sometime soon (sorry to be a tease ☺). We’re taking a leap of faith and it’s a little scary but it will involve firmly taking the tiller of Planet Baby’s boat and steering it into uncharted waters which will benefit us all. Crossing fingers and toes it all comes together. And soon! So, apart from those distractions, let me share some of the splendid things I’ve enjoyed this week.  

 *I feasted upon* these luscious cherry tomatoes, fresh from our garden, last night. The pixies were just besides themselves when they found these jewelled orbs, just waiting to be picked. Talk about satisfying! Here they are after having been sprinkled with sea salt, red wine vinegar and olive oil, marinated and topped with some flat-leaf parsley, also from our garden. Scrummy!
* I discovered* the fabulous Jean-Pascal Patisserie (in Lenah Valley) for the locals. Ah, be still my Francophile heart! We were exploring an unfamiliar suburb for us (there’s a little hint for you related to my cryptic comments above!) and chanced upon this treasure. Sweet serendipity as Felicity would say. Not only is it a patisserie, it’s although a purveyor of French fabulousness and has a vibrant florist shop up the back. I adored it so much, I‘m going to post about it soon. But as an entrĂ©e, look at these darling little bottles I just *had to* take home with me.
At $6 each, they were in my bag lickety-split.  Now to decide how to use them – bath salts, maybe? Any suggestions? They’re just so delicate, pretty and the stoppers work really well. Here’s a close-up for my fellow Francophiles. Sigh.
 * I enjoyed* finally finding a simple white frame for this gorgeous little French print I gave Mr PB for Valentine’s Day. I need to get it properly mounted but for the moment, I’m enjoying gazing at this.
Here’s a close-up.
I bought it on Etsy from Jess Purr at Purr. Her work is just divine and so reasonably priced. I could pretty much buy everything she has on offer. Do treat yourself and have a peek at her treasures!

* I created* a space for me to record what I get up to on my ‘Magic Mondays’ – the one day of the week when Joshua is at school and India and Sam are at daycare (he still cries when I leave but only for about a minute so that’s an improvement!). I pressed one of my treasured Kikki K notebooks into action.
I added some blue (are you surprised?) butterflies to start my flight of fancy.
I think I need to do this both to ensure I actually *do* something for myself instead of just wandering around Blogland but also as a record of my journey. Something tangible, I guess, to show for my efforts and dreams. Here’s my first entry – I felt quite self-conscious writing it but at least I started it! I wonder what tomorrow’s entry will contain…
* I read this* thought-provoking post at Scoutie Girl, one of my favourite ‘go to’ blogs for inspiration and support. Michelle’s post was *exactly* what I needed to read right now as I grapple with the demands of our full life on Planet Baby whilst also making sure I ‘allow’ myself time to express myself creatively.  She suggested these ways to ensure we make creative time for ourselves:

* Replace something in your current schedule;

* Write down your ideas;

* Keep track of your inspiration;

* Remember why you love being creative; and

* Make it a priority.

I haven’t picked up my paint brushes for nearly a year. When Sam was younger, had two sleeps a day and was immobile, I cherished my Wednesdays with him as I had time to paint while he slept. Now he only has one sleep, is forever up to his ‘Quicksilver’ exploits and can climb onto the kitchen table where I used to paint, I can’t paint on Wednesdays. I think I’ll now try to paint for even 30 minutes on my Magic Mondays – a good start for me to build on. Here’s a painting I did last year – I relished the freedom of the broad sweeps of the brushes across the page and building up the tones and layers of colour.
* I watched* the last of our summer flowers blooming as autumn gradually descends on Hobart. Here’s a selection of them.
So, lovely Planetarians, what was splendid in your week? Do share – let’s start the new week on a positive note!


  1. Busy weekend Jane, I am so happy you are picking up your brushes and being creative. I picked up a brush today, but just to paint a blackboard. I am glad that artwork wasn't for analysis! I posted about mine too. Hope you enjoy your day tomorrow.

  2. Those cherry tomatoes looks and sound absolutely delicious. Your exploring looks like lots of fun and very intriguing:) I look forward to finding out about your exciting new adventure. Enjoy your Monday. xo

  3. Love your post today. The tomatoes are divine, and I love the bottles. Magic Mondays...what a clever name.

  4. Love these posts Jane :) So wonderful that you have a day to yourself, although I know they go so fast as there is so much you want to cram into them! Love your french print too xx

  5. Splendiferous joy!

    This could have been a 'Six Senses' tour Jane.
    Tomatoes for the tastebuds, flowers for the nose.
    Art and French loveliness for the eyes, swirling movement in your art that made me want to reach through the screen and touch it and I could hear a positive lift in your voice as I read it all = "Yippee!" and "Yeah, for Magic Mondays!".

    I hope that the rest of your Monday unfolds beautifully and a deep sense of satisfaction washes through you as you close your eyes tonight.

    xx Felicity

  6. Wonderful! I love the idea of your magic mondays & those tomatoes..mmmm! x

  7. I was thinking of you the other day when I was wandering around Jean Pascal and so glad to know that you've discovered it. Do I read this post as being that this may become your "local" cafe? New Town / Lenah Valley / Mount Stuart is a great part of Hobart to live (and you'd be closer to me too)!!

    Love your tomatos - look tasty!!

  8. Lovely, positive and inspiring post Jane!
    Those tomatoes look delish, as does the sound of the french patisserie.
    Magic Monday's sound wonderful.
    My three child free hours on a Wednesday is more of a manic Wednesday. (I need a "W" word that sums it up, maybe wacky?!)
    I am loving this beautiful autumn weather and I "think" I can guess what your big news is, but sssh my lips are sealed! ;)

  9. What a gorgeous post, I feel up lifted reading it.

  10. Jean Pascal is divine! WHat did you try. I can highly recommend the lemon tarts - they're amazing!!
    Your yet to be revealed news is intriguing!
    Wasn't it a lovely weekend? Just like the summer we almost missed :)

  11. Wow! It looks like an amazing week!! Cheers to a superb new one :)

  12. Hi Jane, love your little framed french print. I won't tell you that we're heading into France in the hols...although mainly to Euro Disney (yuk), but hopefully on the way home (via the train) will stop at Lille for the flea market. I've been living in England for 19 months and still haven't made it to a French flea market. However even that will be a challenge as I will have two miserable males with me!! Have a good week. Robx

  13. Important to have a create outlet. I love KiKi K. Charmaine

  14. Hi Jane, What was splendid in my week? Well, I decided that this weekend I was going to adopt the "yes, we can do that" mentality and we filled our time and had a great weekend. Rather than feeling drained to start the week, and even though I had to work today (which is usually a day off), I feel energised!
    You 'news' is intriguing....
    Enjoy your week.

  15. hello lovely-what a week!
    well...firstly i know you will become a regular at that little french lovely outa the way hole...each week you can pick up some flowers...have a little treat and get some ideas stored away!!

    i know what the tomato recipe is like- gorgeous ;)
    love the print...isn't nice to get things frames and up!!
    and think you must absolutely keep painting...big brush strokes do wonders for the soul!
    my brother is an art i like to think i know these things via his teachings!! tee hee!!

    enjoy the contemplation and excitement of this week...everything crossed at this end for you too!

    melissa xxx

  16. Jane-

    Creativity is so terribly important to contentness, isn't it? I know that I am quite crabby during the weeks when I have no time for my crafts, between work, church obligations, and other sorts of evening meetings. I can't even imagine how tough it would be with little ones! And I think that it's good for them to see you create too, because they know then that you place real value in it. But enough preaching from the non-mother of the group!

    My week got a lovely start yesterday as I had time to snuggle the new baby niece yesterday. The rest of the week shouldn't be bad, though tonight is a bit hectic with cookies to bake, a blanket to finish edging, and a youth group lesson to prepare! And speaking of that little niece, any chance that you would be willing to sell me some of those little girl patterns you have? There are plenty of not complete patterns out there that would make lovely paper flowers, but they are complete and in good shape and all there..... Just a thought, but if you're interested, do drop me an e-mail!

  17. Hi Jane, thanks for such an inspiring post. Your Magic Monday sounds great. My idea for your lovely french bottles... Why don't you fill them with selfmade basil sugar? It's easy to make and always a big hit when I give it as gift to friends. Have a happy week!


  18. Jane - such an inspiring post - and those cherry tomatoes just looked scrumptious. Divine.
    A xx

  19. An inspiring post....I totally adore those bottles!!
    We made a life changing decision four years ago to move away from all our loved ones in NZ to Australia and we have not looked back :)

  20. What a great post Jane, I love the bottles :) How lucky of you to grow your own tomatoes - yummy. And you have given me inspiration to take out my pain brushes and paints :)
    Thanks a lot for this beautiful post!.

  21. Oh Jane I love those Bottles and the tomatoes sound lovely!

  22. It's all happening at Planet Baby! Lovely creative post Jane...the thought of news is very exciting....I can't wait to read more! Sometimes you just have to say 'go' :)

    Best wishes Jane...

    Jeanne xx

  23. hello there dearest Jane ... our week began with sick kids, then a sick dad, then a non sick working mum holding it together .... pleased to report that the pumpkins went back to school on Friday and are now making welcome signs for nana - my mum - coming to visit on wed for a week - so excited - I love the wee print too sweet for words .... best le xox

  24. Oh, my! I never replied to these lovely comments. I have been a *tad* distracted this week.

    I'm so pleased some locals are also 'Jean Pascal' fans - the macarons were delish. Will post about it soon.

    Val, I completely agree about the need to do something creative regularly. It's been a revelation to me, after so many years of not doing it, to discover the joy it brings.

    J x


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