Monday, 17 September 2012

Seeing Spring spring on Planet Baby

Hello you gorgeous Planetarians! Well, we're halfway through school holidays here and I'm still sane (so I tell myself!). Now that the pesky wind has died down again, we're spending much more time out in the garden. Spring is such a mood-lifter, don't you think? It's been exactly a year since I last posted about our springtime garden so I thought you might like to see what Spring looks like in our front garden. Are you on? Okay, let's go!
Our weeping cherry outside Miss India's room is causing many excited whoops here. Daily. It's such a delight to watch it gradually unfurl its pretty blooms. It's a shame they only last for about a fortnight!
Here's a view looking back towards our master bedroom. Look at that clear blue sky.
It's surrounded by a circular box hedge and countless azaleas. 
Here's one of the first to bloom.
The creamy erlicheer have brought me untold joy over the past month or so. They've flowered prodigiously, allowing me to pick armfuls and bring them inside to pretty up the house. Their scent is just divine. Here's just one of them, along with a friendly native!
And a shot of what they look like from ground level, bobbing away.
These blue pansies make me smile. Pansy - that's an old-fashioned flower for you! Seeing them brings back lovely childhood memories for me of picking them at my grandmother's house.
Our lavender is thriving. The bees are a-buzzing about it. It's such a pleasure to smell its scent.
The pixies adore bending down to drink in the smell of this yellow freesia. Heavenly.
The penstemons are flaming away. They're quite striking.
Our new iceberg rose has settled in just fine and is starting to bud. Here it is, surrounded by daffies and jonquils. The sweet peas are starting to clamber up the picket fence. Mr PB has since added some trellises for them.
Here's one of the established iceberg roses (do you know I always think of 'iceberg lettuces' first whenever I look at them? Tell me I'm not the only one!). It knows what to do, well and truly. In spite of my pruning, it seems!
Forget-me-not is dotted all over the place. I vacillate over whether I like it or not. Sometimes I feverishly pull out clumps of it, declaring it a weed. Other times I admire its delicate little blue flowers. And I muse about its whimsical name.  
This purple bearded iris has caused quite a commotion here over the weekend. It's the first we've grown and we're inordinately proud of it. Irises were our wedding flower so I'm sure we'll grow plenty more of them in the years ahead, especially blue ones.
We've planted dozens of tulips and are eagerly awaiting their appearance. Here's the first to rear its head. I am most curious to find out why it's sprouted out from so low - does anyone know? I am such a gardening greenhorn!
Here's a view looking out from our front door. This was taken as we were adding more blue and white lobelia along the edge (hence my hurried attempt at a foot sweep of the path for the photo!).
And just to keep it real, let's end with a shot of one of the many barrow-loads of weeds and waste which resulted. Yep, we slept well that night!

Some day when we can afford it, we plan to have this front verandah enclosed by balustrades. I think it's just the perfect spot for Mr PB and I to sit there on some dainty French wrought-iron chairs and sip some crisp riesling as the sun goes down on a summer's day. Can you picture it?!

So, does my garden look anything like yours? Or does it make you northern-hemispherers wistful about summer's end? I loved hearing all your gardening tips last time - please feel free to make any suggestions in aid of 'Operation gardening greenhorns'!
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