Monday, 8 October 2012

Sunday splendour: 7 October 2012

Well hello everyone - yes, it's Sunday-splendour-on-a-Monday time again! I was too pooped from spring cleaning a cupboard (it took 3 hours) to post yesterday. Boring but satisfying. Tackling the nightmarish 'under the house' storage problem is a job for next weekend! Anyway, here are some splendid moments of my past week.
I *feasted upon* Mr PB’s famous dark chocolate, pear and pistachio cake. Just scrumptious, as always. Mmm!
I *discovered* something amazing through Instagram and kind Jules's attentive eye. I took some photos of our springtime garden and shared them on Instagram. Curious, I asked whether anyone knew what these flowers were. Jules then informed me they were peonies! I felt such a dill. I adore peonies but had always thought they grew on small shrubs - not the 3 metre tall sticks these do! Fascinated, I pressed Jules for further details. To my horror, she informed me I should never prune it. *Gulp*. I took about 2 metres off it when we arrived a year ago ☺. Hmm, thankfully it seems to have survived the handiwork of this Greenhorn Gardener!
                                           Source: via Jane on Pinterest

I *enjoyed* having a gander at the new online catalogue of Cox & Cox, styled so beautifully by the sublime Sania Pell. This butterfly punch is now on my wishlist - quelle surprise! I can't wait to lay my hands on the print version of the catalogue - thanks for posting it, Laura ☺.
I *created* this little number using silken Liberty fabric. I'm so chuffed at how it turned out. I covered one with grosgrain ribbon before - it was a nightmare to turn all those corners with it. The fabric is far more forgiving and I don't have to worry about matching up the pattern this way. I'm working on some more for my Etsy shop (opening day is *imminent* - sorry to keep you hanging! I have some pixie-free hours ahead when I will finally photograph my goodies and upload them).
I *read* this inspiring DIY post by the lovely Kylie at Stylish Settings. Look at the divine decorative medicine bottles she whipped up from old brown glass bottles and some free labels from the inimitable The Graphics Fairy. I am definitely going to make some. They look utterly fabulous. 
I *watched* the afternoon light filter in onto some glorious irises given to me by kind Romy. Enchanted, I grabbed my new iPhone and snapped away. Here's the little tableau which resulted.

So tell me, does anything here take your fancy? Does that cake have you intrigued? Have you ever (over-) pruned your peonies? And do you think you might give clever Kylie's medicine bottles a go? I've started my hunt for some old brown bottles!
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