Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thank you for the blog love

I have so many reasons to feel gratitude at the moment. I'm grateful that our little family is safe and well on Planet Baby unlike several people close to me who are dealing with cancer. That we’re not imperilled by devastating floods. That Bass Strait separates us from that extraordinary volume of torrential water coursing through southern Queensland and northern New South Wales, wreaking havoc. That my husband is home with me, unlike lovely Lori’s. I’ve been struggling to absorb it all today. My PND has been up to its old tricks. I have anxiety gnawing away at me, causing physical pain. You know, the pit of the stomach type? I can’t imagine what those suffering out there are feeling. Their pain must be so much worse. And yet out in Blogland, in the midst of all this bad news, some of you gorgeous souls are lifting my spirits. For this, I thank you. Deeply.

To start, Tina at Rubies’ Place was sweet enough to post here about receiving her giveaway prize from me. I’m glad you found somewhere to store your needles, Tina!

I love serendipitous delights. Such as reading Maureen’s latest post and discovering that this gorgeous lady had passed onto me a Stylish Blogger Award. *Blush*. I’ve never been called ‘Stylish’ before! Thanks, Maureen – you’ve really brightened my day. And then sweet Kate at Mamma Musing passed on the same award to me here! Thanks, Kate, you sweetheart. Treat yourself and have a peek at their fabulous blogs here and here.

I now have to tell you seven things about myself and nominate three others.

Seven things about me


I *adore* haberdashery. It makes me go weak at the knees! Petit details is one of my favourite haunts for haberdashery window shopping. I am lusting after these gingham-handled scissors, for instance. Oh, and don’t start me on that vintage wooden bobbin or the ribbon…I promise to post more about my haberdashery obsession soon, okay?

I am a shortie.  All 155 cm of me. Or 5’ 1” in imperial (the ‘one’ inch being most important!). It can be both a blessing and a burden. A blessing when I’m on a plane and not feeling cramped like long-legged Mr PB. A burden when I have to ask for help in the supermarket to reach something on the top shelf. When younger, I used to curse my luck. Now I’ve accepted it. I just hope the pixies have taken after their father’s height genes!


One of my all-time favourite films is Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Three Colours: Blue. Hauntingly beautiful and extraordinarily evocative, it features my favourite actress, Juliette Binoche, in the lead role. The cinematography is absolutely stunning. If you love thoughtful and heart-tugging films, you’ll relish this one. For years, we had this framed poster hanging in our spare room. Once Joshua arrived, it had to come down before he pulled it down!

She is just so stunning

I am a sixth-generation Tasmanian. Considering that Hobart was first settled back in 1803, that means I can trace my mum’s side of the family back to the earliest colonial days. I love the sense of connection I have with this place. It’s something I want the pixies to understand and treasure as well.


I adore typography. From an early age, I delighted in learning calligraphy. I enjoyed the flowing motion and uniqueness of handwriting. One of my favourite websites is My Fonts. I can wander around there for ages, just drinking in the beauty of the thousands of different fonts, particularly the script or handwriting options. I’m quite fond of their new one, Despeinada. What do you think?


One of my favourite possessions is this pretty Huon Pine inlaid box I was given for my 25th birthday. Huon Pine only grows in Tasmania. It’s an extraordinarily slow-growing tree and one of the longest-living – some trees are 3,000 years old. Hard to comprehend, isn’t it? It is sweet-smelling, almost silky to the touch, waterproof and rot-proof. It’s now a protected species and the only wood used by woodworkers is that found on the forest floor or even buried in river beds.

Here’s a close-up of its unique ‘birds’ eye’ effect which is highly prized. You can read some more about this precious wood here and here.


I’m a stickler for etiquette. I have been since an early age. Somehow it assumed an importance to me not *quite* shared by my siblings (yet another example of the interesting ‘nature v nurture’ concept)! My godmother gave me Ita Buttrose’s ‘A Guide to Australian Etiquette’ for my 17th birthday which I read cover to cover and almost committed to memory (it’s recently been re-released)! My current version is Marion von Adlerstein’s ‘The Penguin Book of Etiquette’. In this age of hecticness and instant communication, I find it comforting to follow old-fashioned courtesies such as handwritten thankyou letters. We are hoping to instil a love for such things in the pixies.

Three people to whom I’d like to pass on this award

1.   Bron at Maxabella Loves – she’s an absolute treasure in Blogland and I’m so delighted to call her my friend. She writes wittily and incisively and has an enormous heart.

2.   Fiona at Cattle, Kida and Chaos – she writes so engagingly about her life on an outback Australian cattle property and being mum to four gorgeous children.

3.   Naomi at Seven Cherubs – she writes so thoughtfully and caringly about raising her 7 children. I find her endlessly inspiring.

So, thanks for cheering me up a little, ladies. Now the Brisbane River has apparently peaked, the logistics of the clean-up and recovery from the floods will become clearer. Let’s hope those missing turn up safe and well somewhere.


  1. thanks so much Jane - made me smile for sure! I am hoping I can find the time to pass it on and I just noticed you have a super cute butterfly after your name - love it. Hope you can find the energy and time to do something to cheer YOU up too! Naomi xx

  2. hi Jane first can I say I love your blog makeover it looks wonderful my lord that Katrina is clever. Second I loved your list and I share your love for 3 Colours Blue (Did you like Red and White too?) If you have not you MUST run to your computer now and buy the soundtrack to Blue from ITunes. It is haunting and beautiful. Just don't listen to it on a PND day. Because it is a bit sad. Like the movie.. xoxoxo

  3. Jane, I hope writing about some of your favourite things cheered you up. I loved reading your 'snippets'. I love habby too, and I remember enjoying Three Colours Blue (and red and white) but I can't remember what they're about now. My memory for films is sieve-esque. I seem to forget them as soon as the credits roll!

    It's impossible not to be affected by all the tragedy at the moment - I agree. Sounds like you need a night out with some nice food, friends and wine!

    x Sarah

  4. I loved reading your list of things about you Jane and I'm suprised you're 5'1" for some reason I pictured you as being the same height as me :) (I'm 5'7") Funny how you thinkn these things in your head isn't it.

  5. I understand that awful gut wrenching feeling all too well, thank goodness for the wonderful blogging community we have. Here's to brighter times x

  6. So lovely to learn more about you Jane! Isn't it nice how the bloggy world can cheer you up when you feel down :)

  7. Very nice to know a little more about what make you Jane :-)
    I love 'Blue' as well (Red and White, not so much...but 'Blue' ahhhh - just divine).

    Sad to hear you're struggling at the moment...
    Hope being 'stylish' is a nice distraction :-)

  8. Lovely to know more about you Jane. I have been thinking lots about etiquette recently, in particular in regards to the internet. The Women's Weekly put out an excellent article about this in their Jan 2011 issue...

    I hope your PND improves soon. It is a difficult battle but one I am sure you will win eventually. In the meantime, be gentle with yourself.

  9. I could go on & on about each & every point, but i'll just point out the one i giggled at - 6th generation Tasmanian, i mean, they say the gene pool is small in Tasmania Jane, but really!!?? My brother-in-law, the French one, works with Huon pine, a wealthy Bowral local sends scuba divers down to find it at the bottom of rivers!! It's so precious & treasured in our family too. Still, giggles about you breeding a 7th generation of Tasmanians, love Posie
    PS going to your old stomping ground IKEA tomorrow, want anything??

  10. Yes Jane, we need some cheerful news, my mind is wandering around all the bad things that are happening.... not good....
    I loved reading more about you, your height, the link for fonts and the etiquette book, thanks for the share! Now I will visit the other lovely Stylish ladies, take care hon!
    Maureen x

  11. Jane, thank you so much for the compliment!
    Lovely to learn a little more of you, and most importantly hope you are feeling 'yourself' again soon. Take care ... Fiona.
    Now, to get my thinking cap on!

  12. I hear you on the PND front. This week and a bit has effected me in a way I never imagined possible and in a way I don't feel is 'right', having not experienced any of the traumatic events. And on top of that life just goes on, doesn't it? I think I am finding that the hardest, these horrific things are happening and I feel so so bad but the baby still cries, the toddler still tantrums, I still have a headache for days on end and the kids still get sick and it just builds. But, I feel better knowing I am not alone - I hope you can feel comfort knowing you are not alone either.

    I really enjoyed getting to know you better through this post! I'm not really into haberdashery but how cute are those scissors!
    I love typography, too. Isn't it just to die for?

  13. It is no surprise to me that we have become such firm friends, Jane. We like the same things! Always!

    Thank you for this award, it really means a lot to me. x

  14. PS - forgot to mention that IRL we would be in trouble. I am 181cm tall!! x

  15. Hi Jane. I have just read back on a few of your posts and really wanted to comment. Now, I know you have lots of followers - but I am hoping that is still a private sort of comment. You see, I wasn't big on telling everyone I struggled when the kids were smaller. I guess I had PND - well, yes, I did - but didn't admit it to myself until a few years later when my little one was 3. I know how it happened - I could list all the numerous things that just added to my mental health deteriorating (birth problems, meningitis for my little one, health issues for me etc). I was at my worst and finally went to the docs. Now, here is the positive bit. I also took happy pills. And you know. I made it. I made it through. I am now happy and pill free. I can deal with emotions. I can deal with stress. I can deal with silly little things that used to make me upset for days.

    So, where I am going with this. Keep going. Keep smiling. Turn off the TV. There is nothing you can do and it is very upsetting watching it all. Hearing about people's loss of property and life is not good for you. Turn away and smile at the kids.

    Oh, and good luck with your 6 hours, once a week for you time. This year we have both boys at school and cannot believe we made it.

    Take care, sleep well - and happy days to you always (-:

  16. I'm sharing that obsession for fabric, trim, ribbons, and notions with you! So I'm holding you to your promise to post more - no pressure, right. :)

  17. p.s. love, love, love the butterfly icon.

  18. Congratulations Jane!! You have a great style! Take care down there -- I am adding you to my blogroll, so I won't forget to check your blog again!!

  19. Is lovely to get to know you even better. Congrats on the award!

  20. You gorgeous people! Your kind comments really brightened my day, especially your concern for how I'm faring.

    It's my pleasure, Naomi - all well deserved. Thanks - that little butterfly is growing on me!

    So fabulous to hear from you, Jane. Thanks - yes, Katrina is brilliant. I'm delighted to find a fellow fan of the trilogy - I loved 'Blue', 'Red' and 'White' in that order. And yes, that soundtrack is divine.

    Looking forwent to tomorrow night, Sarah!

    Too funny, Janette - I would have to get a step-ladder to look you in the face ☺.

    You're very cheeky, Jennie. Many of us have actually left the island in the interim! Ah, enjoy IKEA. Thanks for the offer - I'm a bit late here with my comment. I really miss their storage boxes and photo frames.

    My pleasure, Fiona. I hope more people find your delightful patch in Blogland now.

    Ah, Becky, I've emailed you. Hang in there, my friend.

    I'm so pleased to make you smile, Bron. Hmm, maybe I would have to get an extra tall step-ladder ☺.

    Thanks for your kind and thoughtful comment, Linda. Would you mind emailing me so I can reply privately? I can't find your email address. Thanks.

    Okay, Emily - I'm happy to be held to that promise!

    And thanks, Emily H, on both counts. I hope more people find your pretty blog now.

    J x

  21. Jane -- I meant to tell you I LOVE the New Zealand Sav Blanc -- it is very popular here. Whitehaven is a popular vineyard. xo ebh

  22. Hi Jane... I just went through your list and decided we are two peas in a pod!!! If only we could be friends in the 'real' world!!! Your blog is looking DIVINE. Love, love, love it! Hope the PND is under control - my husband is suffering from D at the moment and it's pretty tough. Hang in there my lovely girl - you are an inspiration.

    Ang xx

  23. congrats on your award dear one - well deserved :) and your kind words over at the third best le

  24. How lovely to read more about the Jane behind Life on Planet Baby, thank you for sharing! I adore your box made from Huon Pine, what a treasure to own. I'm so glad the awards you've received have helped to lift your spirits after this terrible week of events. Here's another for good measure, hee hee:


  25. Hello Jane!
    First off, thanks for following me on my site The Lovely Home. I jumped over here to read about you and just love your blog. The name alone is just adorable and I really like your writing style. Nice work!

    From the few posts I have already read, you have piqued my interest. I will definitely continue to follow your writing.

    xo - Christine @

  26. Gorgeous post!!
    I've had that crappy PND gut too this week.. But Grateful Saturdays always brighten up my week..
    Three colours blue and the whole trilogy is my absolute favorite.. Have you seen 'Double life of Veronique'?? Another great movie!!
    Have a great week.. Hope the PND calms down a little for you!!

  27. Gosh, you have been busy here ☺.

    Ah, Emily H, you have fabulous taste in wines!

    Thanks, Ang, you sweetheart. At least we've found each other in Blogland. When I finally make it back to Sydney, we'll have to catch up. So sorry to hear about your husband - I know how tough it must also be on you to support him as well as looking after little Leo.

    Le, you're welcome. Stu is a legend and I *adore* your new header photo! You clever thing.

    Oh, Chrissy, you've made my day! Thanks so much - you've made a horrible week a little brighter. Thanks for becoming a Planetarian - I've now returned the favour by following your sweet blog.

    Why, thanks, Christine. So pleased to have piqued your interest - I've never been told that before!

    Ah, Kasia, thanks for becoming a Planetarian. So sorry you've been feeling like that, too. Yes, I adore the trilogy and 'Veronique' is another of my all-time faves. You have fabulous taste ☺. I hope you have a better week, too. J x

  28. Congratulations on your well deserved awards Jane - I love the way you write and your little blog has become one of my favourite reads. I loved learning more about you and finding different things we have in common. Your wooden box is a really lovely piece - Amanda x P.S Your blog is looking really lovely x

  29. Congrats on your award(s)! I love knowing these little tidbits about you - but none were surprises :) XOL

  30. Thanks, Amanda and Laura - you're also among my favourite reads. If you ever visit us in Hobart, Amanda, I can show you where to buy one of those beauties! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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