Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday splendour: 15 May 2011

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Hmm, hasn’t Blogger been a bad boy this week? Two major outages affected Australia for most of the time, with the latter causing global problems. Gee, doesn’t it make you think? So many of us bloggers rely on this free service to connect with each other on a level which is often far deeper than those closest to us. So to suddenly have that service cease working was quite an eye-opener for me. I haven’t taken a *blogcation* since I started blogging in July 2010. Suddenly, I had an enforced one. And I realised I missed you all terribly. I’m so delighted to be back and functioning in Blogland – I have so many of your posts to catch up on! Anyway, here are some of my splendid moments from the past week.

*I feasted upon* a delectable raspberry, coconut and chocolate cupcake (they’d sold out of macarons - sigh) over a hot chocolate with my dear friend, Sarah, at ‘the market’ which you’ve read about here before. I didn’t take a photo of it as I decided to be there *in the moment* with Sarah, revelling in her delightful company, instead of taking photos to use here. We had a blissful few child-free hours, wandering around the delightful stalls and nattering away at top-speed in the manner of mums-who-finally-have-some-time-to-themselves-to-talk-with-adult-mum-friends. Do you know how *intoxicating* that is?! Just heavenly.

* I discovered* this elegant world map decal at this Etsy shop. Hmm, the cartophile in me is interested in buying this for our new house. The pixies are starting to develop an interest in maps and globes which is delighting me no end. Now, which colour to choose? That will depend on the colour scheme we’re going to use to decorate the boys’ room – ah, the exciting possibilities! Yes, I am *slowly* starting to think about our new house
* I enjoyed* buying these fabulous navy and floral Miss Marie gumboots.
For me. For our new house and all the gardening we will do there. Miss India was so delighted as they have pink flowers on them – we are now the ‘gumboot girls’ on Planet Baby!

* I treasured* holding my newborn nephew for the very first time. Oh, the velvety softness of his cheeks, the tiny gurgles and the joyful smile – just blissful. Just picking up his featherweight body made me realise how far along this motherhood journey I’ve walked already – Sammy already weighs about 3 times as much! My darling Dad was surrounded by his 6 grandchildren as he dozed off in his recliner chair in the afternoon sun, listening to the AFL footy match on the radio. He looked quite serene.

* I read this* uplifting post from one of my favourite blogs, Brave Girls’ Club, which really resonated with me after all that’s being going on at Planet Baby lately. Our long-cherished dream of owning a large, comfortable renovated house with huge backyard for the pixies is so tantalisingly close. But with so many ducks to be lined up in a row for it to eventuate smoothly, as we keep playing PB’s game of Monopoly, it’s hard not to lose focus and become disheartened. This post was just the tonic I needed to buck myself up and keep going. One day at a time. Only a few more weeks to go and hopefully, the move will all be over and we can turn the first page of the next chapter in our lives!
* I watched* quite a low covering of snow settle on Mount Wellington, the mother overlooking Hobart at her foothills. I have so many stories to share with you about this majestic presence. Whilst Hobart is ringed by many mountains and hills, she is known affectionately to Hobartians simply as ‘The Mountain’.
So, lovely Planetarians, there you have it, some of the sights and experiences which brightened my week. Hopefully the coming week will bring us some good news about the sale of our Sydney apartment and the letting out of our Hobart rental house. Please cross your fingers for us! I’ll also be enjoying celebrating my dear Dad’s 75th birthday with all my family present – more emotional times ahead for Planet Baby this week.
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  1. You made it to the market- it was lovely, wasn't it? I did a little bit of damage :)
    I didn't try the sweets but they looked very yummy.
    I adore those gumboots! I keep thinking I'd love some but I get scared of spiders moving in!
    Sounds like another rollercoaster week ahead but hopefully things will settle down soon.
    See you soon! X

  2. lovely post and oh yes, blogger has made me realise how much I adore blogging and was so unprepared for a forced break.

    You photograph of 'The mountain' made my skin tingle. A beautiful part of the world.


  3. There were some wonderful moments in your week, Jane! Also so many happy moments on their way! Especially gardening in those boots! I love them! X

  4. Jane, you don't know how much I rely on my Brave Girls email in my inbox each day thanks to you. They have saved me. Love the boots. I will have my fingers crossed for you this week.
    A-M xx

  5. Morning beautiful Jane, sounds like a lovely Sunday and beginning to the week. Love your new boots and can't wait to see them parked in your new home! Hugs, Emma.

  6. Ha, ha- I love your title, and the rainboots. I'm on planet 4 yr old- just have one, so I can't even imagine how you have time to make such a cute blog!
    xo Desha from BYW

  7. Lovely dash of snow there Jane !
    Its been freezing up our way too.
    Blogger broke - explains it - thought it was just me and my service provider (there is a history !).
    Go the cartophile - that maps great - wondering if you can still buy those unfolder maps from Service Tas - new wallpaper . . . .
    And an Auntie - wonderful news - and lucky to have family so close :)
    And wierd - kid free time - sure it just wasn't long enough - at least your coffee was hot :)

  8. Oooh - I have serious gumboot envy.
    Hope this week is a goodie - and Blogger lets us share it.

  9. No wonder they say that moving house is one of the most stressful times in a life. It starts with a feverish dream and then is only fulfilled by hard work and plenty of timely occurrences!
    I am thinking that with the purchase of those pretty gumboots that they should be included on your header alongside the other pretty ones.

  10. Jane such a lovely post as always... BUT those gumboots! My God, I'm totally smitten xxxxx


  11. I love that decal and think it would go perfectly in my study although I do wonder how difficult it would be to align Tassie and the little islands?

    I'll watch with interest to see how you apply it to your new walls :)

  12. Hello lovely Jane, I did not even realised Blogger had stopped while I had no connections...I loved that brave girl letter so well said and true!Keep looking at the end result (your dream home) in your heart and the weight of each day will be lighter...It is a very intense time and Some of the Things went wrong but in the end it happens and I am sure you will handle it all very well.
    Thank you so much for your welcome back!I am grateful for the blogging world as moving to a new place can be a little challenging when it comes to having familiar faces around :)
    Hope it all goes wellfor you this week!

    Sandrine xx

  13. Sounds like a good weekend Jane. I didn't actually miss blogger too much. I know! I am shocked, I was actually even thinking I could nearly not blog very much at all. I had such a busy week. BUt now here I am back at it. I love your gumboots,very nice indeed.
    I hope all goes smoothly for your move. You deserve good and happy things. Have a fabulous week. deb

  14. That is a seriously lovely map, and how exciting to be thinking of it in terms of your new place. I'll be sending positive vibes your way for a smooth and stress free move.

  15. Jane that picture of the mountain being sprinkled with snow - what a beautiful thing. It was so lovely to catch up on Sunday! And you know, I think I'm going to have to follow up the Brave Girls Club. What a fantastic letter. I need that letter from time to time!

  16. What a lovely post, I enjoyed reading about your weekend adventures xx

  17. The roller coaster ride continues for you. Happy to see you're enjoying the sights and will be kickin' in those new boots!
    xo Cathy

  18. Those gumboots are amazing...I want a pair :)
    So lovely to catch up with bloggers in real life isn't it..I have met some gorgeous friends via blogging.
    Sounds like a lovely Sunday :)

  19. You lost me at "delectable raspberry, coconut and chocolate cupcake"

  20. Hi Jane, Just had to see the girl who buys all the blue stuff.(I read Sarah's post) What a surprise to see My Mountain I just commented to Sarah how much I miss her especially at this time of year all cloaked in snow. Thank you for sharing your photos- love the gumboots. Best wishes with your new home. Nice to meet you. Chrisb

  21. Love the gumboots Jane. It's been a while since I've looked at your blog, it sounds like things are looking up, up, up! So happy for you my darling. And thank you for following my new blog. I don't actually have time for one blog, let alone two but it's important for my soul! Rachaelxx

  22. Lovely post and great weekend wrap up Jane - digging those boots :)

  23. Oh yeah, I love a pair of knee high gumboots. I hope you are so happy when you wear them. Sounds like a wonderful weekend Jane, blogger free and all. Especially the bit about your newborn nephew, what a gift. Happy birthday to your dear Dad. I'm thinking of you honey. x

  24. I read this post on Sunday but I think I was so busy rushing over to check that I'd remembered to enter your fab competition that I forgot to leave a comment.

    I always love your Sunday Splendors. We like the same stuff, it's that simple!! x

  25. Have faith in that Monopoly game Jane! You'll be owning Bond St and Park Lane before you know it.
    Pleased you had a great week. Sometimes it is so good just to be in the moment, as you said. xx

  26. Jane I love your site you always make me smile!!

    Wait until you see all of the great things for Planet Baby!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!

  27. loving the boots :) mine have russian dolls on them .... have a lovely week matie le xox

  28. Hobart is so beautfiul! Lucky :) Love that wall decal and am sending you my best wishes for your Dad's 75th!

  29. Oh, goodness, I turn my back and look what you all get up to! Many thanks for these fabulous comments. I'll answer a few specific ones quickly before I head off on the school run.

    I heartily recommend anyone signing up to receive The Brave Girls' Club emails - as A-M attests, they're often just the pep you need to get you through a day.

    As for the gumboots, they were a snap at $40 - my bargain! I hear they're selling for $120 in a Sydney boutique...

    And as for the Monopoly board, I'll post today about the latest. J x

  30. Thanks, Christie - I'm looking forward to trying them out in our new garden. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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