Saturday, 9 June 2012

There's a mouse in the house! - the postscript

Another of my Beatrix Potter cross-stitch sampler details
Oh my stars! I am so impressed at the variety and helpfulness of all your wonderful comments and suggestions on how to cope with our mouse problem. Thankyou so much. We had no idea peanut butter would be an enticing meal for a mouse!

I left you hanging last time so thought I should update you on our progress in Operation Mouse Eradication.

On Thursday night, at about midnight, Miss India awoke to the sound of a loud 'snap'! Bingo - the first mouse was caught. Terrified, she ran into our room and spent the rest of the night in our bed.

Mr PB reset the trap. Over the next few hours, in about 30 minute intervals, he was awoken by 'snap', 'snap', 'snap' and 'snap'. Yes, he reset the trap every time and by morning light, the tally was 5 mice.

There was no mess at all in India's wire baskets - they hadn't made it that far.

We set the trap again last night, using your peanut butter suggestion. This morning's inspection revealed no mice caught.

Miss India now feels comfortable enough to return to her room.

Tonight, we'll set the trap again with both cheese and peanut butter, just to double-check we've caught all the critters. Please cross your fingers for us! I'll let you know how we go - I hope we've avoided some of the dreadful situations some of you have experienced!
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