Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday splendour: 22 May 2011

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Ah, sweet Planetarians! This past week has continued to take a rollercoaster route on Planet Baby. My brother and his young family have spent the week here, enjoying precious time with Pa. My older nephew, who’s nearly 3, has delighted in playing with his 5 young cousins – we have 6 children under 6 between us! Miss India is heartbroken that they leave tomorrow. I’ve also received several gorgeous ‘care packages’ from dear bloggy friends around the world which has lifted my spirits immensely. You’re such a kind-hearted lot, you Planetarians – I still pinch myself to think that absolute strangers, the world over, whom I’ve never met or even spoken to, have become dear friends who care about me. Quite dumbfounding, actually.

And then all this goodness has been leavened by watching my darling parents’ struggle to adapt to their new circumstances. Oh, and there has also been *skulduggery* going on in Sydney over the sale of our apartment – I’ll update you on our Monopoly board movements soon. Here are some of my week’s splendid moments.

*I feasted upon* my White Whole Hazelnuts Ritter Sport chocolate, that German goodness I received on Mothers’ Day. Mmm – just scrumptious! I’m not normally a white chocolate girl – I prefer dark normally – but I make an exception for this little ripper.
* I discovered* this divine little card here at the charming Etsy shop MimimiCards.
Isn’t it just the sweetest and simplest little card you’ve ever seen? My growing interest in papercraft (I must do a post on that soon!) is fuelled further by seeing such a beauty. I’d love to know what machine was used to make it, wouldn’t you? Do treat yourselves by peeking at Anastasiya’s shop – there are many more delights there for my fellow stationery fiends and all are so reasonably priced. Hmm, I have a feeling some might wing their way to Planet Baby sometime… 

* I enjoyed* the special thrill of having one of my oldest and dearest friends visit from Melbourne with her precious newborn daughter. My friend has endured years of extraordinary bad luck with her health (you would scarcely believe it if I told you) and the arrival of this healthy little darling, against so many odds, is just an incredible blessing. It was such a privilege both to be able to see her and then give her *mum* the hugest congratulatory hug, one I’d never been certain I would be able to give.

* I created* these with my acrylic paints – nothing flash but it was a pleasure to watch my brush slide over the paper and delight in the interplay of colours.

Hmm, I can feel that creative spirit in me stirring! I had to resort to painting on our bed to evade the pixies but they still found me and then wanted to paint their own. And *somehow* paint ended up on our bedspread, notwithstanding the huge cardboard sheet underneath their paintings. Ah, how I’m craving that room of my own! 

* I read this* post from the Brave Girls’ Club which really resonated with me, particularly after writing this post where I shared with you my struggle over the years with believing in myself. This blog always manages to hit the right note for me. Do share if you relate to it, too!
* I watched* with delight as the pixies revelled in playing with their cousins in the glorious thick carpet of autumnal leaves in a waterside park (Princes Park in Battery Point for the locals). I was just captivated watching Sam gradually allow himself to experience the sensory pleasures of the crunchy leaves after his initial reluctance. Soon, he was rolling down the hill and covering his cousins with the leaves! Here he is in a rare still moment. And can you believe how quickly his hair is growing after The Big Cut?!
I was so thrilled to finally have the opportunity to take some photos of him on his own. He often misses out as he’s so mobile (he’s called Quicksilver Sam for a reason!) but this time, I snapped some beauties.   

So, that’s a wrap, trusty Planetarians. Stay tuned for my update on our Monopoly board movements!


  1. All lovely. Hope you had some time for yourself as well?
    x Iris

  2. Sam is definitley splendifourous.

    I hear on the weather report Hobart is very chilly today.

    You have inspired me to get out the brushes. It is so nice to dabble and create and dream.

    Hoping the week holds better news on the real estate exchange front.

    jill xo

  3. Love this collection of thoughts Jane and I am so looking forward to see what creating you do with your own room. What a gorgeous Sam you have and I so love the Brave Girls Club. Good luck with everything. Naomi x

  4. lucky you, quality family time is so precious!xx

  5. I love hearing stories of new babies born after years of wishing and hoping and heartbreak. Huge congratulations to your friend, how special to be able to see her precious daughter.

  6. Little cutie!

    And that card, Janey, that CARD!! x

  7. A little ditty has sprung to my mind whilst reading this post:

    "The more you give
    The more you get.

    The more you laugh
    The less you fret.

    The more you do unselfishly
    The more you live abundantly."

    It appears you have enjoyed another week of busyness filled with abundance which I know is a testament to all that you do and give so generously dear friend.

    xx to you.

  8. Such a heavenly post Jane. I too am amazed by the kinship the blogging world shows. Even if your life is a bit hectic you are sounding quite positive and not overwhelmed. Go you!!! I just want to kiss that Quicksilver Sam's gorgeous cheeks!!

  9. Ah, you ladies sure know how to make a girl's day! Thanks for these sweet comments.

    Iris, only a little but this Saturday, I have a baby shower to attend with old workmates which should be a ball - I'm taking my trusty pavlova with raspberries ☺.

    Jill, do share your dabblings with us! Mine were only quickies, done in a 5 minute break the pixies gifted me ☺.

    Ah, Naomi, so delighted to see another BGC fan. They just have such a knack of picking the words I really need to hear on any given day. Just brilliant.

    Hi Mel So fab to hear from you again, you crafty minx - those neck warmers look most enticing as the chill sets in down here.

    Yes, Bron, I knew you'd be swooning!

    Thanks for sharing that sweet little ditty, Felicity, you thoughtful soul.

    And Martha, thanks, my friend. You are always such an enthusiastic supporter of mine, something I really appreciate.

    J x

  10. Your little Sam is just the cutest of the cute Jane! He really is!
    I am loving the Autumn leaves right now too, they look stunning in your pic here.
    Sounds like you've had some lovely times over this past week.
    Curious about the skullduggery with your Syd property... will await that post!

  11. Oh I just couldn't help myself I just had to go and open that Etsy link. I'm such a sucker when it comes to cute stationery and especially cards.

    And your little Sam is scrumptious xx


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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