Monday, 2 April 2012

An a-resting sight!

Hello, you gorgeous Planetarians, all 481 of you! It's a gloriously sunny morning in autumnal Hobart and I'm feeling relatively pain-free in my right hand, thanks to my new best friend, *Sabrina the Splint*. Hence the post title - I can never resist a good pun! What a difference I've felt between this post on Thursday and today - quite extraordinary. It doesn't mean I don't need the surgery but at least the wait until I have it might be a little more bearable now.

This is what my hand looks like now.
Meet Sabrina the splint!
Hmm, firm and functional in regulation black. Note the supportive gel wrist rest underneath.

But just because a girl has to wear a splint doesn't mean she can't do it with √©lan! Here's the gorgeous ring darling Bron gave me for my last birthday - remember that?
It makes me smile whenever I see it, Bron - thanks!
So much to tell you but it's time to get lunch for India and Sam on the table. Will be back soon with some little things I've made, Sabrina notwithstanding!
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