Friday, 17 December 2010

Friday flowers for Jane

Oh, my! When I woke this morning, I had several posts buzzing around in my head, waiting to be written. About the hectic week we’ve had on Planet Baby, thanking you for your kind comments about my giveaway, Joshie finishing Kinder, the Christmas craft we’ve made, the stationery I’ve bought and the bloggy love I’ve been blessed to receive this week. Then I read this post by brave Jane at My Pear Tree House. Suddenly all my thoughts seemed so insignificant. Talk about getting some perspective on life.

For those unfamiliar with her, Jane is a fabulously articulate, witty, sincere and original blogger. Apart from sharing our name and being lawyers and mums, I’ve felt a rare connection with her and valued her pithy comments both on my posts and around Blogland as we share tastes in blogs. I commend her blog to you.

I’ve spent the day on Planet Baby with a pall hanging over me. Imagining what she must be going through and shuddering at those thoughts. I have been so moved by the outpouring of support from fellow bloggers such as Ann, Martha, Simone, Ness, Amanda and Anna.

As a tiny gesture of love and support which stretches the world over, I’d like to join a linky with darling Miss Melissa and sweet Laura – Friday Flower. These two gorgeous-hearted girls join in a weekly post which stretches across the globe, dedicating a flower in their garden or that they have bought to someone important to them. Because of the time difference over in the UK, they haven’t done today’s posts yet but I’ll join with them later in the day. Maybe you might too.
Above are a selection of flowers in Planet Baby’s garden today – Sweet Williams, something pink (please let me know what it is!) and petunias. All dedicated to gorgeous Jane as she prepares for her surgery on Monday and all that will follow.

And tonight, maybe you might follow sweet Martha’s lead and glance skywards at the moon ‘for, say, 15 seconds and send positive thoughts to Jane and to others who you know are going through harsh times’. Sending out our positive vibes into the ether may just do some good. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?
Postscript added on 19 December 2010

Martha has added a linky to her post so Jane can have a central place to look at our messages of support. To those who have posted about Jane in the past few days, it would be great if you could pop over to Martha's linky and add the links to your posts.

Jane is reading them (see her postscript to her last post, added this morning) so know that your thoughts are lifting her spirits.


  1. I've just seen her blog. I have to think of something to say, to write to her. But it's very hard. I lost my Mum to breast cancer. It's a horrible horrible thing to have to go through. But the support networks out there are amazing and she will be well cared for, I am sure. x

  2. What beautiful flowers and sentiments to Jane. I'm sure the outpouring of well-wishes is going to significantly help Jane in her recovery. I agree that it certainly puts things into perspective. Sonia

  3. I know, i find it hard to get off my mind too. Imagine. I only just found her blog & reading back the last few posts before her cancer discovery, you just think, wow, shock, horror, unfair, the children, it's heart breaking. I wish her well & have made mention on my blog too, love Posie

  4. Ah Rhi, you darling. I'm so sorry you've been down this road before. Jane seems happy with her care which is some relief to all her worried bloggy friends.

    Sonia, I've suggested to Martha that she starts a linky so there is a central place for Jane to find our support.

    I know, Posie, it's been playing on my mind all day. J x

  5. I have to admit I don't have the heart to visit her blog - I just heard a sad story of a family nearby and my sad cup runneth over. But I will keep Jane in my prayers :)

    Without seeing the leaves, my guess is your mystery pink flower is a double pink peony? I think it is about the right time of year for them. Is it on a small delicate bush? I love peonies. I'm an avid gardener :) but no longer since I live in a rental house. So now I get to enjoy others gardens without the work :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!! XOL

  6. Thanks Jane, I've just been over to Jane's blog, she writes so well and sounds like an incredible woman.

    It's a beautiful time flower wise in Qatar as thanks to the cooler weather we actually HAVE flowers! I've planted petunias and pansies, the busy Lizzie's are the only thing that make it through the desert summers.

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend.


  7. Oh, Laura, I empathise, unfortunately. This is the fourth cancer story of my week involving friends and acquaintances.

    Oh, you really think it's a peony? I adore them and thought it looked like one. However as it's a rental, we didn't plant it and I have never seen one growing so I wasn't sure as to the form in which it would grow. It's growing out of an enormous shrub with long branches - I'm not sure whether that is what is meant to happen or because we haven't pruned it! Now you have me intrigued...

    Yes, Kirsty, she has a brilliant blog. I can't imagine how she's feeling right now - scared out of her wits about tomorrow, no doubt.

    I really love reading about your life in Qatar as it's so foreign to me. I have to read through your older posts but I was wondering whether you have written a series of posts on the reality of living there. I've seen plenty of your 'expat abroad' posts but have you written any 'Qatar 101' posts for ignoramuses like me?! That would be fascinating. Anyway, PB calls...J x

  8. Hi my friend!! Beautiful flowers btw*~*~Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!!~*~*HUGS, Rachel

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  9. Jane, you are a beautiful soul. x

  10. Oh Jane, that's just so sad. Thanks for posting this. I'm not familiar with Jane and her blog, but will pop over now and send some love. Have a good Christmas Jane. Love, Emma.

  11. Thanks, ladies. I'm sending lots of hopeful vibes to Melbourne tonight as Jane starts her recovery. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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