Monday, 12 December 2011

Enjoying some recent random loveliness on Planet Baby

Oh my! I have been blown away by the recent flurry of your concerned comments and emails about my health, given all life's recent stresses. Thankyou - you have no idea what balm you are providing to me. You're such a perceptive bunch. Life has seemed like a runaway train lately with me just clinging on to a back window for dear life as it thunders ahead at full steam. 
Or maybe this is actually closer to the truth - here I am, running behind the train!

I am heeding your suggestions to slow down, pare things back, not place myself under high expectations and *just be*. Mind you, once Mr PB's monthly pay arrives on Thursday, life will be a lot easier ☺.

I thought I'd share just a few recent moments of life on Planet Baby which have made me smile. That way I can end on an 'up note' before I head off to slumber!
Here are some heavenly roses from our garden, sitting on my desk. We have many iceberg roses here but I love the fragrance of the pink and mauve old-fashioned ones. I am looking forward to finding out what they're all called. Sarah is passing on lots of her green thumb knowledge to me, thankfully! I have so much to learn ☺.

Here's one of Miss India's 4th birthday presents I made. It makes me smile. All in her favourite colours, of course!
Here's something I found on the boys' bedroom floor. All crafted by Joshie, just to amuse himself, with no input from anyone. It was photographed by him, too - furtively! Yep, he's still a dinosaur fan ☺.
And to finish, here are some of the succulent raspberries we are picking from our patch. Daily. I wish I could hand you some - they are delectable!
Now, in keeping with my new regime of shorter posts and earlier bedtimes, I must away. Tell us if you've enjoyed any of these photos - the last one reminds me that it's about time I made another pavlova!


  1. So nice to hear you ARE going to slow down. Off to be d with you!!
    Ness xx
    Marley & lockyer

  2. Beautiful pictures Jane, your roses are gorgeous. Have a fabulous Tuesday.x

  3. Lovely photos, all of them! I love your roses and am more than a little jealous of your raspberries :) When I can find them here, a small punnet costs about $15-ish... Glad you are slowing down. Keep being gentle!

  4. Nice to hear you are going to slow things down a little!

    I have passed on a blog award annnnd well didnt take much notice that it is supposed to go a blog with under 200 followers...I just really enjoy your blog, hope you dont mind :-)


  5. Love the crafting and the dinosaur! Take it easy!!

  6. That dinosaur is the best! Glad to hear you are looking after yourself. :)

    Keep enjoying those raspberries - I'm enjoying ours each morning. Yum! They remind me of summer holidays in Tasmania.

  7. LOVE this post Jane. Each one of those pics made me smile, so thank you for that :o)
    Your roses are spectacular! A beautiful accomplishment too, being grown in your very own garden... as are those tremendous raspberries, WOWee!
    The 'love' sign is just precious, what a gorgeous Mama you are :o)
    And the marble dinosaur is so very creative, it's wonderful that you took the time to capture it... Joshie will be grateful for that one day xo

  8. All gorgeous 'ups' to reflect on.

    Hey beautiful Jane - let that train go.
    There'll be another one along in no time.

  9. Have only just caught up on your news. Such beautiful blooms! So I hope you are still going gently, dear Jane. You've faced many stresses this year while coping with loss and grief. It's no wonder you are feeling overwhelmed at this end of the year. I know you love your cricket so hopefully you get some January chill out time, drink in hand. And always remember that the blogs can wait x

  10. liking your short but (very) sweet post - and glad you are (trying to) take it easier!
    Sending your a large bossomed hug
    fee x

  11. Those roses are gorgeous Jane. I can't tell what the mauve one is but it looks so pretty.
    I was wondering about your raspberries as mine are fruiting like mad. I must get out there and pick more.
    Take it easy buddy and all will be well.
    Talk soon x

  12. NOTHING better than fresh roses from your own garden. I adore them too - yours look amazing Jane x

  13. a nice simple post Jane. always love seeing roses and the way you did Indias love sign is truly beautiful. that train is long gone, so let it go and wait for the next one. Hugs, Jane x

  14. Hi Jane, beautiful photos and a beautiful post. Your roses are stunning. I look forward to moving back into our home next year so I can try and grow iceberg roses. Hugs to you. Mimi xx

  15. Short post, so I`ll keep my comment short too :)
    Such a happy post, I love the love sign. All these colours makes me long for summertime. Oooo here I am starting to write a long comment ack! Cute post, ok bye!

  16. I loved reading this Jane....lovely photos.

    Am thinking of you, sending you calming thoughts...and wishing we could sit together,chat and drink tea all afternoon!!

    Am just heading off for a long bath with a face mask and a very large mug of tea. Thankfully the children are asleep so there's no chance of them knocking on the bathroom door which is usually what happens the second I go for a "relaxing" bath!!

    Seems funny that you are thinking about pavlovas....over here it's sponge pudding & custard weather....the wind is howling a gale outside :)

    Take care lovely girl XXXX

  17. Mmmmm, fresh raspberries!! Lovely photos, too. My advice to everyone recently is to just let some things go, we can't do everything for everyone, sometimes it is ok to be a little bit selfish & just take care of you, keep it simple. It's working for me, though I think I'm getting a little bit too relaxed & forgetting all about some key xmas shopping & important school/kinder events!!...

  18. Do you know I have never in my life tasted a fresh raspberry, it is too hot to grow them up here and when we do see them in the shops they are usually $5 or more for a tiny little punnet about 200g so I have never been able to afford to buy them, it is much cheaper to buy a 1kg bag of frozen ones for $9 to use in smoothies or cooking.
    Enjoy your from the garden while they are growing!

  19. Glad you are taking care of you!! I love your flowers - beautiful!

    Deb @ home life simplified

  20. Those roses are from your lovely! this is a hard time to slow down and just be but I am so glad you are trying:) The LOVE sign you made is precious! Such a talented lady, you are! ~ B

  21. Hi Jane, sorry I haven't commented for a while.

    You seem to be taking those wonderful small baby steps to proper bloggy rehab this time. It's one thing saying it and another actually doing it - well done you.

    I was out in the city this morning and saw something that made me think of you, I'll pop it in the post tomorrow. I think it will be perfect for your room of your own.
    Take care,

  22. Love the sign Jane :)) Hope you are getting to start slowing down!!! Flowers lovely its so hot here they are not lasting long :(
    Just brought my daughter a raspberry plant looking a little tired already to hot up here will keep trying though :))

  23. Mmmmmm..raspberries..lucky you to have fresh ones just out of the garden! One of the joys of living in a cool climate. I am glad you've got the jist of all those messages..I hope the practicality of doing isn't beyond reality. Children make some kinds of slowing down impossible without support but the self inflicted kinds of pressure should be the first to be relinquished..what do you think?

  24. Jane I love all your photos but the last, the raspberries, made me homesick for Hobart! We had a small corner of the garden devoted to canes and I would just go out pick the ripest and we would eat them straight away! Far too hot here to grow them.
    I am sorry I have been away so long and it sounds as though you are not terrific, I will go back and catch up but wishing you all the best anyway and a very Happy Christmas xx Julienne

  25. beautiful. wishing you happy and calm days

  26. Oh my! I am staggered at all your varied and thoughtful responses to what I considered to be a short and very average post ☺. Hmm, maybe shorter posts may be the way to go from now on...

    Thankyou for all your lovely thoughts - I really wish I could reach out through the screen and hand you some sun-warmed raspberries right now!

    I really appreciate your concerns about my health and am trying hard to slow down. Exhale, Jane...J x

  27. What a fabulous, snappy, sensorily delightful post.

    Fragrant roses are an alltime favourite of mine, but alas I haven't established a rose garden in this home but perhaps I'll have one in the next.
    There's one llast glorious peony sitting in a vase beside my bed which I nursed all the way home from Sydney [I was a bit like Gretel leaving a trail of dark pink petals through lobbies and airports all the way to the Sunshine Coast] and am treasuring every last moment of its blooming as it's too hot to grow them here.

    Lucky you to be able to harvest your own raspberries - scrummmmmy!

    Happy day Lovely!

  28. How wonderful to have you back here, Felicity! Peonies are on my wishlist for planting here. I love that mental image of trailing your petals! J x

  29. All lovely little snippets Jane. How glorious it must be to have freshly picked raspberries at your fingertips!!

  30. They are so delectable, Amanda - I wish I could hand you some through the screen! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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