Monday, 20 June 2011

A sneak peek at the new Planet Baby headquarters!

Oh, sweet Planetarians, all 353 of you! How I have missed you. My first blogcation since I started blogging 11 months ago has felt odd, discombobulating, a relief, a weight off my shoulders, a yawning chasm of emptiness and yet also calm, serene, even. All at once. I didn’t see that coming! We’ve had so much action on Planet Baby with The Big Move, followed by The Big Unpack. And this unpack is a *huge* one. We are now finally finding treasured possessions we haven’t seen since we married in January 1999 as they’ve been in storage. Now we finally have the space to find and use them! It’s quite pleasurable, actually. So, I’m doing a lot of unpacking, sorting, decluttering, arranging, organising and well, nesting! It’s going to take me some time yet but here are some photos to give you an idea of what’s going on here. Okay, let’s go!
Here are the sparkling bubbles Mr PB and I shared with my parents yesterday over roast lamb with rosemary for lunch to celebrate our new abode. It was such a bittersweet occasion. I was never sure whether Dad would be there to celebrate with us but he was, God bless him. It was one of his goals and he made it.

Here’s my darling Dad, toasting us.
The pixies are settling right in to their new quarters. Claims have been staked on bedrooms. The boys are revelling in each other’s company. Many giggles emanate from their direction at bedtime.
And Miss India is the proud queen of all she surveys in her own room. For the very first time.
I’m discovering treasures from bloggy friends like sweet Tina. Here.
And here.
I am *smitten* by my kitchen. Oh, and loving the way Susie’s pretty tea towel brings out the blue highlights. Sigh.
Here’s a closeup of it (oh, and my sparkling new AEG German stove).
I’ve enjoyed creating a ‘drink station’ – the hot chocolate is mine! I’m so *not* a tea or coffee girl ☺. The silver German tin contains our stash of marshmallows (it’s often empty).
Here’s my treasured Blackwood chest of drawers in our bedroom. Don’t you think the space was just made for it?
And this is the view of Mount Wellington I wake up to every morning. Just glorious. And so different to the angle viewed from my childhood home only 15 minutes’ drive away.
And to finish, here are some of the enticing books awaiting my attention, bursting with gorgeous decorating ideas (thanks, Booko, again!). Some more are in the mail! Do any of them take your fancy?
So, there you go, a smattering of little spots in our new home which are giving me pleasure. I am just *bursting* to get stuck into arranging my *room of my own*. I’m being very patient, however (and Mr PB has congratulated me for this!), as more important rooms like the bathroom need to be sorted out first. The electrician visited tonight and has promised to install a phone line in my room within the week so I can blog in there – woo hoo! At the moment, I’ve holed up in the pixies’ playroom (hmm, I just love saying that – we’ve never had one before) at Joshie’s desk. Anyway, time for bed. Bloggy rehab and all that…Let me know what you think of these little snippets so far! 
Joining in with Laura's Post of the Month Club on 30 June 2011.


  1. Wonderful.....congratulations on your new home!!! Loved all the photos - what a great view you have.

    My favourite of course is of your lovely Dad, bless his heart :)

    What a lovely home you have :) Take care Jane xx

  2. Oh Jane, welcome back, I've missed your posts :o)
    WOW! What a dream come true this new abode must be for you and the fam. Loving all your pics. The children's names on their doors, gorgeous! Your kitchen, Whoa! My mama has that beautiful blue & white stripe jug, it brought back memories of living at home when I saw that sitting up there in your kitchen :o)
    And boy that is a special view of Mount Wellington, you are so close to it. Such a glorious part of the world. I bet you feel like you're walking on cloud nine right now, well done and enjoy! xo

  3. Ooooh aaahh.
    What a beautiful place to make your home.
    Enjoy it all.

  4. Very nice Jane, thank you for sharing with us! Love your kitchen & that view is beautiful.
    Congratulations to you & your family!!!

  5. So excited for
    you, most especially
    that your dad was
    able to see you
    feathering your
    new nest! Love
    the view. A dream
    worth the wait!
    xx Suzanne

  6. Well your excitement is both palpable and understandable Jane. I am so happy for you all as you unpack and settle in. I bet it all still feels as though you're on holiday at the moment. It's looking like home already though!
    So pleased you Dad is able to celebrate with you.
    Amanda xx

  7. How absolutely heavenly does your house look. And you sound very happy. And you made a roast in your new German cooker for your lovely parents in your new home with lots of space. Sounds perfect!!!

  8. How great that your Dad was able to celebrate with you all. Gosh, I can feel your excitement and no darn wonder - it's all fabulous! Looking forward to see what you do in your room :)
    Thanks for your comments about my cards. I will email you the link to the shop where I bought the butterfly stamps xx

  9. Congratulations on the move. Looks simply beautiful. But I bet you are tired now. Enjoy that lovely new home feeling :)

  10. Welcome back. Love the views and that kitchen. Good luck with all the organising. Gx

  11. Congratulations on the new head quarters Jane!
    I'm sure you guys will have many adventures and many fun and fabulous times there. It is so wonderful that your Dad got to share such a special time with you. I have tears in my eyes after watching how proud he looks. Cheers lovely. x

  12. I think they're wonderful Jane. Nothing like a sparkling kitchen or a stack of books or bubbles or happy kids to make you smile. Bliss. gxo

  13. So excited for you Jane. Enjoy your pottering and nesting. Love all those books, I have quite a few of the same ones xx

  14. Jane I am so happy for you. Oh that kitchen!!!! And that special photo of you and your dad. Have a happy and peaceful week...

  15. Jane your house is beautiful. I love this post. Keep showing more. I'd be VERY happy in your kitchen too!!

  16. Looks like you're settling in nicely! But where are the photos of boxes piled up in India's bedroom window - I have loved driving past and seeing the pile of empty boxes get bigger and bigger!!

    And it's so wonderful to discover long lost treasures after more than a decade. We did a similar thing when we returned from London but more than anything wondered why we had kept a lot of the stuff. It was so very liberating throwing our Uni notes onto the tip-face in South Hobart and seeing them scatter and flutter through the air!!

  17. Jane you have already turned a gorgeous house into a real chocolate and all! Love the little touches you have added and the pops of blue are so pretty. Gotta love that kitchen...makes cooking dinner every night a joy Im sure ; ) Looking forward to seeing more of your favourite little nooks in the home...and so glad that your dad was there to toast you all and share a bit of bubbly : ) x

  18. Simply love HQ Jane and the beautiful photo taken with your dad.

  19. Wow, in order to make me feel better I hope that all of the unphotographed areas of your house are still stacked with boxes :) It looks lovely, you have done a great job, I'm sure that bubbly was well deserved!
    Suzie xx

  20. Good to hear that you are really settling in Jane and how wonderful for your parents to be able to visit and join in the celebrations.

  21. sweet Jane it so lovely.

    looks like you are high up on a hill? so lovely to ahve that view.

    cheers to you


  22. Hi is so exciting to be rediscovering treasures and finding out where they look their best! I really like your idea of a drink station..I think our marshmallow tin would be mostly empty as well. It is so good to see that your Dad made it to the celebration dinner!

  23. Oh my Jane, I love it all!!! What a wonderful home to have moved into - that kitchen is glorious and I love your drinks station (especially that silver box!!) You have a lovely way of decorating. Your chest of drawers has found its perfect home and that view is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see more snippets of your new place. That pile of books looks wonderful, there's a few on there I've been contemplating buying for a while now... might have to get your opinion once you've read them. Enjoy your afternoon lovely xx

  24. Hi Jane, I'm so happy you're back. Missed you much! Congrats on your gorgeous home. Love your ktichen and your little German treasures... The picture from you and your Dad is my favorite, so full of love and warmth. Big hug Tesca xx.

  25. How lovely to have your Dad toast your new home with you! Everything looks fantastic as well! The Hot Chocolate station... is that vintage Cornish Ware I spy? Sigh, just love it. You must be so thrilled. xx

  26. well hello home nester....

    your dada was there- and that will always make it a home...he got there- & jane you will always remember him in that chair...a blessing!

    love the little snippets...super stove...we'll want to see some inspiration from that!!

    enjoy hon...

    p.s- i want to see the hearts hung in that special room..
    bet the big glass of bubbles on the far right of the pickie was yours!!!
    and deserved!

  27. Congratulations on the big move into your new home, thanks for sharing your celebrations, I love your pics.x

  28. Congratulations! Lovely to see pictures. You really have a very beautiful new home and it's great to hear how much you are enjoying it!

  29. Ooh, so exciting! Have I told you how much I love India's name? And I love your Cornish striped pitcher. I just love your new home - thank you for the tour! XOL

  30. So happy for you. Love love the kitchen.

  31. Gosh! It looks gorgeous! How exciting for you all. I can tell just how thrilled you are.

  32. What a beautiful home. Enjoy that new home feeling. It's kind of like being on holidays for a while, isn't it?
    I'm eyeing off all those books. Very envious! Crafting a Meaningful Home sounds really interesting.
    Hope you have plenty of time for rest now! xx

  33. I can totally relate to that nesting time Jane;) It sounds like you are making it your beautiful home in no time! Look lovely and spacious and very homy already!
    Such a lovely thing to have your dad being part of the celebration.
    I am envious of your book pile too :)
    Take good care and happy nesting!
    Sandrine x

  34. Jane! I'm so incredibly happy for you and your family! Seriously! And the sneak peek of your home is lovely. I would love to see more in the future. Sending you an email, love!

  35. Lovely to have you back on line! Your new home is looking lovely and loved already x

  36. Jane, how exciting, I've just gone and had the tour, what a great house! I'm jealous of all your space. And what lovely old and new features like the bay windows and the kitchen opening on to the deck.
    I'm also very proud and happy to see my Flower Press tea towel hanging in pride of place on your fab new oven.
    Happy housewarming!! I can see lots of wonderful times ahead for you and your little family xx

  37. Cheers sweet Jane! How exciting to be doing all that unpacking! Your new kitchen is so gorgeous! I love the blue and white, so so lovely! Your view looks wonderful too! X

  38. A gorgeous house Jane.
    How wonderful to have your darling Dad with you.
    Thank you for joining my blog.

  39. How super exciting!! It all looks so lovely and your kitchen - well I have complete kitchen envy!!

  40. Oh my! Thanks everyone - your support and encouragement is just quite overwhelming for me at the moment. Know that you are all lifting my spirits *so* much. And thanks for your kind words about our new home - I hope you are experiencing a little vicarious pleasure through our adventures. I certainly don't want to cause you to be envious ☺. J x

  41. What a beautiful new home! I love your view of Mt Wellington (which was one of my favourite stops when we visited Tasmania).

  42. Welcome back Jane!!
    I've been dying to see more of the house and I'm so glad to see you were able to share a celebratory drink with your Dad.
    Everything is coming together so beautifully but like you hehe I can't wait to see 'your room' xx

  43. So excited for you! It looks like such a cozy place to call home. So special that your Dad was there too :)

    Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club! XOL

  44. All just so lovely, Jane. I am beyond happy for you guys and shall toast for you tonight with Bart. x

  45. Thanks, ladies - you're both sweethearts. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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