Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Of droughts and flooding rains

If only umbrellas were all that were needed
Oh, my! The around-the-clock coverage of the flood devastation in Queensland is just heartbreaking and entirely incomprehensible. For overseas Planetarians who may not have caught the news, even back on 30 December 2010, the flooded area was reported as covering ‘an area bigger than France and Germany combined’. To give you some perspective, this should help.

Thanks for this, Beth
A fortnight later, it’s a whole lot worse. Here are just some of the events of the past few days up there:

At least 12 people have died including children.
At least 67 people are missing.
Whole towns have been inundated by the surging waters.
People have been rescued from the roof tops of cars and houses.
19,700 Brisbane houses and 3,500 commercial premises are likely to be flooded.

Just now, Brisbane’s Lord Mayor has warned that ‘whole suburbs could go under’. This in Brisbane, a city of 2 million people. It’s so incredibly hard to grasp the enormity and scale of what’s going on.

The Brisbane River is surging along, tearing away whole sections of jetties and ripping boats from their moorings. Evacuation centres are being erected in city stadiums. People living in low-lying Brisbane suburbs are being urged to evacuate now before it’s too late. More than 50,000 households in southeast Queensland are without power. And the water is not scheduled to peak until tomorrow.

Here's a clip summarising some of the events of recent days, together with an extract from the latest press conference of the Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh and the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, this morning.
My thoughts, hopes and prayers are with all those affected. Knowing that A-M, Katherine, Anita, Beth and Carmel are safe is a relief. Let’s see what the days ahead bring and whether the authorities’ worst fears are realised. Mind you, A-M’s latest post has me feeling sick for her. Please join with me in keeping our fellow Australians in your thoughts, hearts and prayers.
PS For the non-Australians who are unfamiliar with the line of my post title, you can read Dorothea Mackellar's poem 'My Country' here.


  1. Well said, it is just devasting and my thoughts and prayers are with all those that are affected. G

  2. Oh it's so full on/. Please promote the auctions & raffles which we're doing to fundraise for the flood victims. So easy, donations direct to the flood appeal in Qld & so much handmade goodness to win. Makes we southerners feel a lot less useless. Love Posie

  3. 'Of droughts and flooding rains' made no better example than now. It's very sad and very scary. I am so glad that our QLD blog friends seem to be safe and sound... I was crying reading A-M's last post. I have been praying all day!

  4. it sure is tragic - I am trying not to watch too much tv as it is breaking my heart. it is so weird to see the brisbane river rising so high. lucky for us we are in a safe area but sure are feeling for those who are not. so love your blog design by the way - can't remember if I told you. Naomi x

  5. So heartbreaking! Off to read A-M's post.

    On the brighter side - love your new header and signature :) What program did you use? XOL

  6. Jane - oddly enough I've posted something with almost the same title and I agree totally with you. It is heartbreaking.

  7. have Aunts and Uncles evacuating tonight in the Big River district NSW - hills are hard to come by in that area. they've never seen this much water up there.

  8. Great post. It's utterly devastating

  9. It's all just too much isn't it. Deb

  10. Hi Jane,
    thank you for sharing this, I made a link to your post today about the flooding. You described it very well. All the best,
    Maureen xx

  11. Saw this on the
    morning news, Jane.
    So very, very sad.
    Sending big prayers,
    thoughts and hugs to
    all of those affected
    by these cruel floods.
    xx Suzanne

  12. oh's so far away from us at the moment but our hearts are there with all other australians feeling helpless, anxious & devastated ...
    i love a sunburnt country...& the tears fell for me so far away...

    thank you for putting how we all feel into such eloquent words....
    melissa xxx

  13. It's so hard to find the right words now, isn't it - they seem so empty and hollow when people are suffering so much. I gather the peak has been reached in Brisbane which was lower than anticipated. Now the sheer logistics of the clean-up and recovery will become clearer. Goodness, we live in a land of contrasts. J x

  14. Hi Jane, it is so sad news... I hope the water will be gone soon! My thoughts are with you Australians every day now.
    Thank you for visiting creJJtion and following me! You have a wonderful blog yourself as well.
    Love and take care, Maaike

  15. Thanks, Maaike, and I'm so delighted to have found you through Maureen. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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