Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday splendour: 1 July 2012

Bonsoir, mes amies! I hope you've all had an enjoyable weekend. Ours was capped off by a delightful afternoon tea with my dear friend, Emma Burgess, and her lovely family. It was such a treat - a relaxed affair with our 6 children enjoying each other's company. Miss India was in her element, having 3 more girls to play with! Anyway, now it's time to peek at some of the splendid moments of my past week. Let's go!
I *feasted upon* this scrummy orange cake at Emma's. It was luscious - deliciously moist but not cloyingly sweet. You can find the recipe here. Give it a go!
I *discovered* this vintage-style sewing tin on sale at Patchwork Harmony. Hmm, just looking at the exchange rate with the $AUD...
I *enjoyed* the excitement of watching the Australian mare, Black Caviar, win the Diamond Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot in the UK. She's now undefeated in 22 races, a success record not equalled for over 150 years. I grew up hearing about the legendary Phar Lap. I never imagined I would see an Australian horse better his record. To mark the importance of the event and to let the pixies feel they were part of seeing history made, we had a little bet on her. We didn't make a fortune but we're keeping this memento all the same!
I *created* this watercolour painting in blue (quelle surprise!). It's nothing fancy but it calms me to gaze at its eddies and swirls. I have so much to learn about this medium!
I *read* this mouth-watering post on how to make macarons. I've been intending to try my hand at them for ages - I think this is the inspiration I need! It's a brilliant, step-by-step tutorial - let us know if you give it a whirl.
I*watched* this old favourite video on You Tube of Brooke Taylor's 'Something in the water'. It always lifts my spirits and get my toes tapping. Her cheeky little ending makes me smile as well.

So, did any of these snippets capture your attention? Are any of you heading off to bake the orange cake or the macarons? And do you think I should snap up that sewing tin?! I look forward to your comments, as always.
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