Thursday, 24 May 2012

Your burning question: How did you & Mr PB meet?

Hello you lovely, encouraging Planetarians! Your kindness is pulling me through these first few painful days after my surgery. Seriously! I look forward to replying to all your recent comments when I can. I have taken my wounded wing out of its sling (I love a good rhyme, too!) to whip up this quick post. 

I received so many great questions in the survey which you'd like me to answer that I'm starting a little series called 'Your burning question'. Sound like fun? A lot of the answers can be found in my older posts so that makes my job easy. See - a win-win for us all!

So, here's the very first question - "What is Mr PB's name? How did you and Mr PB meet?" Well, that's two questions, technically, but here goes.

What is Mr PB's name?

When I first started blogging, we agreed on Mr PB's pseudonym. He's entitled to a little bit of privacy. So we're sticking with it ☺.

How Mr PB and I met

Now this is a bit of an epic story so it's staggered over a handful of posts. Maybe you should get yourself a cuppa first before settling down to catch up on our romance! Ready? Okay, let's go!
Our love story starts here. This is how we met and continued our romance whilst he was overseas in the UK for a year. Go on - click through and read it. I'll wait for you back here!
Here you can see some of the love letters we sent each other whilst separated by half the globe. Are any of you sighing yet?!
This post covers my visit over to see him at the end of my university studies. Gosh, that brings back the goosebumps for me!
This one covers the continuation of our relationship back in Hobart and his proposal. He's a romantic chap, isn't he?
And then this one wraps it up with our wedding! Goodness, that seems a lifetime ago now! January 1999 - it was even last century ☺.

So, tell me, do you like this 'burning question' post idea? What are your thoughts about how we coped being apart in an age of expensive international phonecalls and prior to mobile phones, text messages and instant emails? It's not really that long ago, you know! And does our love story have your heart a-flutter? Do dive in and comment - I can't wait to hear your thoughts!
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