Thursday, 15 December 2011

Taking time out for a little pampering and smelling the roses

Hello, you gorgeous Planetarians, all 450 of you! Now I've really been taking on board all your many and varied kind and thoughtful suggestions as to how to lift my mood and look after myself better. Slowing down, *just being*, *going gently* and completely stopping seem to be the consistent themes. I must admit the latter is complete anathema to me but I'll give it a go (once I have Miss India's 4th birthday party on Sunday out of the way). Well today, I let myself be pampered. I spent a blissful few hours at my hairdressers', Jagama, and let Jason work his wonders on me. I revelled in the foot and scalp massages and luxuriated in the Aveda treatments. Reading the latest Vogue magazine helped transport me far beyond Planet Baby. I arrived with a helmet of hair resembling a mop and left with a sleeker do, feeling alive, energised and relaxed!

I was so delighted at the result that I asked Mr PB to take some rare photos of me. Completely on my own! That's probably the first time in a year ☺. Feeling inspired, I asked that we take some snaps in our front cottage garden. Every day, it reveals new delights to us which really bring me joy. We have so much more to do there but we're enjoying seeing the garden slowly reveal itself in all its glory. So here are some snaps of me this afternoon out in our front garden!
Please leap in and identify any roses you recognise - I'm all ears!
Here are some of gorgeous Sarah's foxgloves, thriving beautifully. They are held up by my darling Dad's white-tip-painted surveyor stakes - they keep them out of Sam's way when he's walking along the path, keep them upright and remind me of Dad, all at the same time. 
Now, please tell me what these are - a different type of foxglove, maybe? I'm intrigued.
Now this shot of our first agapanthus is for you, Georgie - it's a far cry from your planting of 250 of them but I still may just pop this one under my own glass cloche to match yours - what do you think?!

Mr PB then repaired inside, it being witching hour and all. I lingered a little longer to photograph some of our garden, a rare treat without the pixies hanging off me. Here are some of the beauties we have planted - I dip my lid to Mr PB for his imagination as they are flowering beautifully.
Here's a view from the other side, facing towards our wreath-bedecked front door.
It's a cheery scene, don't you think? Mind you, there's plenty of the evil twitch lurking there to keep me occupied each day ☺.

Just to finish, here are some close-ups of the flowers which make my heart sing with their beauty and perfume. This is one of the roses I pruned back to its stump, so huge were its thorns and so great was my concern that Sam would stumble onto it and impale himself and/or lose an eye. This fellow had other ideas!
Here's a close-up of one of Sarah's fabulous foxgloves.
And as the sun was fading, I then ventured indoors to face witching hour, relieved at least that a bottle of Pike's riesling was chilling in the fridge! So there you have it, my friends, a little effort at calming down, enjoying myself and taking time to smell the roses. I only wish we had the internet equivalent of smellovision!

I'm eagerly awaiting your advice on what is growing in our garden - remember I'm only a novice green thumb so any suggestions will be gladly received!


  1. Sounds like the perfect day! Love your new "do" and your garden looks stunning :)

  2. I know nothing about your garden's delights.
    I do know that it looks absolutely lovely and that you look even lovelier though.
    Your hair is fabulous and it's great to see you.

  3. Look at you! Just gorgeous Jane. Beautiful. Your garden is so pretty too, kudos to Mr PB and yourself. Sorry I can't help with the name of that red one, I'm curious too. :-)

    Mel xx

  4. No, I'm no help with the flowers either I'm afraid. The colours and variety look stunning Jane and how wonderful it must be to know that you are creating a gorgeous garden with your family.
    Oh yes, nice hair too!

  5. Oh Jane, just every kind of gorgeousness here! So great to see your beautiful face and your hair!! Whoa Mama, you look smashing :o)
    Your garden is breathtaking, where oh where do I begin?? The colour, the variety, the LOVE that must have gone into developing those beauties. This entire post just spells 'flourishing' to me. And I'm so glad I read this one last post before my bedtime, because it made me very happy indeed.
    Keep smelling those roses my friend, you simply can't go wrong xo

  6. Oh my goodness! The flowers and house are just so cheerful and soul-listing! What a delight to live amongst :) Definitely worth all the work you put in. And you are looking wonderful - sounds and looks like your pampering is paying off!

  7. those fox gloves are lovely!! Im glad to see you are taking things easier. I hope the book arrives soon!

  8. Your hair looks fabulous Jane! And your garden is quite amazing, such a beautiful cottage garden. I hope you're feeling better after your pampering. If I can offer a suggestion, more sleep! I think you've mentioned a few times that you need to go to bed earlier. I know I end up 'on the edge' if I'm sleep deprived! Have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  9. Your garden and your 'do' look gorgeous! I'm off to haircutters today myself;)
    Take care lovely.

  10. That's great that you got some time for yourself. I bet those beautiful Aveda fragrances were divine to smell. Your do looks great :)
    I'm glad the foxgloves are doing well. If you let them go to seed you'll have tones of them next year. That red flower on the stem looks like a penstemon. Very pretty!

  11. The flowers are stunning - you look and sound amazing - and Pike's Riesling is one of the best so I trust the wine was as gorgeous as everything else! Long may the rejuvenation, reconnection and revival last!

    Deb @ home life simplified

  12. Oh you gorgeous lady:) That pampering looks like it has lifted your spirits, I'm so glad you've had time to relax and had time to yourself. Your garden is looking very pretty and happy indeed. Those roses are gorgeous. xx

  13. Your garden is looking lovely, as is your hair. I had mine done yesterday and well... in a few weeks it might look alright. Wishing you a cheery day and I hope you get many hair flicks and tosses in. :) Deb

  14. Jane you are looking gorgeous..that pampering session looks like it lifted your spirits :)
    And how breathtaking is your garden, absolutely beautiful.

  15. Jane, you look fantastic! Very relaxed! Your garden is absolutely beautiful! X

  16. It's shared thing to do 'relax'. Easier said than done I feel! Ironically I am reading your post at the hairdressers on my phone. Only time I get is 'forced me-time'. Always love it! I went away last weekend sans kids and my husband had to force me to slow down! I still thought I could write Christmas cards, do some Christmas shopping and actually get stuff done as the kids were not there to hinder. He booked an hour at a day spa and dinner and lunch out and I am so glad that he made me take the time out to accomplish nothing but relaxation. Good for the soul and actually necessary for mad people like u and I!! Just wish I was better at it myself than being forced by others!

  17. Looking fab Jane.
    I got my hair done yesterday too, while Ruby slept, Harrison was at a friends and kids were at school. (my hairdresser comes to me, which is a treat in itself. No pampering with mags and the like though, but relaxing with no children to interrupt is pretty darn nice.)
    Love your gorgeous garden.
    If your red rose has a divine smell, it could be a Mr Lincoln. I have two of those and love them.
    I love the foxgloves and must plant some.
    Do you put them in as plants or seeds?
    I think the second one you think is a foxglove (in red) could be something else, as it looks like a plant I have, but unsure of name?
    I am so not taking my own advice to get to bed earlier and suffering for it, so I am glad you are.
    Hope the party goes well and that you can ease back a bit more in the countdown to Christmas day!

  18. You look great! So corny popping up through the roses like that, Jane. I almost expected a little robin to come and perch on your nose.

    I have NOTHING to suggest for growing. Your garden looks amazing just the way it is to me!! x

  19. What a lovely cottage garden you have. We've just moved house and I had to leave my lovely cottage garden behind - however I'm looking forward to making a new one in our lovely new house!
    The red flowers are a penstemon. You can get them in many other shades including pink, white, purple, etc. The rose might be a Mr Lincoln or a Papa Meilland (which both have very strong perfume). Otherwise, you might be able to match up your rose on
    Some other (easy) flowers for your cottage garden next year could be cosmos, salvias, lavender, liliums (bulbs), gladiolas (bulbs/corms), dahlias, (tubers), catmint, verbena bonariensis, hollyhocks, Queen Anne's Lace! Look out Jane - gardening is not only relaxing, it is very addictive!
    PS. As an obsessive local (West Hobart) gardener, I am happy to give you any gardening advice! :)

  20. look at all that beauty and color and I bet it smells amazing out there. I would never be able to go in the house..haha! Barefoot mama

  21. Jane - how brave of you and how gorgeous you are. We need more snaps like this more often. You look divine and so does your garden. N x

  22. Hi Jane, you look gorgeous and so does your beautiful garden. Wishing you lots and lots of fun for Sunday.x

  23. GOSH your garden (and you) look so AMAZING:) Wish we had a sunny and flowery Xmas - would be so much fun (love the heat - born on the wrong continent ha ha)
    Happy weekend sweetheart,

  24. You look more beautiful than that gorgeous garden sweet friend...

    Melissa xxx

  25. The haircut looks great Jane. Sometimes the smallest things can make you feel so much better... I can my haircut today too and it's lifted my spirits and energy a lot. Good luck for the birthday party.

  26. Those roses are delicious!! Bless your open heart & welcoming happiness suggestions, a big hug to you, i'm extremely flat myself. We're missing valuable members of our lives at this year's Christmas table, it's tough, really tough. I really need a new year to start, desperately!! Here's to new beginnings, love Posie

  27. ooh Jane you look so refreshed & gorgeous in your beautiful garden I just love the roses foxgloves oh everything its simply blooming (pardon the pun hee hee) enjoy the magical place you have.

    Mine is a pile of dirt that needs me to get planting especially after looking at yours after christmas now I feel I will just close my eyes & imagine your gorgeous roses stunning!! :)

  28. Oh I love your 'do'...your garden is positively glorious (my kingdom for a garden) and as I have said before, even to Mr PB, "he's a keeper'. A-M xx

  29. hair and garden both look divine :) le xox

  30. Yippeeee for pampering! I'm so pleased that you had some glorious 'you' time and a great haircut is always such a boost for the spirit - you look fab-u-lous!

    Loving all the treasures in your garden and how wonderful to be able to have your Dad's stakes to support your new garden - truly special.

    This was a really happy-making post and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely lift it gave.

  31. Oh my! I am blown away by your responses to this little post. I'm thrilled you enjoyed our flowers as much as I do. And thanks for the kind words about my hair - I feel like a new woman ☺.

    @Rachael Thanks - yes, getting to bed earlier is still very much a WOP for me!

    @Sarah I knew you'd name that penstemon for us - I can always rely on you so thanks!

    @Kat Sarah (above) gave them to us as tiny plants.

    @Bron Yes, corny is a good adjective for me, as is cheesy!

    @Danielle Wow - how fantastic to have a local offering me fabulous gardening advice. Thankyou. The tips are excellent.

    @Jennie I'm so pleased these flowers provided you with a tiny lift, Sweets. Thinking of you.

    @A-M Yep, I second that!

    And @Felicity Thanks, Gorgeous. So fab to have you back in Blogland again and I'm pleased it lifted your spirits. J x

  32. Jane, you look positively gorgeous in these photos. My favourite is the first photo, you look so content. I too find a visit to the hairdresser relaxing and rejuvenating. Being child free for those few hours while flicking through a mag and enjoying a cuppa are bliss.

    Your garden is so lovely Jane, I only wish I could wander through it in person :) Everything looks so chirpy and bright, especially those foxgloves!! Thanks for sharing some of your lovely yard with us all xx

  33. Thanks, Gorgeous. I adore my hairdresser! And as for our garden, you know you're welcome here anytime ☺. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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