Friday, 25 May 2012

Your burning question: Did you enjoy living in Sydney?

Oh my stars! I am floored by your interest in my last post about how Mr PB and I met. It seems you all enjoy some romance! It was a lengthy tale until we made it to the altar, wasn't it?! Following along in chronological order, I'll answer this burning question: Did you enjoy living in Sydney? 

Why this one? Well, 10 days after we married, we moved to live in Sydney. And we stayed there for nearly 11 years. So I have a few posts lined up to answer this question! 

A fresh start in Sydney
So here was our introduction to the Emerald City. They were heady days for us newly-weds, adjusting to finally being together after all those years of separation and making friends as we started our married life.

Adjusting to Sydney life
This post covers the adjustments we had to make to living in such a large, cosmopolitan city after the little gem of Hobart. It was a thrilling time.

The 2000 Olympics
A very attractive photo of moi, n'est-ce pas?!
We were so blessed to be living in Sydney at the time of the 2000 Olympics. It was a glorious fortnight. I had the thrill and honour of being an official volunteer. That exposed me to a vast array of fascinating experiences. This post captures the essence of that magical time. Remember, it was pre-9/11 so security was a world removed from what we are used to now.

Our life pre-Planet Baby
This post sums up the lifestyle we led prior to arriving on Planet Baby. That feels like eons ago now! They were good times.

Our life after arriving on Planet Baby
Joshie and India
Here you can get a feel of our life once the pixies arrived. It was a *challenging* time, raising them without family around. Thankfully our dearest friends were also raising littlies at the same time so we relied on them so much for support. Having the 3 pixies arrive in 3½ years made for an extremely intensive phase of parenting!

You know you live in Sydney when...
And to wrap this up, this post summarises some of the brilliant and not so brilliant parts of living in Sydney.

So, do you think I've answered the burning question?! There's a lot to absorb but they were a full-on 11 years of life up there. I'd love to hear some of my fellow Sydneysiders chime in with your thoughts on living there. I miss it immensely. But I'm not sure we could live there again - that's a post for another day!
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