Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Planet Baby's Monopoly game: an update

Oh, my! This hurdy-gurdy ride we’re on has to stop soon. The pace is too relentless for me. How are you Planetarians finding it – are you a bit breathless like me, struggling to keep up with all our goings-on? I think I’m running on adrenalin which isn’t healthy for an extended period. My specialist has recommended that I take an extended ‘blogcation’ for a month (imagine that!) to relieve some pressure. I immediately (mentally) discounted that to a fortnight – I’ll have to see how I go. Don’t worry – I’ll give you a heads-up if I plan to go AWOL for a while as we’re settling into our new house! So, here’s an update on how Planet Baby’s Monopoly game is playing out.
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Our Hobart rental house

Would you believe it – this house is the most troublesome of the three properties right now! We are on a fixed lease until mid-January 2011 and are desperately searching for someone to take over the balance of the lease with the option to renew for a year with the landlord if they wish. Until we find someone, we are still liable for meeting the rent here. The horrors – imagine paying that as well as the mortgage on our new house! I’m trying very hard not to stress about something over which I have no control but it’s a challenge, I’ll be frank!
The managing agent has shown about 10 people through so far with no response. Those who took copies of the lease didn’t ring her back and even avoided taking her calls. I am just staggered by this response. When we returned to Hobart in September 2009, it took us 4 months and the inspection of 30 houses before we found this one. At every inspection, about 30 people turned up and they were almost clambering over each other to hand in their completed applications at the end of the inspection.

But not this time around.

I don’t get it. It’s such a cute little cottage with a lot of charm and is fabulous for entertaining in summer as the French doors are thrown open. It’s in a tiny street with friendly neighbours, lots of young children and a real community feel. Oh, and its convenience to the nearby shops, beach and playground is second to none (5 minutes’ walk to each).

Tidying up the house to make it presentable for inspection is so tiring and *challenging* (what a euphemism!) with the 3 pixies racing around, creating havoc as they go. Just after we’ve cleaned that *particular* spot up. Hmmm. It’s also hard as we’re in that ‘limbo’ state of mind where half of the house has been packed up and we’re at the point of not caring if everything is as tidy as normal as we are only meant to be here until Friday 3 June 2011. Can any of you relate to this feeling?

Our Sydney apartment
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Yes, sweet Planetarians, we’ve found our purchaser, she’s had her finance approved by her bank and the sale contract is now unconditional! Woo hoo! That’s been a huge relief for us. The sale price was in our range and backed up by our bank’s valuation. Our conveyancer friend is such a legend. She has met my parents so she’s doing everything she can to relieve any stress for us.

What we hadn’t reckoned with was *certain agents* acting without our instructions to serve a Notice of Termination on our tenants, even before the contract was unconditional! To describe my responses as ‘apoplectic’ would be a huge understatement. Our  tenants are due to vacate the place on 12 June 2011 and the sale will proceed on 16 June 2011. However, apparently there is the chance our tenants might leave earlier than that without giving notice! It all depends upon which agent I talk to. Hmm, the lawyer in me is *disgruntled*, to say the least. I’m awaiting my conveyancer’s advice on what our tenants are legally allowed to do. We’re hoping there won’t be any fallout as a result – please cross your fingers for us (or press your thumbs, as the Germans say!).

Our Hobart house purchase
Now, this little baby is the one you’re all developing an interest in, I can see! Look at that gorgeous sign on the fence ☺. Settlement will take place this coming Monday 30 May 2011 – woo hoo! At this point, we have given notice to our landlord that we intend to vacate the rental house on Friday 3 June 2011 but that might depend on whether a new tenant has been found to take over the balance of the lease. If not, we may stay here a little longer as we’ll be paying the rent anyway and we could then move in gradually which might be best with the pixies in tow. Ah, the uncertainty is frustrating! So near, yet so far…

As well as packing, I’ve had to fill out all the paperwork for the pixies’ new school and daycare (you wouldn’t believe the fuss I had to endure to find a Justice of the Peace to certify their birth certificates! Oh, and Medicare gave me printouts of their vaccination details so I didn’t have to find their Blue Books ☺.). Now I’m waiting for written confirmation of their places before giving notice at their current school and daycare centre. Today I finally organised home and contents insurance for our new home. Arranging the removalists to move the furniture is my next task!

And, of course, in the middle of all this, I’ve been in regular contact with our bank manager, finalising the loan details and taking out mortgage protection insurance. Not to mention running the usual Affairs of State on Planet Baby…

Hmm, so much for bloggy rehab! Look how late I’m up, against my doctor’s orders. I must away. I’ll be back soon with some more inside photos of our new home – how’s that for a teaser?! 


  1. Jane..you busy girl! I am with your doctor, you need to take a blogcations to get yourself thru one of life's most stressing times. Buying, selling, renting, schools, packing....and your Dad...you have a lot on your plate. There is not question that you are Superwoman Jane but please take care :)

    I have been thru all of the above many times right down to trying to find someone to take over the rental of a property. It is not easy.

    Once it is all done and dusted I imagine you will be one big happy family. You will get there Jane, just be sure to take care of yourself as you go...

    Jeanne xxx

  2. PS... apologies for typos :) You are Superwoman!

  3. Jeanne's right - now is not the time to over do it. Superwoman you might be, but even she is allowed a wee break every now and then. And though one major piece of the puzzle is yet to fall into place, have faith!

  4. Slow and steady wins the race. I myself had a crazy start to the year and I put way too much pressure on myself and paid tremendously with my health issues so please take care of yourself. And also don't be so hard on yourself. Everything is going to fall in to place. Take care of you xx

  5. I wish the rental market was on a decline here...we are having so much trouble trying to find a home, the competiton is huge!
    I am not overly enthused about packing and resettling either but once it's done I'm sure I'll feel much better.
    Be kind to yourself Jane, everything will work out in your favour :)

  6. It is all going to work out perfectly I am sure. It is no fun keeping the house tidy for inspections though, especially when you have children! Thinking about your new home will keep you happy! X

  7. Yay for a sale and I looove the look of your new abode. Fingers crossed for a new tenant in the rental :)

  8. Oh Jane, I feel tired just reading that run down. So much excitement, but as is often the case, stress with the excitement. You're doing a great job of it all by the sounds of it. Just hang in there, it will all sort out in the end. Try to be kind to yourself and give yourself some time out when required. I know, it's hard!
    Can't wait for the pics of your new abode, YAY! :o)

  9. What a delight to see two signs saying 'For Sold' vs 'For Sale' - congratulations on getting this far and best wishes for all that is still to come with the last pieces of the puzzle to be popped into place. xx F

  10. Congratulations on the new house, it looks gorgeous! Classic Australian weatherboards have a special place in my heart! Wonderful news that you have sold your Sydney place as well and now have my fingers crossed that you find new tenants for current PB HQ pronto. Thinking of you and I so know how stressful it is doing the open house thing with kids as have done it a few times now! Thinking of you. xx

  11. yeeei-haaaar - bring on the life of the unrelenting !
    But all the signs are of moving forward - what will you do with yourself and all that free time once you move in !

  12. Dear Jane

    Sometimes you can get o such an adrenain roll that you can get all this amazing stuff done. But please dont be too hard and yourself as they body will start to seize up on you.

    Everybody will be waiting patiently for when you return.

    I find these things do find thmeselves working out.

    Much love

    jill x

  13. Phew, I'm exhausted for you Jane! I do hope it all works out in the end. gxo

  14. Jane, take a break keep us eagerly awaiting the new house pics!! Just enjoy this, the move with your beautiful pixies unto your family home!! xox

  15. I'm tired just reading all you are up too - you must be quite exhausted.

    I hope someone snaps up the rental soon and relieves you of some stress. Look forward to seeing some photos of the new house.

  16. I am sure you would already know, my dear friend, that I agree with everyone else and I believe that a blogcation is definitely in order! You know that we'll all be here when you get back and we will be dying to hear all of your news. Take care and put yourself and your beautiful family first!

    Best wishes always,

  17. [Posted for Cate from an email sent to me]

    Sorry, I've tried a couple of times to leave a comment - but as I apparently so eloquently blurted out on 'the truth about mummy' (Caz) this morning - blogger has a big stick up it's butt again!!

    Here's the comment I've been trying to leave:

    Actually a month or so ago when I had my 'complicated' little moment and wasn't able to blog for a week - there was a certain relief to it's absence. As much as I dearly love it, and would hate for anyone to take it away (which is how it sounds you might be feeling about his suggestion), choosing just to let it slide for a week was a teensy bit liberating (just something to think about sweety).

    And what is it with Hobart and those darn hills!!! You must be so fit!!


  18. Oh the house buying/selling thing sucks doesn't it! Truly the most stressful time. It will be all worth it when you finally get into your lovely new place.

  19. Thanks, ladies. You're all such gems - I really value your support. We're nearly there - we get the keys tomorrow! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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