Thursday, 12 April 2012

I'm all in a dither

Yep, I feel like tearing my hair out!
Ah Lovelies! I'm in a bit of of a dither at the moment (isn't that a delicious word?!). I find myself flitting from one thing to another, unable to settle down to complete a task. That's *so* unlike me! Do you ever feel like that? It's something the Virgo in me is struggling to reconcile, given my predilection for order and the craving for a sense of accomplishment. I think my brain is just overloaded at the moment. Headspace, where art thou? Here's a smattering of what's occupying my waking hours.

Looking after the pixies

It's school holidays so all 3 pixies are at home with me. That, sweet Planetarians, means very *long* days (just the mildest euphemism) as we cover the whole gamut of emotions and actions in one day. Rinse. Repeat.
The latest trick was for an unnamed pixie to throw all the Tiddlywinks out of the playroom window into the garden this afternoon. That meant into the thicket of weeds and dense foliage of agapanthus underneath the window, regrettably. I found half of them - Mr PB has been tasked to find the remainder on the weekend. 

Crafting up a storm

I'm also madly concocting ideas for my Etsy shop and wanting to make things all day long. Ooh, I am *bursting* with ideas!

Here are some of my latest creations - what do you think? 
Some Liberty loveliness
I made this for Joshie in his favourite colour
Another Liberty idea
I couldn't resist making this one, of course!
Do you think they would sell? I'd value your opinions - all of them. 

But my poor hand can only take so much. So I'm working in fits and starts when I'd really love to be hoeing into the crafting, non-stop. I have so much pent-up energy I'd love to channel into creating. The sweet satisfaction of crafting something pretty is sublime. 

Mr PB working in a second job

Mr PB has valiantly started working at a further job every second night so that's completely changed Planet Baby's dynamics. We seem to pass like ships in the night which is far from ideal. We all miss him terribly. Often staff call in sick so he has to fill in. Last week, that meant he worked 4 nights in a row - a very hard ask after working full days in his normal job. 

I wonder how long he'll be able to maintain this pace. It troubles me. 

But until my hand is fixed, there's not much more I can to do to earn income for us. He is a saint. And an increasingly tired one at that. *Sigh*.

My Mum is going on an overseas trip next week
                                         Source: Uploaded by user via Jane on Pinterest

My dear Mum is jetting off with her best friend to Istanbul next week for a conference to be followed by a week in Paris and some cruising around the Greek Isles. It's just what she needs right now as autumn sets in and my Dad's birthday nears. She'll be away for that, doing something exciting with people she loves - the perfect tonic and support she deserves. 

I see my surgeon next week

Next week I'm seeing my surgeon about my carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. Then I'll know whether surgery is required and if so, when. Then we'll be able to make some plans.

I'm an auntie again

I've saved the most exciting distraction until last - I became an auntie again today! 

My clever sister delivered a gorgeous little fellow into the world at lunchtime - a sweet soul who'll have a lifetime of fun ahead with his big brother who's 2 months younger than Sam. Wait until that trio gets up to high-jinks! 

This afternoon, the pixies and I visited the hospital to meet our newest family member. He's a wee poppet and just the bee's knees. The pixies were smitten. 
India's heartfelt card
They proudly presented their hand-made cards to him, beaming with joy. Sammy, in particular, was absolutely captivated, giggling at his cousin's cooing. 

Miss India was a sweetheart with him. She'd desperately hoped for a girl cousin but now the score in my family is 6 boys and 1 girl. She handled it bravely and was so touched when he opened his milk-drunk eyes to have a peek at her. Just her. 

So that, my friends, is a smidgen of what's been diverting my attention lately. 

I have so many posts I've been meaning to write for ages but am struggling to focus. 

I have lots of ideas for this space as well. 

I just hope you can bear with me whilst I search for my equilibrium. Can you hang in there with me for a little while longer until normal transmission resumes? I'd be most obliged!
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