Saturday, 23 June 2012

My first vlog and a book review

Hello you gorgeous souls, all 513 of you (and a warm welcome to the newbies!). The pixies are sleeping soundly (Joshie's camped out on the couch for reasons best known to himself) and I'm eager to finish my Blogging Your Way 2.0 homework. Holly has invited us to share more about our lives with our readers. Given you Planetarians echoed her request in my recent survey, I thought I'd oblige by recording my first ever vlog! It's a bit of a leap of faith, putting myself 'out there' but I hope you enjoy it (and that Sam calling out in the background isn't audible!). 

I've recorded it in *my room of my own* and walked around it to give you a better idea of its layout.
YouTube has edited out a tiny bit between looking at my Blackwood desk and returning to look at the book - sorry about that.

Then I've showed you one of my recent favourite book purchases - 'A space of my own' by the acclaimed UK journalist and author, Caroline Clifton-Mogg. It's a book which delights the senses, is fabulously inspiring and most informative.

So, here I am! Do have a peek and then pop back here to see some of my favourite photos from the book.
Caroline breaks down the elements of a inspirational space to:
  • Furniture and space;
  • Storage and shelving;
  • Task lighting; and
  • Decoration.
She then looks at a comprehensive variety of different spaces, divided into:
  • Home offices;
  • Shared spaces;
  • Sewing, craft and artists' rooms; and
  • Children and teens.
At the book's end, there is a most informative and detailed list of all the architects, artists, designers and business owners featured. It's a wonderful resource all of its own. 
The diversity of the spaces displayed is a real feature, ranging from the high-end executive's suite with a panoramic view of Los Angeles to period London homes and loft conversions to children's dens. 

I find the layout such a treat to pore over with its sensibly chosen chapter topics.

Australians can find the best price for it over at the brilliant Booko site - you can see here that Abe Books is selling it for $AUD23.95 - a steal for 176 pages of beautifully written prose and delightful photos. 

So, sweet Planetarians, what's the verdict on my vlog? Could you hear it? I'm such a newbie so all (constructive) critiques are welcome! Is my room bigger than you thought? And do you think you might be tempted to buy the book? I can't wait to hear your thoughts - let me know what you think.
PS 'Some Saturday soul food' will return shortly.
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