Monday, 10 January 2011

New year, new look: my bloggy makeover

Hello, lovely Planetarians, all 225 of you (and a warm welcome to the newbies). I hadn’t planned on that little break in transmission – life on Planet Baby just got in the way! Anyway, while I’ve been *otherwise detained*, Planet Baby’s Honorary Magician, the talented Katrina Chambers, has been waving her magic wand over this little spot in Blogland. I felt like the new year deserved to be rung in with style!

Katrina’s still completing the final touches of her spruce-up but I’m already a happy camper. She’s been a delight to deal with, so responsive to requests and brimful with smart ideas. If you’d like her to wave her magic wand over your blog, go here to find her and say hello from me!
Some of the major changes are:

The new domain name

• I’ve moved from to, finally getting around to purchasing my domain name (thanks for the gentle nudge, sweet Felicity!). Katrina was so helpful, explaining how to do it – I had no idea it could be so quick, cheap ($US10 a year) and painless. You can set it up so that it is automatically renewed each year. Magic!

• Now I don’t have to worry about someone, somewhere in the world beating me to the name and then having to buy it off them for an exorbitant price ☺.

• Blogger automatically redirects you from the old address to the new one – just brilliant.

The new banner photo

• There are now three pairs of gumboots, instead of four. I took the original photo of Joshie’s and India’s pairs of old and new gumboots outside our front door. Recently one observant Planetarian asked me why there were four sets of gumboots on my header when we only have the three pixies. Good point! Now there should be no such confusion ☺.

• I love the whimsy of the butterfly, chosen as India loves them and Joshie was given a butterfly net for Christmas. You should see them darting all over Planet Baby, trying to catch one! It also feels a bit *up* and optimistic, just what I need as inspiration to start this new year. Oh, and of course the butterfly had to be pink, thanks to Miss India. I like having it next to my signature so I can end on a *positive* note.

The new fonts
• The Blogger fonts I was using were so limited. I found them so *blunt* and rigid. I was delighted when Katrina found me this graceful cursive style I’m using in the blue (I’m a sucker for typography!). It’s a little similar to my handwriting and harks back to an older, gentler time.

• I love the green and blue combination which is consistent with the colours in the gumboots. They’re also my favourite colours. When paired with the simplicity of the white background, it all feels fresher and crisper to me.

The new pages

• Up the top, you’ll notice two new tabs for pages entitled ‘Blogging tips’ and ‘Planet Baby 101’.

‘Blogging tips’ lists my posts about tips I’ve picked up. I’m still a newbie, only 5 ½ months in, but will continue to update this page as I make new discoveries.

• ‘Planet Baby 101’ is your ‘go-to’ page when you first become a Planetarian, just to help you get the lie of the land on this madcap, busy planet!

The finishing touches should hopefully be completed this week. I hope you enjoy Planet Baby’s fresh new look for the new year!


  1. Fresh, bright and so delightfully you Jane.
    The butterflies are an inspired touch and I love the new cursive font.
    To make over an entire planet in such a short amount of time takes some doing, so kudos to you and Katrina on a terrific job.

    Looking forward to all that happens on PB,

    Felicity x

  2. LOVE the new heading font Jane, and the butterflies - just delightful. Enjoy your new-look blog, it's like a breath of fresh air!

  3. Looks fabulous Jane. Love it.x

  4. Your blog makeover is fabulous Jane :) Both you and Katrina have done a wonderful job together!! Loving the butterfly. Hugs for a fabulous week, ~ Txx

  5. Gorgeous Jane! Your new blog is looking fantastic, and I'm very envious of the lovely font! I agree blogspot fonts are very dull. Congrats on getting your domain name before someone else beat you to the punch. As a very new member to the blogging world I'm looking forward to following you in 2011.

    Chrissy xx

  6. Perfect!
    Looks fantastic Jane!
    Well done!!!

    Jeanne xxx

  7. Oh Jane, I already told you how I love your new look, but I never noticed that you not with blogger anymore! She has indeed waved her magic wand! Thanks for the link,
    Maureen xx

  8. I love it! Thanks for the tips, it will come in handy as I'm working on a new blog design myself!

  9. New look looking good here Jane!
    xo Cathy

  10. Looks great Jane. Fresh and cheery! Lx

  11. Gorgeous, girlie!
    YOU are ready to
    take on 2011 : )
    A re-do of P&H is
    on my miles-long
    to do list! Thanks
    for the nudge!
    xx Suzanne

  12. Such class Jane!!! Remember, 20 minutes per day doing what y-o-u- love...

  13. Hi Jane,
    I send you a little something in my post today,
    Bye! Maureen

  14. It looks great Jane- very friendly. I must check out that domain name thing, very interesting! X

  15. Katrina is just brilliant, isn't she? Love it. xx

  16. Well arent you the fancy pants!!! Lol It looks lovely! I love the little boxes down the left, so much neater. I had no idea you could actually buy the name, or a web address. Hmmm guess whos not up on bloggy tech stuff.

  17. I love it! You must be thrilled!

    It's so clean and fresh - just like you!

    I'm no tempted to do the same! I really love it! And the domain name! Gosh, that's serious!

  18. Lookin' good Jane.
    Lookin' good.

  19. I love it Jane! You have thought of everything xx

  20. Beautiful and clever and as always, very generous with the where-to for the how-to. You could be called the naked-blogger a la Jamie Oliver if it didn't sound so sordid! xx Fi

  21. It's gorgeous Jane. I love it! Hugs, Emma.

  22. Love the new look. Have to think about doing something myself as only been seriously blogging for about four months and continually learning. G

  23. new layout looks great jane! :)

  24. Katrina is a legend! Your layout seems more open and spacious if that makes one bit of sense! Looking fabulous Jane, and it does make sense to have the 3 gumboots. I like that kind of detail! :)

  25. Oh love the tweaks & changes, do you still get to wear gum boots though?? I always thought the 4th pair was yours??!! I live in gum boots in Winter, they're fantastic for dog walking in snow, sleet, rain, soggy school ovals, brilliant invention!! Love Posie

  26. Love the makeover. First thing I noticed was the butterfly. Fresh and lovely.

  27. VERY nice, Jane! I just love the changes and that pink butterfly is a lovely little pop xo

  28. Wow! I'm thrilled to see these fabulous comments - talk about making a girl's day ☺. Thanks, ladies.

    Yes, Katrina is brilliant to work with if anyone's considering a spruce-up. Oh, and on her website, she explains how to buy your domain name - so simple.

    So glad you are fans of the butterfly - she's made it into my favicon as well. No more boring old orange Blogger 'B' for me!

    Oh, and Jennie, no, I haven't needed gumboots yet. But I have my eyes on some fancy ones...

    J x

  29. It looks wonderful Jane! I have no clue about these things so will be sure to look out for your blogging tips. I need all the help I can get! Take care xxx

  30. This looks fabulous Jane - very you. I've been down and out with a stomach bug (ah the joy of children or it could have been food poisoning but we'll never know) but I promise to be a more attentive blogger friend this year (drafting my resolutions!!) A x

  31. Hi Jane,
    found your blog via Caz at The Truth about Mummy and have to say how lovely it looks. I will be back to explore some more soon.


  32. Thanks, Alisa. Email me if you have any questions - if I can't help, then I'm sure Katrina will.

    Oh, Ann, you poor darling. So sorry to hear that. I hope you're back on your feet very soon. And you've been a fabulous blogger friend so far - no complaints from me!

    Hi Karen Thanks for becoming a Planetarian! Enjoy the ride with us. J x

  33. looking good Jane! loving the changes ♥

  34. Why, thanks, Cathie. Katrina is the best! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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