Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Our back door

So let's move around the house a bit. We have a back door but rarely use it.
PB essentials
It houses a collection of PB paraphernalia - backpacks, smocks, library bags and coats. The old cream woollen jacket was mine when I was little - it tickles me pink to see India wearing it now. She's outgrown her little Penny Scallan backpack and upgraded to Joshua's old star one. It's now customised with some pink (of course!) stickers. The little teddy backpack has become a recent favourite in toilet training land, handy to take with us on the go. The library bags are well used - the State Library is a regular haunt on Saturday with Ian. They often come home with 20 books for the week - more things for me to keep an eye on and locate when they need returning!

Often the pixies' favourite mode of transport is parked against the door. Here they are upright (for once) - they normally fall over and the pixies trip on them.
The pixies' preferred mode of transport
Next we'll have a peek at the garden. Good night!



  1. Hi Jane. Thanks for visiting my blog. Lovely to have a sneak peek into your house. I was just thinking this week that I needed a row of hooks for my children's things - backpacks, etc.

    I'd love you to pop back next Monday when I start the new linky for 'at my house...' 'See' you some time soon. Lou.

  2. Hi Lou

    My pleasure. Thanks for dropping by. Hooks are the best although we never seem to have enough! It's amazing the amount of paraphernalia they collect, isn't it? Will check out the new link.

    Kind regards Jane


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