Saturday, 29 June 2013

Step into the light

Bonsoir you gorgeous Planetarians, all 568 of you. I'm feeling rather ho-hum at the moment. I've had a really difficult week. There have been dashed hopes, unexpected news, mistakes and worrying concerns. I am weary from being brave. But onwards I must. "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more" and all that!
So it was perfect timing to receive this email from The Brave Girls Club yesterday. Are any of you fans of their Daily Truth emails? I am as I mentioned here and here

One step at a time, hey? I think that's just the gentle nudge in the right direction I've been seeking. For me, finding where the beauty is means less time spent online and more time creating and connecting with my dear ones. Sounds the ticket, don't you think?

Anyone else feel the same? Where do you find your peace, beauty and good stuff? Do share - I'm all ears.

Oh and I plan to start up the Post of the Month Club again on Monday - I'd love to have you all aboard again. Stay tuned...
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