Saturday, 25 June 2011

Some more glimpses into our new home

Just a quickie tonight for you gorgeous Planetarians. I have been so touched by your kind comments on my last post. I’m thrilled so many of you are enjoying seeing our new home. I’m not the boastful type but aged 40, I’m so delighted to *finally* have a place which truly feels like home. We’re still in the middle of The Great Unpack and life is so bittersweet at the moment with my darling Dad’s health deteriorating rapidly. But as he always says to me “Don’t worry about me. You have your own family to look after. Enjoy settling into your new home”. So here are a few shots I’ve snapped this week.

Here are my birdies, chirping sweetly in their new home. In the absence of a window ledge, they are currently perched on the kitchen bench until I find a better spot for them.
And here is Charlotte (the birdie I thought about painting here), waiting patiently for me to sort out my *room of my own*.
Here’s something else familiar to you.
And some more hearts to add to Tina’s. Yes, this one is from Aznew Interiors, similar to those which you saw here.
And another, inscribed with ‘Love’. Hmm, it was very tricky not catching myself in the reflection ☺.
We’re starting to get the playroom organised. Hmm, Quicksilver Sam soon rips these off the door!
The pixies are really enjoying having their own nook for creating, playing, drawing and reading.

Here’s our front door knocker. I’m smitten with it. Its knock is so resounding. Forget those new-fangled electric doorbells!
Here it is, in situ. See that ghastly (broken) plastic doorbell to the left? That’s going. The electrician agreed with me on that one!
And here’s a close-up of that gorgeous glass.
To think that I was considering ditching it only a few weeks ago! Hmm, something about not judging a book by its cover springs to mind…

And here’s one of today’s touches – a lovingly purchased fleur de lis doormat. Just perfect for old Francophile me!
And a close-up to round this off. *Sigh*. I really am loving putting my stamp on this place…
Don’t worry – there are plenty more photos to come!


  1. I say 'Boast!'

    Keep boasting until you get bored with it! That's what blogs are for!

    I, for one, am thrilled to read how much you love your home. I'm vicariously living my own home purchase and 'personal stamp' crusade through you.

    Love to your Dad.xo

  2. Your front door. The green. The glass. The brass knocker. All perfection! Not to mention the little touches you add hanging things to your doors. It's really a home filled with thought and love. Ahhhh home. Sweet. Home.

  3. I am just catching up on the move, looks like you are settling in well. I have made a cuppa and am about to hit the older post button.

  4. You look like you are having a great time feathering your new nest! Your beautiful treasures are looking right at home too! Even your doormat is goegeous! X

  5. Hi Jane. Happy home to you, enjoy every day of settling in and discovering which window the sun shines in at different times of day! I remember the exhaustion and excitement all at once, kind of like having a baby really!!! hugs to your dear Dad. Jane x

  6. Hi Jane..what georgeous little of my favourite birds..they just seem so humble and common that it makes them special! Isn't it funny how things grow on you unexpectedly..our back door is painted yellow and blue and I hated it when I first I find it quaint and I'm used to it. When I finally get around to painting it I think I will actually miss it..even though it doesn't go with anything!

  7. I love your door! So inviting - you can tell it's a real warm place inside. Also particuarly loved your drink station (from your last post) and the hints of blue in the kitchen (it says, come in, sit for a while, share in a hot chocolate and have a chat). The house looks lovely, like it has a story to tell.

  8. Oh la la, loving the door mat. Creating homes for a family is always a work in progress, you will always find a corner of the house to change, a season or party, children growing older, changing rooms & colour palates, it's just a wonderful decorating journey. Love Posie

  9. No wonder your smitten - what wonderful accessories for the new abode.
    Your style will certainly overflow now it is YOUR house - look forward to seeing more treasures Jane :)

  10. Jane I love seeing your new home and how excited and happy you are to have a place of your own, I look forward to seeing more lovely pictures:) I am sorry to hear your Dad's health isn't good, I hope you are able to spend lots of time with him. Take care sweet. xo

  11. So thrilled for you Jane - and how perfect is your front door? I love that elegant glass too. And your door knocker - love it.

  12. Oh, Carmel, you make me laugh! I'm so pleased you're enjoying sharing in my discoveries.

    Sonia, coming from you, that's a gorgeous compliment - thanks!

    Hi Deb Brilliant to hear from you. Yes, we're getting there. One box at a time...

    Ah Tiff, you are too kind. I wish I could zoom you down here on my magic carpet to show me how to sew! I have such an itch to learn now, especially when I see the gorgeous creations you have been whipping up lately.

    Jane, how delightful to hear from you - thanks for stopping by. Yes, it's a bit of a delirious mixture of emotions right now.

    You're right, Carol - I am trying to be more patient now and let the place settle into my bones. There's no need to rush around and change too much just yet ☺.

    Hi Teresa Thanks for stopping by! I love hearing from new Planetarians. I really appreciate your kind comments - it's fascinating to hear other people's perceptions of what the perfectionist in me is considering a huge, messy jigsaw puzzle to be solved ☺.

    Jennie, so fab to see you can comment again. You've had a tough time with that lately. Yes, it is only the start of a long journey and waiting for the house to reveal its secrets to us.

    Thanks, Lee - you'll have to visit when you're next down here.

    Catherine, you're such a dear - thanks so much for your compassion. I am really touched.

    And Sarah, looking forward to welcoming you in some time soon! J x

  13. I really enjoyed going through that little visit again!Have fun and take care Jane xx

  14. Jane its lovely to see how happy you guys are with your new home, please, keep the bragging coming, its fabulous.
    Im sending lots of good healthy thoughts your dads way, hope he has a bettere week
    Cheers xx

  15. Hi Jane, I have total house envy. It looks gorgeous! Hopefully we'll catch up one of these days and I'll get to have a little sticky beak :)

    Hope all ok and the kids are settling in well to new schools etc!

  16. Oh Jane! Loving your updates and WANTING your front door! It's gorgeous! Colour, glass, knocker... the works! I really love front doors, so these pics appealed to me greatly. Lovely to see your little birdies in a new home :o)
    So sorry to hear about your beautiful dad, sending you lots of positive vibes and strength xo

  17. Oh sweet, sweet home. I am so happy for you Jane! A-M xx

  18. Love this update Jane, so love that blue bird....heavenly my friend, heavenly! what absolute fun you are going to have putting all of your things together and designing and crafting - you are one busy bee and I love what you are creating for your cherubs. N x

  19. i feel your happiness Jane ! :)

  20. Thanks, everyone, for your warmth and good wishes. It is really lifting my spirits at the moment.

    Fozz, yes, when we are settled, we need to get ourselves organised!

    Why thanks, Julie. I had no idea anyone would be interested in our door ☺. Now Sam is obsessed with the knocker and has to be lifted up to use it every time.

    And yes, Naomi, I am finding it pleasurable. It's such a relief to have the opportunity after so many years of patient waiting! J x

  21. You are going to be so happy here, Jane (your birds certainly are!).

    You only think it's boasting because it's all just so lovely. You are really just charmingly showing us around your new digs! Love it! x

  22. Ah Bron. No wonder we're such good friends! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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