Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Miss India starts Kindy

Well today, lovely Planetarians, was an auspicious occasion on Planet Baby. It was a day which had been keenly awaited by Miss India for months, then weeks, then days and finally sleeps. And then this morning, it finally arrived - let's-start-Kindy-day! She was the first dressed, in her freshly ironed tunic and now-worn-in-after-a-week-of-wearing-nothing-else black Mary Janes. Her hat was firmly ensconced on her head from 7.30 am. Her backpack was filled with her lunch-box, drink bottle, pink (of course!) smock, library bag (the one lovely Val sent me for winning her giveaway) and spare change of clothes (all with name-tags sewed in by A Certain Mother at 11 pm last night!). Most importantly, her best friend, Tommy Dog, was packed into a little box as her guardian. She rustled up all the boys and their paraphernalia, supervising their teeth-cleaning. She was a girl on a mission!
And then The Photographer (er, moi!) was called in to mark this momentous occasion. Here's one of the pixies on the back deck with backpacks in place and broad brimmed hats on to ward off the summer sun. They loved feeling like a team, about to start the new school and daycare year. The sun was a bit glary, though.

Then we adjourned to the front door where the light was better. Here's a gorgeous little sequence of them, proudly posing.
Let's start with my Big Girl, clutching Tommy, with hat on. Doesn't the joy just radiate from her? *Sigh*.
Then with hat off, to show her navy ribbon and side part. Goodness, that transported me back many years!
Joshie then stepped up, the old pro. He'd already led the way with his Kinder photo here and Prep photo here. He knew the drill. 
But more importantly, he wanted to have his two emerging front teeth recorded for posterity. So here they are, right down the bottom!
And then Sammy took his turn, after waiting ever so patiently for the big ones to finish. He was proud as punch. Goodness, he wasn't even holding his favourite friend, Spot - he was firmly stowed away in his backpack.
Here's a close-up of my Little Man, wearing his 'S' for Sam top.

Photo shoot over and the school bell beckoning, Mr PB then had the very unusual task of assisting me in loading up the Chariot and doing The Drop-Off. The chattering was non-stop all the way there.

We dropped off Joshie first as he was the old hand. After a few details were ironed out like where his locker was and where he had to put his hat, he found his mates and sat down, cross-legged on the floor, ready to start a-learning. His eyes were bright as could be. After some swift hugs and kisses, we left him to start his year.
Kindy was the next stop. As I'd been to the Parents' Evening last night, I knew the drill. We found India's locker, stowed away her bag and Tommy and then found her girlfriends who'd followed her over from their daycare. She was instantly at ease with them which made my heart swell. We then fetched her name which had been laminated and she traced over it in texta, keeping perfectly between the lines, to my amazement. She proudly stuck it on the wall and then, after a quick chat with her teacher, ventured over with her girlfriends to start on of her favourite crafty things ever - painting! 
We pulled on her pink smock and she was away, already writing her name on her painting before even being asked to by the teacher! Another heart-swelling moment for A Certain Mother ☺.

And then I realised I had to stop snapping photos, kiss and cuddle her and let her go to make her own way. There weren't any tears from either of us. She was ready for it. And I knew that. With a wave, she was then immersed in her painting and we left her to it.

That left Sam alone with Mr PB and me - an almost unheard of situation. And he relished it, holding both our hands and beaming away. It was a delight just to solely focus on him for once. Upon arrival at daycare, however, we soon found that his treasured carer, "Sawy" (Sally), no longer worked there. And he was moving to the next room. Mr PB and I had sharp intakes of breath. How would he cope?
We headed out to the slide and he was away, in his absolute element! We couldn't believe it - we actually had 3 happy little pixies. And all at the same time! Kisses and cuddles over, we fairly skipped out of the place. Slowly, just ever so slowly, I can now peek over the deep trenches of motherhood ☺. And my babies are doing just fine!
And here's My Big Girl at the end of her first day of school - luminous.
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