Monday, 18 June 2012

Sunday splendour: 17 June 2012

Happy Monday, everyone! Er yes, it's 'Sunday splendour'-on-a-Monday' again. I'm playing catch-up everywhere at the moment thanks to the (thankfully now ended) school holidays. 
I *feasted* upon this more-ish apple crumble teacake Mr PB whipped up yesterday. Just the ticket for a winter's afternoon, topped with buttermilk icecream, of course! He's such a good man. 
Here's the recipe from June's 'Real Living' (it's 145g of butter). If you can't read it, here's the link. Do let me know if you try it out.
                                         Source: via Jane on Pinterest

I *discovered* this divine cushion in the fabulous Shannon Fricke's online shop. That's gone straight to my wishlist for our bedroom. Mmm, can't you just feel that velvety softness? 
                                          Source: via Jane on Pinterest

And see how fabulous it looks on this bed. *Sigh*.
                                    Source: via Jane on Pinterest

I *enjoyed* finding this vibrant picnic rug at Cath Kidston. Hmm, winter's not *quite* the time to be picnicking. Straight to the wishlist for that one as well! 
I *created* this little set of drawers using a Kaiserwood craft set from Spotlight (well, it's one I prepared earlier ☺). Yes, notice the blues and greens - quelle surprise! It was a bit fiddly and used a lot of Mod Podge but I'm thrilled with the result. 
Here it is with some open drawers. Now I have to decide what I'm going to store in it. Buttons maybe? I'm sure once my Etsy shop is up and running that it'll be pressed into use.
I *read* this uplifting email from my favourite, The Brave Girls Club. It's on the money, don't you think?
I *watched* the pixies set themselves up on the back deck for a spot of cloud watching. It was a very sunny day - hence the squinting! It was such a classic shot, all lined up with their best friends there to take in the view. A moment to bottle, wouldn't you say? Hearing their descriptions and extremely imaginative ideas on the forms flitting in front of them was fascinating. Oh, to have the imagination of a child again ☺.

So there you go, some splendid titbits to start off your week. Let us know which ones catch your eye. Are any of you heading to the kitchen to bake the apple crumble teacake?! 
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