Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Celebrating having 100 followers of Planet Baby

Hip hip hooray!
Well, knock me over with a feather! I am absolutely staggered and extraordinarily flattered to now have 100 sweet followers of my life on Planet Baby (and a warm welcome to follower 100, the lovely Rachael!). When I hit ‘Create blog’ only 11 short weeks ago, I had no idea that I would end up at this point. Already. I am both gobsmacked and dumbfounded. Thank you from the very depths of my being for joining me on this bewitching journey to attempt to both capture some of the ephemeral moments Mr PB and I experience with the pixies and to rediscover my identity afresh. I have no recollection of what actually precipitated my decision to start blogging (thanks to my dratted PND, my memory isn’t functioning as well as normal) but whatever the motivation, I am so thrilled I started this fabulous bloggy caper!

Starting out
Sweet Alice
My very first post started with the sentence “I feel like Alice stepping through the portal into another world”. That’s exactly what I’ve felt like since I’ve discovered the crazy, teeming, throbbing vitality that is the blogosphere. Before I started blogging, I really had absolutely no idea this parallel universe existed. Sure, I had occasionally read the odd post on a few cooking blogs but it was nothing organised – I certainly didn’t subscribe to them. But once I started blogging, miraculously, gorgeous souls such as Sonia, Sarah, Ashleigh, Janette and Corrie somehow found their way to Planet Baby and started following me (I gratefully returned the favour). Thanks so much for your kindness and support – it’s meant the world to me. And now I can't even remember how I spent my day before blogging - it seems to inform every thing I do! I am overwhelmed by the depth of warmth and emotion radiating from my bloggy friends.

Discovering the blogosphere

By your reaching out to me, I’ve been welcomed into all your diverse worlds. Until recently, I was adding every blog I followed to my blogroll but I’m having to rethink that strategy now there are 172 on it! I’ve discovered so many different genres of blogs such as:

• Mummy blogs (such a divergent bunch – the controversial, the identity rediscovering, the everyday chronicling of life, the ones grappling with infertility or health issues, even deaths, the SAHMs, the WAHMs and the WMs, just for starters);

• Style blogs (showcasing the latest and most striking design ideas or even revisiting old ones – ooh, I adore peeking into other people’s worlds!);

• Food blogs (the stunning photography of delectable food is just to die for and the recipes are just inspirational. If only I had the time to use them. Sigh.);

• Crafty blogs (often overlapping with the mummy blogs – there are some seriously talented people out there, creating gorgeous wares);

• Techy blogs (so many fellow bloggers generously collate tips for us all to use); and

• Home renovation blogs (I really enjoy daydreaming with these ones).

My ten favourite blogs at the moment

My blog taste is constantly evolving – you know how it goes. One minute, you’re looking at an old favourite, then next thing, you’re scrolling through their blogroll and bingo! You’ve found another delight and you’re soon following them. And then you spot something interesting on their blogroll and so on it goes. I really do feel like Alice peering down the rabbit hole before falling in.
Ooh, Alice, what can you see?
Anyway, at the moment, some of the blogs I’m enjoying most are:

Collage of Life (sweet Jeanne muses delightfully on photography, design, fashion, cooking, books, travel, art and life in general);

Count It All Joy (the mum of six, Meredy is an effervescent soul with a fabulous sense of humour and an often thought-provoking take on life);

Maxabella Loves (cheerful Bron expounds wryly on life as the mother of three young children in today’s Australian society);

Miss Sew & So (the crafty mum of three, charming Melissa invites us into her interesting life as an expat Australian living in the UK);

My Sweet Prints (lovely Janette shares her extraordinary talent for graphic design and illustration, as well as her passions for design, style and her little boy, Will);

My Villa Life (my old Uni friend, Ann, writes engagingly about her life as an expat, journalist mother of two young boys in Auckland and what inspires her. Her crisp writing and amusing insights are a joy to read.);

Oesch & Doots (my dear Hobart friend, Sarah, has only just started blogging but I love her thoughtful insights into life as a SAHM with two young children and about society generally. And do admire her vibrant blog header – she created it herself.);

One Perfect Day (the gorgeous Sarah writes captivatingly about her life as the mum of one and takes sensational photos which really capture the essence and the innocence of childhood so perfectly);

Rubies’ Place (the mother of three young girls, the inspirational Tina writes beautifully about her life in country New South Wales in Australia and regularly shares her secrets to creating absolutely divine French-inspired home accessories); and

The House that A-M Built (the generous-hearted A-M writes wittily about her life as a mum and wife in Brisbane, her passion for residential design, interior design and construction. She also indulges in regular 'realestalking' (her word!).

Where to now?

So, I am bubbling with ideas about where our travels on Planet Baby will take us. I’m still getting the lie of Blogland a little and working out what style feels the best fit for me. There are also so many gadgets, widgets and sites to road test! I’ll shortly be adding a ‘Welcome to Planet Baby’ tab up the top which will provide a ‘road map’ for those intrepid travellers sharing the journey with us.

Do let me know if there’s anything you’d like to know about my life on Planet Baby – I’m happy to take on any suggestions for future posts. Thanks so much for your kindness and support so far.


  1. Congratulations Jane... A well written blog deserves followers... and I am sure there are many more lurkers out there enjoying your posts! Lx

  2. Oh sweet Jane, congratulations:) I am not surprised in the least! As Laura has already said, your posts are so well written and real, and that is something that is very precious. Yay to you for your 100 followers and a very HUGE thank you for your lovely words about me and my blog. I am beyond thrilled and very humbled to think that I inspire you in some small way!! You have made my week!! Hugs ~ Tina x

  3. Hi Jane,
    Congratulations! It is lovely to read what you write about so keep on going!

  4. congrats jane!
    and to 100 more... :)

  5. Congrats on your 100 followers. I'm off to check out some of your favorite blogs! Isn't blogland an amazing place?

  6. Congrats to you Jane... quite a blogging milestone... I am so glad you're enjoying it so much - and I have so enjoyed reading all your posts - prolific and terrific! I am so sorry I didn't even get a chance to pop by Cottage PB - I was simply flat out in the final week - I'm sure you remember what those trips back are like and it was even worse (although better too!) as all my old school friends came back for the reunion.

    Thank you for your very, very kind words (again!) A x

  7. AND I do think your 'Alice down the rabbit hole' analogy nails it perfectly! x

  8. Congratulations Jane! So very exciting!

  9. I do love blogging & those gorgeous & super talented people we come to meet along the way, isn't it fantastic!!

  10. Hi Jane, and thanks for getting in touch. You have a lovely tone of writing and i am sure you will continue to enjoy spreading your wings in the bloggosphere. You know you have really made it when you get a few nasty comments!! WHOOHOO! Have plonked you on my blogroll and I look forward to following you and your crew.
    Love Mrs Woog xoxoxox

  11. Happy-one-hundred Jane! I'm not at all surprised, your posts are interesting, frequent and always well written - no typos or poor grammar on PB!

    I'm so very flattered that you mentioned my blog - thank you!

    xx Sarah

  12. Hi Jane. My congratulations to you also! I'm glad you found me. I think your 'following' shows that many of your experiences resonate with other mothers too. I think we like to know that what we feel is normal. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Oh, my! After a particularly tiring day on PB, it's such a delight to see these kind comments. Thankyou, everyone - I really appreciate your genuineness and warmth. You are the reason I enjoy blogging so much.

    Tina, it's my pleasure - all well deserved.

    And Ann, I completely understand. It's such a juggle to fit everyone in and have a holiday as well. Next time.

    Why, thanks, Mrs Woog - I have so many of your amusing posts to catch up on.

    You're welcome, Sarah - I hope more people now get to meet you.

    Now, PB is calling - I must away! J x

  14. Well congratulations to you girl! I knew it would change your life... it does doesn't it... it's like a delicious little secret this blog world.. and those who don't blog just don't get it. It really is like stepping through a portal into another world. You know why you have amassed so many followers in such a short time... 'cause you give. A-M xx PS thanks for saying nice things about me... now you have made my day.. see.... more giving!

  15. Well, thanks, Lovely. And it's my pleasure. J x

  16. Well, Jane, you are one sweet thing! What a post, just fabulous. As I have told you in the past, you have a wonderful writing voice that keeps us hanging on to the end. You have paid us all a wonderful compliment and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

    I love your honesty and the spirit you write with. My kids are older but I remember well the days I carted around a 4 year old, 2 1/2 year old and newborn. I thought I was mad at the time but I now think it was the one of the most enjoyable times of my life. Your blog is a wonderful reminder of that.

    I am sure most of your readers are like you..with little ones here and there..and they must so enjoy tuning into you during nap times or at the end of the day.

    Keep doing what you are doing...100 will soon seem like a distant number.

    Best wishes to my sweet friend in Tasmania:)

    Jeanne xx

  17. glad you found Meredy!!! You are spot on in your observations, she most certainly is an effervescent soul!

  18. Oh, Jeanne. Thankyou! These compliments are making me blush. And thanks for putting me in touch with Meredy - I love these bloggy connections! J x

  19. The one post of Jane's that I miss and she mentions me!! Thank you so much for the snaps, sweet Jane. I love PB. Your writing style is such that I feel like I'm settling in for a cup of tea at your kitchen table each time I visit. x

  20. No worries, Bron - it's my pleasure! And thanks, I really like that thought. Although I hasten to add that I am not a tea drinker (or coffee, either) but I would still pour you one. I know how to do that ☺. J x

  21. Well done on your "tonne" of followers! Has been lovely reading your many and varied posts.

  22. Happy 100 and congratulations on creating such a lovely place to visit...
    I am away and only just sat down this afternoon to go through all that I have been missing in the blog world...I am so very touched that you thought of me and that you enjoy visiting my little space. Happy weekend with the family Jane X

  23. Thanks, Ange, and for all your encouraging comments along the way as well - I really appreciate them.

    Why, thanks, Sarah, and it's my pleasure - I hope more people now find you in Blogland. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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