Monday, 2 August 2010

Our front door

See these little gumboots lined up in a row lined up at our front door. Aren't they cute? We bought them at Cotton On Kids in Sydney before we moved to Hobart. They're colourful, practical and very reasonably priced. Now a store has opened in Hobart, we could buy some new ones on the weekend which excited the children no end. They adore their gumboots - we didn't need such things in Sydney but here they splash in puddles and help Mr PB in the garden. They make their life a lot more fun as it allows them to get messy.
A centipede lives here
Notice the easel and smock. Both of the older pixies love painting but India adores it. I can only marvel at how freely she expresses herself. We're always running out of paint, so prolific are the pixies. Fortunately I have now discovered the best place to buy paint is Windmill. The other side of the easel is a blackboard where Joshua can practise writing his name. He's so proud of himself.

Artists live here
Time to collect India from daycare. Better dash!



  1. I bought little gumboots for Will but he always pulls them off his feet, they are so cute though so I wish he would wear them :(
    Have a great evening Jane,

  2. Maybe he will when he's a bit older, Janette. They are still a novelty in our house so get used frequently! I love the bright colours. They really pop!


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