Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Psst! Want to know more about me? I took the A-Z challenge

Thanks, Felicity, for helping me with this!
Hello Lovelies! My goodness, it feels like eons since I last posted. Thanks so much for your supportive comments. There's been so much *life going on off the blog* that I haven't even replied to your comments on my recent posts. That's on tomorrow's list! I've had the odd moment for reflection that I crave so badly but need more. I'll fill you in as soon as I can on recent developments and future plans - promise!

So, now for a complete change of pace. I saw this fun idea over at Kellie's blog the other day and thought I'd join in so you can find out a bit more about me. I haven't done one of these for a while! Anyway, let's see what's new to you about me. Here goes!

A // Age: 41

B // Bed size: Queen. I'm looking forward to updating our tired old linen someday soon - what threadcount should I be looking for? I am clueless!

C // Chore that you hate: Trying to clean the black gunk that builds up in our bathroom sinkhole (all tips welcome. I've tried Drano but no luck. Bicarbonate soda, maybe?)
He's a heart-melter, isn't he? Source

D // Dogs: None. Mr PB wants one. A golden retriever, to be precise. I tell him that I curently have 4 pets to look after (think about it, people!) and couldn't cope with another. He's downgraded his wishlist to some chickens and has half built a chicken coop. I'm still standing firm. In the face of all family opposition. How much longer can I resist those beseeching pixie faces?

E // Essential start to your day: Having a shower with the door locked so I get 5 minutes of uninterrupted peace - when I hear squabbling, I just call out "I can't hear you. I'm having a shower". Maybe 20 times in my 5 minutes but hey, it's all relative!  

F // Favourite colour: Blue and green (it's a tie and there are umpteen shades of each which make me swoon)

G // Gold or Silver: Tricky. I like both. My rings are all gold but I love silver bangles, bracelets and necklaces. Necklaces - oh, don't get me started on my collection!

H // Height: 155 cm (or 5'1" on the old scale with that extra inch being extremely important!)

I // Instruments you play: Piano, flute and recorder (all back in my school days)

J // Job title: Hmm, another tricky one. Maybe I should try out 'CEO of Planet Baby' for size!
My gorgeous trio
K // Kids: The 3 pixies - Joshua (6), India (4) and Sam (2½) 

L // Live: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

M // Mother’s name: I'll maintain her incognito cover.

N // Nicknames: Janey (only to a select few). Fortunately I'm past the school-yardish taunts of Jane-the-pain, plain-Jane, Me Tarzan - you Jane! etc.

O // Overnight hospital stays: Hmm, I think I'm up to about 10. That includes the 3 months Sam and I spent in Hobart's Mother Baby Unit.

P // Pet peeve: Bad spelling and mispronunciations. I can't split them. Yep, I'm a grammar pedant!
A stunning shot of the Eiffel Tower
Q // Quote from a film: "We'll always have Paris." (Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca)

R // Right or left handed: Right

S // Siblings: Two. I'm the eldest, followed by my sister (3 years younger) and my brother (7 years younger).

T // Time you wake up: Around 7 am. I need to be woken by having the curtains drawn open.

U // Underwear: The salad days of when Mr PB and I were DINKs in Sydney and splashing out on French lingerie are well behind me. Nowadays, I'm happy with all things blue (quelle surprise!). Sadly, they're no longer French.

V // Vegetable you hate: Brussels sprouts. When you've grown up in the 1970s with overcooked ones and *that* smell (wave your hand if you know what I mean!), you just can't eat the things. I'm sure they're perfectly deliciously when cooked properly but I just can't go there!

W // What makes you run late: The pixies. Without fail. I could lay everything out the night before and be up hours beforehand and we'd still only make it to school in the nick of time. Truly.

X // X-Rays you’ve had: Numerous. You wouldn't believe the tales I could tell about all the challenges my little body has stared down in my 41 years.
My scrummy pavlova with fresh raspberries
Y // Yummy food that you make: My no-fail pavlova recipe. It's here. Do give it a go and let us all know how it worked out!

Z // Zoo animal: Hmm, I'm always captivated by the elephants, especially the baby ones at Sydney's Taronga Zoo.

So do tell, have you learnt anything new about me here? Anything that makes you giggle or shake your head? Do share and feel free to post your own version so we can all find out more about us trusty Planetarians!
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