Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday splendour: 15 July 2012

Bonsoir, mes amies. Planet Baby is still a sick house. But thankfully we were able to celebrate Sam's 3rd birthday, to the pixies' utter delight. And ours as well - it was gorgeous to see him really appreciating his day in the sun. The festivities will continue next weekend with a family do. Anyway, after a *long* week, here are some of my splendid moments which helped keep me sane!
I *feasted upon* this luscious rose flavoured macaron by Macarons by Ruby at the (July) market. I was transported. I really must get onto trying out that macaron recipe!
                                   Source: via Jane on Pinterest

I *discovered* this simple and pretty tutorial for gussying up some brown paper bags. I have the bags and the paper doilies - I just need the white gel pen! 
I *enjoyed* watching the pixies make farewell cards to give to Mr Jim, our school crossing guard. He was so moved to receive them. He's just retired after 21 years on the job. Here he is posing with them (whilst all squinting into the sun, hence the strange look by Sam!) after finishing up. We've been so lucky to have him with his care, courtesy and kindness. We'll all miss his cheery presence.
I *created* this small blue clay dish, imprinted with an old doily. I've been meaning to try one for ages. I used this tutorial - it was fun to click my German-reading brain into gear again. I used Sculpey oven-dry clay but next time will use an air-dry version, I think. Those earrings are amongst my favourites.
                                          Source: via Jane on Pinterest

I *read* this beautifully written article by the talented Nikki Gemmell on her hopes for raising boys. We are so on the same page. And I still think she's fabulous!

I *watched* the hysterical Portlandia's 'Put A Bird On It!' on YouTube. It never fails to make me laugh. Wry humour is my taste. And now whenever I see any product with a bird on it, I'm reminded of this spoof!

As always, do share which splendid snippets take your fancy. Which is your favourite? And do tell if the Portlandia clip makes you giggle as well!
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