Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Planet Baby's Monopoly game update: almost able to pass 'Go'

Oh, sweet Planetarians! What wild and woolly weather we have in Hobart tonight. All day, it’s been bitterly cold with gale-force winds and now pouring rain for hours. Yes, winter has arranged with a vengeance. It’s now 8°C. Brrr! Just the weather to be moving house in, I hear you exclaim, wryly (hmm, that would be me!). As so many of you have been kind enough to ask, here’s an update on Planet Baby’s Monopoly game.
The Hobart house

We moved dozens of boxes into our new house over the weekend, aided by our kind neighbours who leapt to help, driving our possessions there in convoys. The weather was unkind, raining sporadically, but they soldiered on admirably. We were so appreciative. Especially when this pile (one of many) greeted us at home…
My sister looked after the pixies while Mr PB made another trip home to collect more boxes – I, meanwhile, was blissfully in retreat at the hairdresser’s, having hand and foot massages whilst having my hair coloured and cut! Yes, *odd timing*, I know, but the appointment was made with the intention that we would have moved completely by then. And it was actually just what I needed – some respite at the end of a trying week.

We have the power, gas and water connected – the phone and internet will soon follow. Our mail redirection starts this Friday – I have taken it out for a year so if anyone is using our old address to send us something, don’t worry – it will arrive! Here's Sam tootling around our enormous new abode – there won’t be bike riding going on inside once we’re settled, mind .
More discovery of treasures in the new ‘playroom’ was going on here.
And Joshie found his books.
I’ve started organising my *room of my own* (I can barely contain my excitement). Today I assembled my nifty ‘Box in box’, ready for my yet-to-be-bought-desk. Ooh, it’s just fabulous – thanks, Claire, for the tip!
Mr PB is taking this Friday and next week off work. We’ll have the removalists move our furniture on Friday afternoon. So on Friday night, we’ll be cracking open the champagne in our new kitchen!

The Sydney apartment

Settlement of our sale takes place on 16 June 2011. All seems to be going to plan – touch wood. We have more documents to express post off to the bank and the conveyancer tomorrow. It should be less stressful than the other day! Once that’s settled, that’ll be one less mortgage to pay – at the moment, we are effectively paying for 3 mortgages on a single income. Hmmm.

The Hobart rental house

Now this, my friends, is the one you’ll all been crossing your fingers and toes for us about. The good news – there is a prospective tenant who’s coming back for a second inspection on Thursday and the landlord is already favourably considering her application. And the best part? The person wants to move in ASAP!

So maybe, *just maybe*, we might be free of paying for this property within the week. Then we can finally pass ‘Go’ on our Monopoly board and pack it away. For a long, long time! I’ll let you know as soon as we do…


  1. Seriously exciting stuff Jane! Love your updates with what is going on. I so hope that you get someone into your home asap to help relieve some pressure and funds. Looking forward to seeing what your personal space looks like soon. N x

  2. Glad things are looking positive for you Jane. Hope the champagne is on ice!

  3. Yay, looks like the hard work is almost done. Just a final step and you will be able to settle down. Hold on for a bit now!
    x Iris

  4. What a journey! Doesn't Josh look cute in his scarf - indoors! Must be chilly. Will think of you with your champagne on Friday. Let's hope the other house is rented by then and you can really celebrate. The Silver Fox is also coming home on Friday for the weekend. Yay! No champagne for us but maybe a wine. No pics of your new 'do'? Shame. Happy week dear Jane...

  5. It's all coming together Jane, how great!! My goodness, isn't it cold? Sheesh!!
    Keep warm :)

  6. Excellent news for a Wednesday morning Jane. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing from here. It's freezing in Canberra too!

  7. Fantastic news. I knew it would all turn out well. The kiddos look pretty excited. Gla you had some time out to pamper yourself.


  8. Wow, it sounds like a ton of things are going on right now in your life... How do you handle all this? Good for you to have a little "Spa treatment" to relax a little... I keep my fingers crossed for Thursday and wish you a great Champagne party in your new kitchen on Friday!
    Big hug Tesca

  9. [Comment from Kat on my Facebook page]

    Can't comment on your blog for some reason, brings me up as anonymous and won't post comment.

    Anyhoo, yay to great things happening for you with a possible new tenant and the move. I agree, good on you for pampering yourself in amongst the madness.

    Brr to this cold Hobart weather - great for lazy pj mornings though. Cheers (with a glass of Jansz) to your new house!!

    Must catch up one day when the dust settles. x

  10. [Comment from Paula from my Facebook page]

    Jane, ditto Katrina's comment. I'm almost ready to go back to WordPress. Every time I try to chill out and blog, I have to go off and reset my widget thingies. It fixes the problem: temporarily. Grrrr.

  11. Hi Jane..i am crossing my fingers and toes for your success at getting that rental off your hands! The excitement makes all the hard work fun when your moving in.

  12. PS..when you're moving in..sorry about the spelling!

  13. Oh, I've got my fingers crossed for you from all the way up here in warm old Brissie!! I love following your blog and am very jealous of your new room to yourself :)
    Taryn x

  14. Yey, yey, yipppety yey!

    The kids look really happy and I can imagine that they are very excited about their new home and settling into their new bedrooms & exploring the cubby.

    I hope your bluebird is singing a sweet tune soon, celebrating new tenants in the rental and a brilliant new start for all on PB.

    xxxxx F

  15. Dear Jane,

    Am so excitied to be able to comment!!

    As always, I am crossing my fingers and toes from Paris, France (would that be considered 'down up'?)

    Interesting that you can sell a flat in a different state without having to be there physically. I doubt that this would work over here.

    Stay happy!

  16. That would be good. I may have missed this, but you are obligated to pay rent until your lease is up, is that right unless someone can come in and take over. I hope these people will love the house and take it. That would be great.

  17. soooooooooooooooo happy for you!!

    any sweet little package arrived for a sweet blogging friend with *almost* her own special room yet??

    Melissa xx

  18. YAY Jane, so exciting...I have to confess, I really do enjoy the whole exhausting moving process....crazy I know. Good luck with that potential tenant.
    Trish @ A dream house for Trish

  19. Jane if anyone deserved a day of beauty it is you!! Wow you've accomplished so very much. I am really excited to see after all is done.

    Art by Karena

    Be sure to come and enter my amazing Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

  20. Sounds like it's all coming together for you Jane. Wonderful! I'm sure the house will be just brilliant.

    It's freezing here too and our electricity supplier has decided to do work on the lines today and cut the power. I'm rugged up in about 15 layers and considering using the cat as a hot water bottle. gxo

  21. You will love your room, I promise that!! What a day to be moving may I just say. It was terrible here in the north. My Sister moved here from Sydney on the weekend in the driving rain, howling wind stuff...poor Woman. The next day was a Tassie Winter stunner though.
    Stay warm and enjoy 'playing' in your new diggs.
    Ness xx

  22. Fantastic Jane! The kids look excited, and I know you must be too. I can't wait to celebrate with you sometime soon. I hope you're keeping warm - it's funny now imagining you just 'over the hill' from where I am... Enjoy your week of settling in with Mr PB at home. I'm really thrilled it's all falling in to place.

  23. Thanks, everyone, for your warm and supportive comments. The removalists arrive tomorrow - tonight is our last in this rental house! A big week beckons. Still waiting to hear whether the prospective tenant's application has been approved...J x

  24. hello, and lovely to meet you. Not sure when you were over at mine but love a new blogging friend. And anyone who finds themselves having their hair done on moving day is a friend of mine!

    Good luck with your moves/sales/rentals (you can tell I'm new here) and I'll pop back soon with a cup of tea and have a good nosey round your blog!
    fee x

  25. Hi Jane, hope you dont mind but my latest post sings your praises & has a link to your post about linking your comments to your email so you can email back a reply, you helped me heaps on this. Im not good on computers, LOL, in fact when I tried to email you my screeen tells me it cant as the default mail client isnt properly installed...I still have some work to do, he he he!!
    Happy moving this weekend!!

  26. Oh My goodness...your new home is so amazing! I love the bi fold window...so jealous.

  27. Jane I am thrilled to hear you may have a tenant to take over your rental :) will keep my fingers crossed!!
    Here's to settling into your new home and making many wonderful memories.

  28. Oh Jane, how wonderful that everything has come together so well. (and a haircut and massage too!!). Very happy for you and your little tribe. Enjoy that new house. (as i'm reading in the wee early hours of saturday i'm guessing you are) Cazxx

  29. Wow it's busy busy there on Planet Baby. I hope that you're all settling in well this weekend at your new house.:) Enjoy your new craft room, I can't wait to see it. Have a great weekend. xo

  30. There is so much happening at your place, but it all seems to be positive and moving in the right direction. Yay! I hope you enjoy unpacking your stuff at your new house and making it feel like home x

  31. Ooohh such exciting news indeed.
    Sounds like everything is going ahead just as it was meant too. Oh and good on you for sneaking away to the hairdressers amongst the chaos. At least your hair will look fab for the happy snaps of you in your new kitchen ;-)
    Can't wait for the next update. I hope things aren't too stressful for you xx

  32. you got the boxes!! Sorry i didnt get to see your blog before, my stupid firefox keeps bringing up errors when i try to open up sites.

    I went for sketchbook delight, im loving it!!

  33. How nice to have a fresh start {and a room to yourself}! Enjoy Jane!!

  34. Thanks everyone - I really appreciate the support you've been sending my way. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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