Thursday, 14 October 2010

Curiosity killed the cat: another Quicksilver moment

Well, after today's detour of celebration (thanks so much for joining in - you've all made my week), it's time to return to PB happenings. Remember my little friend, Quicksilver Sam (here and here)? Well, he's been up to some new and inventive tricks. Until I had Sam, the phrase 'Curiosity killed the cat' really hadn't meant anything to me. Well, until yesterday. There I was, relaxing on my 'only Sam' (it's all relative on PB) day, lying on the bed, reading (yes, you guessed it) my delivered-a-day-late Sydney Morning Herald. I had an ear cocked to young Quicksilver doing his 'rounds' of cruising and crawling about the house. And then I suddenly was aroused by the-louder-than-should-be-possible-noise-of-cars-in-the-street. Uh oh.

Alarmed, I sprang up and raced to the front door. Horrors! It was wide open!

I raced out onto the verandah and found him next to the letterbox, banging on the railings. Thank goodness the canny barrier erected by Mr PB which you saw here had done its trick and stopped him from crawling out onto the road. Now in my distress, I'm sorry to say, I actually neglected to take a photo of him at that moment but if you look at that last post, you'll be able to imagine a little imp, next to the burgundy letterbox, laughing his head off. I swept him up into my arms, kissed that soft little neck of his and thanked God again.

I rang Mr PB (again) and reported what had happened. We agreed that now Sam was tall enough to reach the front door handle and crawl out, the only way to prevent me chasing my shadow even more than normal was to use the deadlock. To lock us in the house so he couldn't escape (and no, please don't mention the "What will you do in a fire predicament?" We figure that Sam escaping out the front door is much more likely than a fire). So, that settled, I turned the deadlock. Problem solved (until the older pixies returned and wanted to go and and out of the house to play but don't get me started on that 'minor' irritation).

I gave him another rusk to chew on (he's most partial - you should see him crawling around with it hanging out his mouth, cigar-like) and returned to my paper. After about 10 minutes, I heard a banging noise in the kitchen and startled, leapt up to investigate. This is what I found (I had the camera handy on this occasion and it wasn't, well, life-threatening).
A picture really does tell a thousand words (oh, and I hasten to add, of course, that the oven was off and cold). Yes, somehow our crafty son had worked out how to open the oven door (oh, another joy of renting, having a child-unfriendly oven) and decided to hop on the door. A second later, he was peeking inside it. That's when I had to put the camera down and swoop! Up in my arms and the oven door shut. Sigh. That was enough excitement in my day!

Anyway, I am doing my level-best to ensure that curiosity won't kill this little cat but my, I am jumping at noises a bit more. Oh, and reading the SMH a little less! Good night!


  1. My first wasn't curious at all... I put it down to the fact that I was able to shower her with attention (this now bites me, as all I hear all day is 'Play with me Mummy')... the second one is into everything... if my eyes are off her for a second she's off investigating... she pulled the drawers out in her bedroom, so they could act as ladders, to get her to the really high shelf... where she found the calamine lotion... she mastered the screw top and proceeded to drink the lotion... luckily poison control said she was OK... I still felt like a bad Mum, but she did all this while I was taking my other to the toilet... now I know there's no such thing as 'out of reach'...

  2. Oh my goodness..they make your heart stop don't they?? my third is my adventurous type,i have to have an eye on him always as he climbs,jumps.spills things all the time.thanks for sharing love reading your posts always:) Hugs Melli Xx

  3. Oh wow... all the things I have to look forward too! I already have mini heart attacks with a 2 month old, I don't know what I'll do when he's crawling/walking/running/dating! Ahhh!

  4. Oh my....little buggers, I understand where you're coming from, you definitely need to keep your eyes and ears on high alert!!

  5. Oh, Laura. What horror! They are just the most inquisitive things. I get frustrated at Mr PB who forgets to do up the childproof latch on the doors under the kitchen sink. That's where we keep the dishwasher powder and he also forgets to tighten its childproof lid. The other day, I found Sammy in the cupboard, about to tip the powder down his throat! You really can't be complacent.

    Melli, it seems I have the same issue here. The other two have not been anywhere near as inquisitive and adventurous. Ah, number three!

    Yes, Jenn, you're on a life-long journey of discovery! I do wonder if we'll ever advance off our L-plates!

    And, yes, Kylie - I'm like a dog, cocking my ears all the time ☺. J x

  6. Curious, tearaway babies are such hard work - physically and emotionally! My third was / is exactly the same. On my toes constantly.

    I hope you told him that ovens are not for babies!! Even when they are cold... x

  7. Er, yes, I tried, Bron. But he just laughed...J x

  8. This story reminds me of the day I ordered huge double gates for our driveway. I had found one of the children stark naked in the middle of the road during the school pick up rush time. Oh the joys!

  9. Hi Jane, I'm a first-time-commentator! ;-p My oldest daughter was my wild child. By the time she was two she had - sucked the muffler of my car, overdosed on Prozac, split her head open on the corner of the tv cabinet, eaten most of her books and the trees in the garden, and taste-tested the Chinese made baubles (lead paint? Arrrgh!) off the Christmas tree. I absolutely hear where you're coming from. You'll be pleased to know that they do grow out of this stage. Dark Princess is almost 15 now and she's still alive and no longer eating baubles off the Christmas tree.

  10. Smiling here, Jane. No matter where we live, our sweet peas intend to do the same things all around the world.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend! xxx

  11. Happy to read the oven was off!!! hahaha
    Oh yes they sure know how to keep us on our toes don't they! Happy weekend to you x

  12. Oh Jane. I am sorry but I can't help smiling, that photo is cute!

    Glad your little curious one is safe and sound. Have a lovely weekend xox

  13. Ooh, Mrs Moerk, what a vision! Hmm, we've asked the landlord for a fence but she thinks it's too expensive. Now we have to request a gate.

    Oh, VV! Your hair must be silver grey by now. What absolute horror!I've impressed that you've managed to keep her alive so far. I think Mr Sammy might be our wild child...

    And LLCAOBT, I do agree. That little nappy-filled, wiggling bottom is quite adorable. J x


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