Wednesday, 22 February 2012

'Grace under pressure': the follow-up

Oh Lordy! Thankyou so much for your extraordinary outpouring of support after my last post. Life has since been so frantic here on Planet Baby that I haven't had time to respond to your amazing comments. Please know that I have read, and appreciated, every single one. As I said there, posting about such unpleasantness was something I hadn't done before. It required an enormous leap of faith for me, especially at a time when I am feeling so vulnerable given the uncertainty surrounding us. But I'm glad I did. It may cause fall-out - we'll see. If it does, then I'll plant my foot forcefully down the wicket and hit that ball out of the park (my fellow cricket tragics will *get* that reference!). Seriously. I need to, for my sense of self-worth and dignity.

A clarification

Just to clarify again, the conduct which has distressed me has not involved bloggers. It's come from sources a lot closer to home. I'll leave it at that. No name, no pack-drill (how I love that phrase! It was one I used often as a lawyer). I'd be grateful if we could just leave this unattractive topic alone, if you don't mind. Okay?

There is one element of that post, however, that I'd like to elaborate on.

Grace under pressure: what does that mean to me?
In my last post, I mentioned that 'grace under pressure' is my new motto. For those pondering what that actually means to me, here's the low-down.

I would like to:
  • not snap at Mr PB so readily. We've both been doing it to each other a lot lately. I guess it's not unexpected behaviour, given what we're dealing with. But it's plain unpleasant, completely against my nature and only makes a tense time worse. A lose-lose scenario all around. We need to stick together right now, of all times;
  • not get so caught up in all the pettiness of everyday life and respond to the poor behaviour of others in such a hair-trigger fashion. That is *so* not me. I need to build a huge, protective bubble or moat around our little family and let life's slings and arrows sail right past us; and 
  • remind myself that I have no power over people's thoughts and perceptions of me. I only have control over my own. I know that. I believe that. But it's so easy to forget when you're stressed to the max.
So that is my challenge to myself right now. One of the many ☺.

Please bear with me whilst we get through this period of instability and uncertainty. I am finding less time to blog which it frustrating me no end. I have to let that go. Life first and blogging second, right? It's something I've said to so many of you before. Now I need to take my own advice!

So whilst I'm champing at the bit to show you how *my room of my own* is coming along and such other pleasantness, for the moment I just have to bunker down and attend to life's necessities for a while. I hope you understand. 

But I'd better leave you with a photo of one corner of my room. Just as a taster, all right?
Oh okay, and a little close-up as well (and yes, that is my reflection, ahem). Sorry to be a tease!
So, time to wrap this up and return to my reality of number-crunching our budget with Mr PB. The joys. Wish us luck!
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