Thursday, 16 December 2010

Celebrating 200 Planetarians and a giveaway!

Oh my! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this day ever arriving. We now have 200 Planetarians along for the ride on this crazy planet (and a warm welcome, Grigore)! When I started blogging 4 ½ months ago, I didn’t even know how to follow a blog, let alone that people might actually follow mine. I was staggered when I reached 100 followers and now this. Just brilliant. So many of you have become bloggy friends and enriched my life in inestimable ways. I can’t imagine my day without interacting with you. Thanks a million for all your fabulous support and enthusiasm about Planet Baby.


To celebrate, I’m hosting my *first ever* giveaway! What, with 100 posts, 200 followers and Christmas, I can’t think of a better excuse. It also gave me a reason to go shopping – o happy day. With Joshie and Sammy in tow on a windy Hobart afternoon, yesterday I bought a selection of pretties reflecting my love of stationery and all things French. So, are you smiling yet?! Remember when I went a-wandering in Hobart here? As so many of you loved Karen’s pretties at Chez Moi, I thought I’d better pay her a visit. Spotlight, Typo and Chez Moi yielded the following beauties:
The goodies

They are:

* A sweet little snowflake-covered tin.
* An Eiffel tower wooden peg.

* A little tin heart like you saw here (I bet you like that one, Tina!).

* A Tiffany blue (swoon!)  2011 diary with elastic strap, perfect for fitting into your handbag.
* A ceramic, rose-scented heart.

* A celadon wooden dove with snowflake motifs.

* Two ceramic honey bee magnets (I wanted to buy the honey bee jug you all ogled over but decided it would be too risky to post – these are its pretty substitute. Are you swooning yet, Felicity?!)
* A tin Eiffel Tower biscuit cutter.

* Six Parisian place cards (handmade by the talented Karen)

* Six fleur-de-lis and Eiffel Tower gift tags (also made by Karen)

I thought they’d be delightful to receive whether at Christmas or afterwards – I didn’t want to disadvantage any overseas Planetarians who might not receive their parcel in time for Christmas.

Terms and conditions*

So, here’s the fine print (that’s the lawyer in me talking!):

1. If you're a Planetarian, leave a comment and you're in, like Flynn (hmm, remind me to tell you about Errol Flynn’s Hobart upbringing one day).

2. If you're not, sign up to follow this crazy planet and let me know with a comment that you are now a certified Planetarian.

3. You get an extra entry for:

- blogging about it;

- linking to it; and

- putting it in your sidebar.

Just leave a comment for an extra entry to be awarded in each case.

4. This offer is open worldwide to all my fellow Planetarians.
5. The giveaway will close at on Tuesday 21 December at 6 pm AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time so overseas Planetarians please take that into account) and will be drawn by Joshua from one of the pixies’ gumboots you see in my header.

So, go ahead and have some fun entering – the best of British to you! Oh, and *hopefully* Mr PB will be starting his Christmas holidays tomorrow, a day earlier than we had hoped, so I will finally have time to write the posts I’ve been meaning to this week.
* You know, that’s the first time in three years (ie since I was last in *paid* work as a solicitor) that I’ve had the chance to write that!

PS Karen said to tell you all that she's hoping to have her online shop up and running in the new year so stay tuned.


  1. Congratulations Jane. That tally keeps on rising... feels like only yesterday you hit 100!! You're definitely charming us bloggers! Lx

  2. Well done Jane on reaching 200 Planetarians. Here's to the next 200!
    I have a feeling that there will be a lot of interest in your lovely giveaway... x

  3. Congratulations Jane! 201!! And what a beautiful haul of pretties! :) You know, I've never really had a *thing* for French stuff, but you may have just changed all that. I love your style. And your blog ;) Keep on writing!

  4. Happy 200 and many, many more!!
    xo Cathy

  5. Congratulations on the big 2-0-0 Jane! What lovely items for stocking stuffing :)
    Can't wait to see and read the next 200 posts!

  6. Jane!! I thought I was a follower so now I have rectified that a-n-d have lots of catching up to do!! Congrats on the milestones. How wonderful. Count me in...

  7. Oh a whole lot of lovely there! Congrats on 200, always so nice to visit..xx

  8. A well deserved congratulations Jane! I look forward to reading your posts, as do 200 others!!! So exciting. Please count me in for the giveaway, everything looks lovely! Thank you. x

  9. 200 followers in only 4 1/2 months - impressive and well deserved. What an absolutely gorgeously generous giveaway. Pick me, pick me Joshua!

  10. I'm a follower and very happy indeed to be one! Congrats on 200 followers!! Cheers x

  11. Congrats on the milestone Jane! You must be so proud :) Please count me in for your giveaway! Oh so generous of you and such gorgeous things xx

  12. Congrats Jane, that's quite an effort in such a short time! What a gorgeous giveaway! I'd love to be counted in!
    ps where/what is Typo?

  13. Wow Jane - your blog has taken off in such a short time span. God job you :O) Love to be included in your first prize draw - the prize looks great! Thanks

  14. A well deserved congratulations sweet Jane. You are the friendliest blogger ever, and so generous with your support and knowledge. I bet you had fun shopping for all those goodies! x Sarah

  15. Whooohooo, love to read your blog on the days that I get time to read it. Well done, glad you had some fun shopping. I would love to win it myself but how awesome would it be to go to someone overseas to know that your blog was so far-reaching. Take care, hope you all have a great Christmas.
    Helen xo

  16. Just managed to blog about it Jane, check out my very small blog :

  17. Congratulations on 200 followers!

  18. Congratulations on 200+ happy followers!
    I am a certified Planetarian :)
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful goodies (I am swooning over the honey bee magnets!)

  19. Count me in Jane! Congratulations on so many followers!

  20. Ok... a comment...

    Something Dr Seuss-ish seems appropriate here.

    Well done, Jane
    you're on the fast train
    to 1000 or more
    followers for sure
    I'm in
    to win
    the loot
    from the boot
    please pick me
    I'd love a bee
    all the way from you
    to me here in Q... G

  21. Do you know how hard it is to type with one hand?
    I'm using the other to hold a wet cloth to my brow to reduce the swelling from a bump received after swooning off my chair!

    Congratulations Sweet Pea, it is an absolute delight to spend time with you on PB and I'm sure you will receive many more Planetarians who enjoy being here just as much as the first 200!

    Big hug,

    Felicity x

  22. It took some doing with one hand, but I'm pleased to say that your giveaway is on my sidebar too!

    x F

  23. bonjour my gorgeous aussie gal...we are back from marrakech...2am this morning!! shattered and sooo happy! a retreat amongst life....what a blessing...i don't take these blessings lightly!
    well i have had a lovely time {with all asleep in the house} to read up on your week...& i want to send you love and hugs for the 200 mark honey bun!!
    what would we all now do without your daily wit & stories and thoughts!!??
    So i am going to get back to it all after the weekend...& join you in our *worldly* lead up to the big day!
    very proud to have you as a friend.....xx
    melissa xx

  24. Yay Jane! You have done so very well with your beautiful blog! Boy is that a gorgeous bundle of pretties! xx

  25. Congratulations, Jane! Such a huge milestone! Happy Day!

    'Gumboots' - I love that for 'galoshes' ;)

  26. Lovely, lovely!! But you have too many followers - my chances have slimmed considerably!! Congrats to you - and thanks for the chance - however small..! A x

  27. Congratulations Jane on the milestone! well done on your achievements & followers.
    happy day to you ♥

  28. Hi Jane, thanks for visiting my blog, has enabled me to discover (and now follow!) yours!! Congrats on your follower tally... must feel great!

  29. Jane, a big hug and congratulations on reaching 100 posts and 200 followers. It is no wonder with all the beautiful posts you write. I just read your last few and saw your beautiful Sammy! Seven operstions! What a little trooper, he is so gorgeous... And so is his Dad:)
    You have been building, writing and actively creating thru it all... In that unstoppable Jane fashion! Your giveaway item are delightful. I am sure you had just as much fun picking them out :)

    I also want to thank you, sweet Jane, forbeing such a great follower .I don't know how you do it all :) Keep writing my friend, it is doing wonderful things for you, I can hear and feel it in your words!

    Best wishes to you and your beautiful family Jane for a magical Christmas!

    Jeanne xxx

  30. Pick me, pick me!! I'd love to win - especially that gorgeous diary as I still don't have mine for 2011 yet. Have added your giveaway to my sidebar too. Congrats on reaching 200 followers! x

  31. Congratulations! Loving this adorable pieces! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  32. Anything in Tiffany Blue is *swoon* worth writing a comment about!

  33. I'm always excited to discover a new blog to enjoy and fancy me happening upon yours when you're having a giveaway.

    I've had a little poke around and very enjoy your blog.

    I'm adding your giveaway to my blog too :)

  34. What a lovely prize! Good choice. And a big congratulations on your blog - two hundji followers! I would love to "sidebar" you Miss Jane but I can't figure out how to do it! But I will try my darndest.
    Hope you and your PB's have an awesome Christmas.
    Megs x

  35. What fun, congratulations on the latest milestone, you blog well my darling!! Fabulous giveaway, just spending my pennies at Typo a few hours ago, fun to be had at that stationery haven. Love Posie

  36. wow...............Beautiful blog

  37. Congratulations Jane on not one, but two milestones! I would love to be entered in your very beautiful giveaway. Facebook has failed me but I'll link on my sidebar :)

  38. Well at least the sidebar thing worked. FB is going to get a stern word from me!

  39. Congrats on your milestones Jane. Please count me in for a chance to win that lovely haul, wow!!

  40. Dear sweet Jane, CONGRATULATIONS gorgeous girl!! What a fabulous and very generous giveaway (and yes, that tin heart has made me melt into a mushy puddle!!). I had to make an exception to my bloggy break to wish you a wonderful and such a well deserved congrats, my dear! Your blog is such a breath of fresh air and so honest, something I so admire. I would love to be counted in for your amazing giveaway, thank you for the chance to enter. Hugs as always ~ Txx

  41. Hi Jane, I've subscribed to your blog. I found it from a link on another blog advertising your generous giveaway. You have such lovely taste, I LOVE everything that's in your giveaway. I can't wait to start reading back over your blog posts, going to make a coffee and enjoy the goodness of your blog.

  42. Heavens to Betsey! I turn my back for a day to attend to pressing matters on Planet Baby (like finding a Christmas tree) and find all these kind comments. Just amazing. I am impressed at the interest you've all shown - Karen should open her online store pronto ☺.

    There are way too many comments to specifically reply to each one but thanks everyone for your generous words. They mean the world to me. I am still pinching myself that this is really happening.

    I must, however, applaud Georgie for her fabulous riff on Dr Seuss - a classic! Thanks, you witty girl.

    And Felicity, just hilarious! I hope your bump is now okay...

    Thanks, Jeanne - I've sent you a message. So fab to have you back aboard this crazy planet after your sojourn down under.

    And finally, Tina, so delighted to have lured you out of your BB! J x

  43. Congratulations on 200 followers! I have to admit I am a little jealous as I have been blogging for (what seems like) forever and have yet to crack the hundy mark! Woe is me!
    Love this giveaway!

  44. Big congratulations on reaching 200 followers Jane. Well done!

  45. Wow, Jane! Congratulations on reaching 200 followers! Cheers!

  46. What an awesome giveaway Jane and congrats on your 200 followers - totally exciting!

    Love, love, love these gorgeous little items - sweet treats for the eyes and soul for sure :)

    Merry Christmas to you.
    Naomi xx

  47. Such an amazing giveaway! Offc I am a planetarian and fingers crossed :)

  48. what a lovely thought - very xmassey :) best le

  49. Just discovered your lovely blog and joined up. I love stationery too!

    another Jane x

  50. I have had so much fun reading your blog, and now I am signed up as a Planetarian.
    Yay! Lovely giveaway too.

  51. Before long we'll be here celebrating 1000 followers. Because there is just something about you, Jane, that is irresistable.

    Congrats on your 200 happy planetarians.


  52. Well, much deserved congrats to you Jane!!! Your blog is always a delight to read and soooo refreshingly honest!! Your giveaway is too generous, so please count me in. I am obsessed with all things French!

    Christine xx

    P.S. I shall pop this in my sidebar also ;-)

  53. Oh gosh - thank goodness I'mback in a big city with internet access - I nearly missed a giveaway!!!!
    Please count me all looks sooo pretty :-)

    (btw: I'll be back for an extra entry as soon as I've done all those other things on your list!!)

  54. Okay - now you have a button (and it's on my sidebar!!). Look out for a chat about your giveaway in my post tonight...along with the link (yes, I will adhere to the T&Cs!!)
    So this is my second entry :-)

  55. Oh my! The lovely comments just keep on flowing in - thanks, everyone.

    I'm excited to find a fellow stationery fiend, Jane (fab name).

    Great to have you aboard, Melinda. Oh, and I'd dearly love to find out where I can buy a text stamp like the one on your Day 13 Advent card. I'm just getting interested in stamping and that really caught my eye.

    What a lovely thing to say, Bron - I've never been called 'irresistable' before! Hmm, something to pass onto Mr PB...

    Why, thanks, Christine. Oh, and your new header is so vibrant - bravo.

    Oh, Cate, you crack me up! So glad you haven't missed your chance. You sound like a lawyer, mentioning 'T & Cs'! J x

  56. Right, I think that's the best I can do (for this time of night!) - there's a link to you on my post tonight, so this is my third (and probably final (although I'm not making any guarantees) entry to your giveaway :-)

  57. Lovely giveaway and congrats on the 100 posts and 200 followers!

  58. I think I may have missed the deadline but I thought I'd try anyway! I've just discovered your blog (it's great!) and become a follower.

  59. Thanks, girls. I'm now collating the entries for the ceremonial drawing from the gumboot...J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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