Sunday, 18 September 2011

Spring is springing!

Oh, these daffies on my desk make my heart sing
Oh my! Today was simply glorious spring weather in Hobart – just the tonic I needed to lift my spirits after recent events. It prompted us to head outdoors and spend the day pottering around in the garden. Well, actually, Mr PB did more than ‘potter’ – he spent two hours moving all the mulch from The Great Garden Chop into a huge pile in the corner of the garden, just waiting to be used. I fear he’ll be stiff and sore tomorrow, the poor fellow! Why don’t you come awandering with me around our garden? It’s changed a bit since the last time we did.

Out in the front garden, we have some pretty little freesias with their sweet scent. Miss India is enthralled.
The lavender is thriving, adding a pretty hue to our front path.
Here’s a jaunty daffodil, standing guard at the front gate.
The weeping cherry outside India’s room is looking a picture. The pixies provide a daily report on its flowering activities.
Here it is from the other side, surrounded by a (partial) circle of box hedge. We’ve added some new plants into the missing parts. The garden is looking rather sparse after all my weeding and pruning. Mr PB and I are looking forward to planning how we’d like it to look.
Here is the result of yet more of my ivy pruning  - and I’m not finished yet! See that trunk protruding in the middle? That’s my next target . You should have seen me on my enormous ladder, snipping away. Mr PB wouldn’t come near it – the last time he cut it, he ended up having to take 3 days off work as his eyes all puffed up and he broke out in a rash. So, just to be sure, I wore a mask and gloves. No photo, though – a most unattractive look.
Thankfully, we should be able to hold off replacing this section of fence for a while longer now I’ve given it such a *haircut*. Oh and yes, for the eagle-eyed, that is a cat flap at the back, complete with stepping stones, left by the previous owners. It’s a source of endless fascination for the pixies!

Out the back, the forget-me-nots are growing like topsy.
We’re really intrigued to discover what this is. A prunus or an apricot tree? No idea. At least it’s in blossom, in spite of my very *enthusiastic* pruning efforts (will you just look at that top cut?!).
And we’re all waiting (not so) patiently for our *heavily-pruned-by-me*roses to bloom. At least they’re blossoming now…
So there you have it – some of our work-in-progress. Mr PB has been busily planting vegetables out the back and today our first iris bloomed. Yes, all up, it’s helping lift my mood. Is anyone else feeling this upswing like me? Apologies to the northern hemispherers ☺. Oh, and any tips for me, the novice green thumb, will be greeted eagerly!


  1. Oh Jane, so many lovelies to behold in this post... in this garden! Firstly, I am in love with your daffies in that stunning vase, perfection! I can smell the freesias and lavender from here, how I love that mixture of Spring scent in the garden. Forget-me-nots take me way back, they were all over my parent's garden when I was little. From memory, they have sticky little buds that cling to every piece of clothing they can find!? But so pretty to look at all the same.
    I guess it's not called poison ivy for a joke, geez, what a horrible experience for Mr PB. Good thing you went the safer option Jane.
    What a delightful tour, thanks for taking us on it Jane :o) xo

  2. You're just going into autumn and you into I guess we are both happy :) And there is something so joyful about daffodils isn't there.

    I hope you are doing okay is your mother? Thinking of you as always xx

  3. Your energy and enthusiasm sparkle through this post Jane and I can imagine that being in the fresh spring air with all of its glorious fragrances would be a fabulous tonic for mind, body and soul.

    Happiest of happy days Lovely,
    xx Felicity

  4. Amazing spring pics - and yes Jane it feel like a breath of fresh air when spring arrives - I feel the same when I visit here :O) Have a great day,

  5. Try again, with my glasses on.... your garden is glorious Jane! Such happy colours. So pleased to hear the weather is beautiful down your way. We have had some stinking hot days up here. Hmmm, not looking forward to another Brisbane summer. As my family said yesterday, "what the hell are we all doing living in stinking hot Brisbane"???? A-M xx

  6. It's good for the soul isn't it? Getting stuck into the garden, good honest work with the best rewards at the end! Looks amazing Jane - well done!

  7. Jane, your garden looks beautiful, as are your photos. Pleased to hear the Spring weather is lifting your spirits, it's been a cold, hard Winter for you all.

  8. What a delightful post Jane. It must be really starting to feel like home. Those beautiful forget-me-nots are probably being so special for a good reason. Spring is springing here too! We're getting into it too. We even revamped 'chook headquarters' (the chook house)yesterday. they must like it, we still got our usual two eggs! have a happy sunshiny day. Jane x
    ps. thanks for being so lovely and sharing the link the Booko. what a handy site to have in my favourites bar.

  9. Your blog is gorgeous, but i have to be honest I'm in love with the pictures you shared even more!! Goodness gracious is it amazing!!! What a lovely blog you have!

    So nice to run across your blog! I just started up my blog and I'm enjoying getting to know people!!

  10. Wasn't it a beautiful weekend? Especially yesterday. I did some weeding in the garden. Yours is looking great and you know I'm more than happy to give advice. What's going in the vege patch? I'm getting mine prepared for a few things.
    Catch up soon? Xx

  11. Dear Jane

    Such glorious photos and words to start our week off.

    You and Mr PB have donw all the hard work with your garden. This will pay off. I can only recommend 2 things. I have found testing the ph of the soil so useful. it guides you in planting and lets you know if more gypsum etc is needed. the next advice is just compost, mulch, compost, mulch, compost, mulch.

    Much love and friendship to you


  12. There really is something very therapuetic about a bit of sunshine - good for the soul. I find gardening pretty therapuetic too - even when you don't know what you are doing, like me, it's fun to try and to watch things grow.

  13. It's all looking glorious Jane - I LOVE forget-me-knots!! Your garden is really starting to take shape and I will look forward to seeing more photos of it as time goes on x

  14. Don't apologize to us for the opposing seasons! I love seeing blogs from the other side of the world. If it stresses us, we should only read northern hemisphere blogs,which would be such a loss!
    Your spring flowers look delightful...but I'm enjoying harvesting the last of the veg, and digging over/adding compost to the patch ready for the coming cold weather to do it's magic and make it ready for March or April's work.
    We have the joy of crunchy beech mast and leaves to kick, and the shining beauty of conkers - and already the nights are beginning to draw in. I love closing the curtains and being snug indoors, though it will be even better soon when we put the heating on. Can you tell I'm a winter born person?

  15. Hi Jane, so lovely to have a tour through your beautiful garden and to find out a little more about you! The sun was shining in Melbourne too, it does wonders for the soul..! So glad your spirits were lifted a little. Loving getting to know you x

  16. It looks lovely. Spring is such a lovely time to discover hidden garden treasures.

  17. Hi Jane and thank you for visiting me today! x

    I too am an Australian - well, at least a 'Swed-ralian'. I am Swedish by birth and Australian by choice, and we recently moved from Sydney to my native Sweden.

    Though I love love love the Australian climate, I have missed my beloved Swedish seasons over the 23 years I have lived abroad (of which 12 were in Sydney). Autumn here is divine with so much to cherish and enjoy!

    Your garden looks amazing. So much love and care has gone into it. Wonderful!

    Enjoy the sunshine and have a lovely rest of the week.

    x Charlotta
    Space for Inspiration

  18. Your garden is looking so pretty and happy Jane, spring has sprung in your garden. It sounds like Mr PB has been busy planting up a storm, home grown vegies are so yummy and fun to do too. Enjoy your gardening. xo

  19. It must be so much fun discovering what is in your garden as all the new spring treasures emerge Jane. I remember this thrill when we first moved to our house. Can't wait to see what roses you have inherited! Don't you just love spring! xx

  20. The first year
    in a new home is
    such an adventure
    as you see life in
    the garden unfold
    before your eyes.
    You are off to a
    very beautiful start!
    Thanks for breathing
    a bit of spring into
    my hemisphere : )
    xx Suzanne

  21. Your garden is going to be fabulous (in fact it already kinda is, but you know what I mean). We have a cherry blossumy thingy in our front garden and it guards the seasons for us too. x

  22. Yay for spring Jane, your garden looks lovely.x

  23. Oh my, Spring... and your first Iris... it is just turning Autumn here. I am so sad Summer is over; I blossom by light and sun (nomen est omen, right?). Now days are shortening and it is getting colder, I am boxing the kids' summer clothes and wearing socks again. Do you know the poem Herbsttag by Rilke:

    Herr: es ist Zeit. Der Sommer war sehr groß.
    Leg deinen Schatten auf die Sonnenuhren,
    und auf den Fluren laß die Winde los.

    Befiel den letzten Früchten voll zu sein;
    gib ihnen noch zwei südlichere Tage,
    dränge sie zur Vollendung hin und jage
    die letzte Süße in den schweren Wein.

    Wer jetzt kein Haus hat, baut sich keines mehr.
    Wer jetzt allein ist, wird Es lange bleiben,
    wird wachen, lesen, lange Briefe schreiben
    und wird in den Alleen hin und her
    unruhig wandern, wenn die Blätter treiben.

    Isn't that how life is...
    Well, I am glad YOU are moving into warmer seasons, I think you need that now. And I am glad I can enjoy it a bit with you like this.
    x Iris

  24. Your garden is doing so well - you must have quite the green thumb! I love spring - it's so lovely to see the little blooms and sprouts. Thanks for such a happy post xo

  25. Oh wow Jane!

    After the day I had yesterday, this is incredibly inspiring to know that we are closer & closer to our finished product ... a beautiful garden!

    I love your stunning lavender & blossom tree!

  26. Jane, springtime in your garden is a sight to behold! It is beautiful!

    We're about to undertake a huge garden overhaul at our place. I know where to go for gardening tips :)


  27. Nice to see you back in action Jane. Nothing like spending time outside welcoming spring.

  28. Hi Jane..your daffodils captured my heart in the first photo. Unfortunately beauties that thrive in Tassie and Canberra, where I lived for many years, don't grow that well in Qld. I do miss spring in the cooler climes, thanks for the pics.

  29. Oh the weather we had in Hobart a few weeks ago (seems like a lifetime ago now) was splendid! The flowers are sensational! I love the blossoms xx

  30. Your garden is bursting with joy and happiness Jane, all that hard work you have put in has paid off and you are reaping the benefits of it. Looks stunning and I love the variety of flowers, love that you are getting your hands dirty and enjoying the fresh air outside. Still thinking of you my friend. n x

  31. It's cold and rainy here.. Good to see some spring pictures :) You've got a beautiful garden: it's so big!

  32. Oh, thanks for your enthusiasm at our gardening efforts, ladies! I think a lot of the credit has to go to the plants themselves for surviving The Big Prune ☺. It's so lovely to read your varied comments, especially from the northern hemisphere Planetarians. And Iris, I love that Rilke poem - I must dig out my copy from Uni days! J x

  33. Yay SPRING!!! Gourgeous blossoms! I am enjoying mine too! X

  34. Jane, your garden looks lovely. Lucky you that it's spring, we're facing fall and winter soon...
    I guess the last bloom on your pics is a magnolia.
    Tesca xx.

  35. Thanks, Tiff and Tesca. We actually do have a magnolia tree but it has been so badly pruned in the past that it's lopsided. We'll get an arborist to have a look at it to see if we can help coax its lovely blooms along. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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