Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Celebrating my 3rd blogoversary and a giveaway!

Oh my stars! Can it really be three years since I hit the 'Publish' button on my first ever post here? Little Sam had just turned one and I was sleep deprived with two toddlers and a pre-schooler. My PND was quite bad and my darling Dad's health was deteriorating. I can no longer recall the precise moment when I decided to start blogging but I'm so grateful I did. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that three years later, I'd have written 424 posts and have 573 followers. Or have made so many delightful friendships the world over. Not in a million years.

Thankyou for the phenomenal support you Planetarians have gifted me over the past three years. You've shared in my escapades with the pixies, supported me through my recovery from PND, comforted me both before, and after, my Dad's death, encouraged me to start Planet Joy and generally provided me with kind and compassionate companionship on my journey through these testing years.

You are all the best.

I can't imagine my life without the joy blogging has brought to it. So many of my closest friends are now bloggers, both in person and online. Starting this blog was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Now, as is the custom, to help me celebrate this little milestone, I'd love to offer you a giveaway of some Planet Joy pretties I've made. Here they are!
To start, I'll make the initial of your choice from a selection of the Liberty fabrics I have, just like this one.
Here's a wire wreath I made, complete with Francophile-loving ribbon.
Here's a plain green covered wire piece to brighten your day.
Here's a Liberty flutterer, perfect for hanging or as a bookmark.
And something to inspire some day-dreaming.
And to end, here's a trio of little Liberty-covered hearts I've hand-bent from wire.

In true Planet Baby style (after my first giveaway), there will also be prizes for the second and third names drawn. I’ll keep them as surprises.

Terms and conditions

So, here’s my lawyer’s fine print:

1. If you're a Planetarian, leave a comment and you're entered.

2. If you're not already, become a Planetarian by either:
  • clicking on the little Google Friend Connect button in my sidebar and follow the prompts; or
  • clicking on the RSS icon in my sidebar to have my posts delivered to your reader.
3. You get an extra entry for:
  • blogging about it;
  • linking to it;
  • putting it in your sidebar;
  • tweeting about it;
  • sharing it on Facebook; and
  • sharing it on Instagram.
To make it super easy for you to do so, you can just click on the little icons at the bottom of this post!

Make sure you leave a comment for an extra entry to be awarded in each case.

4. This offer is open worldwide to all my fellow Planetarians. Yes, the pixies will happily help me lick enough stamps to post it anywhere. *Real* stamps, too – not just those stickers-dressed-up-as-stamps!

5. The giveaway will close at on Tuesday 6 August 2013 at 6 pm AST (Australian Standard Time so overseas Planetarians please take that into account) and will be drawn by the pixies from the Ceremonial Planet Baby Gumboot.

So, over to you! Dive in and have a go. I can’t wait to send these little packages winging their way around the world. 

I'd also love to hear which of the prizes take your fancy as well.  I welcome all feedback - you all have such fabulous taste!
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