Monday, 14 May 2012

Celebrating Mothers' Day 2012 on Planet Baby

Good evening, my lovely friends. The pixies are sound asleep, Mr PB is at his night job and I have the heater turned up to ward off the night-time chill. My brain is a-whirring at the moment as my hand operation is only a week away. So much to do before I'm incapacitated for a while! For the first time ever, I'll have a blogcation as I recuperate. But never fear - I intend to schedule some posts for that time.

One thing my survey has reminded me is that not all of you Planetarians have been around since I started blogging. That means you've missed a lot of my early posts when I told a lot of my life story, how Mr PB and I met and how we landed on Planet Baby! So I think a little stroll down Memory Lane is just the ticket to fill in the gaps some of you have requested. Sound okay? Excellent. Anyway, here's a little peek into how we celebrated Mothers' Day yesterday - lucky me!


After a leisurely sleep in until 8 am (unheard of for the past 6 years!), the pixies and Mr PB shooed me away whilst they whipped up a breakfast extraordinaire. Hearing their excited whisperings about how to set the table just the way I would like it, making sure they chose cutlery in my favourite colours and so on was just the sweetest thing. Then I was summonsed to the table to be greeted by a delightful vista.

The pixies were all sitting up at the 'big table' (a rare treat) at their places marked by the little Liberty print covered names I'd made for them. 
Look at those grins!
They'd picked me a pretty posy from the garden. Sam delighted in taking time to smell the roses - this yellow one is his favourite!
Then Mr PB presented the pixies' scrumptious creation - Bill's famous ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter. Mmm! Heaven on a plate.
Then a yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows appeared in my favourite mug.
Miss India joined in with gleeful gusto.
As did Joshie. Sam was content with his usual Cruskit. *Sigh*.
Joshie proudly gave me a little booklet he'd made for me. He'd thought of every detail, being careful to dress me in blue and green and remembering funny things we've done together.
Then my girl presented me with a gorgeous painting of me she'd made at Kinder and hidden so carefully under her bed. Talk about heart-melting!
Then Sammy presented me with his divine little hand-print garden he'd made at daycare. Look at his pride!

The goodies were then presented to me, one by one, all specially chosen or made by the pixies.
Some Crabtree & Evelyn handcream for my weary hands.
A pretty French-style 'book' which opens up to become a box. I'm pondering which treasures to keep in there.
A divine little heart made by Miss India with love.
A pasta necklace she'd proudly coloured and threaded.
And her first effort at writing to me - I'm so impressed with my Kindy girl! 


I was then allowed "some time to yourself, Mummy" so I read the papers for the first time in months and for the first time in years, didn't have to hang out the washing! 

I texted my Mum who was enjoying a leisurely day in Paris with her best friend. Ooh, what I would have given to have been there with her, maybe ensconced at 'Ladurée', peut-être? We also rang Mr PB's Mum who was holidaying in the north of the island with family. 

Afternoon tea
And then it was afternoon tea time which meant another grand presentation to my desk. The apple and pear cake was scrumptious as was the sour cherry muffin. Hmm, I could get used to this treatment!

All up, it was such a delightful day. That doesn't mean that it was all sunshine and roses. There were still the usual shenanigans and *disagreements*, innumerable (and ignored) requests to do things - you know, just normal *life*. 

But when Mr PB and I sat at that breakfast table and locked eyes, we were both beaming. We didn't need to speak. How lucky are we to have these three little people in our lives? 

Anyway, that's enough about me. How did you all spend your Mothers' Day? Did you catch up with family whether in person or by phone? Oh, and let me know if you want Bill's scrumptious recipe! 
PS 'Sunday splendour' will return next week.
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