Thursday, 19 May 2011

Celebrating my Dad's 75th birthday on Planet Baby

Ah, Lovelies! Life is still full-on on Planet Baby at the moment. So much going on in so many different places and contexts. So many worries and unresolved issues. But in the midst of it all, we celebrated a truly auspicious occasion with my immediate family yesterday – my darling Dad’s 75th birthday. We were supremely blessed to gather together in his honour. Only a few weeks ago, we weren’t sure if he’d make it. Thank goodness he did. Given it was such a private and immensely moving occasion for our family, I’ll only show a few photos to give you a peek – I hope you understand. I’m getting teary as I type this. So, here goes!

To celebrate, Dad had arranged afternoon tea in a private room at one of his favourite haunts for Mum, me, my sister and my brother and our spouses (as well as my sweet little 12 week old nephew who was an angel and slept throughout).

The top photo shows the fabulous wrapping my sister created to house our joint gift – a Wedgewood blue plaid pure wool Tasmanian Waverley Woollen Mills rug. Now that Dad spends most of his days sitting in his armchair with his feet stretched out on the recliner, we wanted him to do it comfortably and stylishly. I think this beauty fits the bill.
I love the story behind the company, especially as we visited the mill in Launceston when we were young with Mum and Dad – it’s fabulous to see them still creating these lovelies all these years later.

Here I am with my darling Dad, just after he’s opened my card I made and asked me to read it to him as his eyes couldn’t manage it.
Here’s my handiwork with some blue (the sweet colour of Dad’s eyes) Planet Baby butterflies, the envelope stained by a few tears which fell as I wrote in my card.
We then had a delightful and relaxing afternoon tea in Mum and Dad’s company (all the grandchildren were being minded so we could all play grown-ups together for the first time since we became parents). There was silver service and a delectable spread to feast on. Take these luscious scones, for instance. I polished off quite a few of them!
And this platter of yumminess was placed right in front of me so a lemon tart moved to my plate.
It was so unusual to be dressed up and not have a pixie demanding my attention. I quite *liked* it! Especially that Tasmanian Jansz sparkling wine.
As did Mr PB. Here he is, playing the family joker. Again.
And here are my Mum and Dad. They celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary last week, bless them.
Our peaceful hour over, we then collected the pixies and repaired to my parents’ house where all the 6 grandchildren under 6 were assembled, waiting excitedly for Pa’s party! There was a big cake.
And many willing assistants to help blow out the candles.
Pa had some precious time to cuddle his only granddaughter, Miss India. She was wearing the smocked dress Dad’s mother made for me nearly 40 years ago. She wore it “to make Pa happy”.
And what PB party would be complete without my trusty pavlova?
Here’s the recipe again, in case you missed it last time! Dad savoured it. That made me very happy.

And then of course, witching hour arrived and we beat a hasty retreat with the pixies. My dear Dad was exhausted from the effort of keeping awake and talking to us and all the guests who’d dropped in during the day. But he was content. He’d made it to his birthday and celebrated with his dear family in the style he wished. I will be forever grateful for that.


  1. Oh Jane, this post warmed my heart and brought a tear to my eyes. Just beautiful, the wording, the pictures, all of it.
    The afternoon tea looked like a truly fitting occasion for the grown ups, so special. Those scones... oh my!
    The pic of the littlies gathered around your Dad's cake and the delightful Miss India in your old smocked dress... just perfect.
    Wonderful memories right there :o)

  2. Happy 75th to your father Jane! The photos are priceless and it sounds and looks like the celebration was a beautiful one! Even though health issues are really stressful on the family, it really makes you appreciate life that much more and the ones you love. Here's to your beautiful family!! :)

  3. Sweet Jane, this is such a wonderful post, so true to be blessed that your dad could celebrate his 75th birthday with his family. Thanks for sharing it, and take care of yourself too in the midst of things, big hugs, Maureen x

  4. Your post made me cry Jane.....

    How lovely you could all celebrate together and your Pa looks really happy in all the photos, what a great memory.

    I know that you and I are going through some similar situations right now, I appreciate your comments over at my blog and please know that I am thinking of you's hard isn't it?

    Hugs to you Jane xxxx

  5. You touched me with this, it all looks and sounds so warm and loving and I am truly feeling the good vibe it sent out.
    x Iris
    ps you all looked so pretty and happy!!!

  6. That was a very moving post Jane. Such a lot of love radiating from your words and photos. Your dad is clearly much-adored and blessed.

    Family get-togethers are wonderful. I hope you get to have quite a few more with your Dad.

  7. Happy Birthday to your lovely lovely Dad, Jane. This post was so moving. Nearly a few tears dropped on the lap top here too :(
    Hope you are doing OK in amongst all these monumental things going on.
    xxx Rhi

  8. What a beautiful birthday tribute to your Dad Jane! We just had a celebration for my dear Mum's's so important to create precious memories with the people we love, & that's exactly what your family are doing. It's so lovely that you've shared it with us. Thank you xo

  9. What a beautiful day with precious, irreplaceable memories for you all to have and share with each other. And don't your mum and dad look gorgeous :)

  10. It all looks perfect Jane and you look gorgeous!
    Love the Waverly Wollen mills blanket and the Jansz-my favourite!
    How lovely to have the special family time with your Dad and childfree too!! :)
    Your Dad looks very happy.
    What wonderful memories you are making with your family.
    Pav looks divine too - Mm raspberries, my other favourite ;)

  11. Hi beautiful Jane,
    how special to share these intimate moments with us. I think you looked beautiful, your pavlova looks delicious, the card made me cry (I can't imagine you) and your Dad looked content as you said. Biggest of hugs to you. Emma. PS we have all been a little unwell so haven't arranged our get together. Perhaps after your big move? xxxxxxx

  12. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Dad!!! What a beautiful day you had. Such special memories created.

    Ang x

  13. What a gorgeous day Jane. A wonderful way to celebrate such a fabulous milestone, family and all. gxo

  14. What a special day to treasure. So many things to be grateful for, as you clearly are. So glad you got to share your Dad's birthday, and what a lovely celebration. I now want cake!

  15. Very teary here... I AM SO glad you had this oppertunity.

    I lost my Dad to cancer years ago and I wished I had that little bit of more time... BUt what ever you get is never enough.

    I hope you have had some time alone with him just to talk about what he means to you and your memories and how much you love him... I wish I was old enough when my father died to have aid these things to him...

  16. It looks like you had a wonderful day with your family and especially your Dad. I'm so glad he was feeling up to a little clebration. Don't those cakes look yummy and don't you look lovely all dressed up :)
    ps see you Monday?

  17. Looks like it was a gorgeous occasion Jane. Happy Birthday to your dad xx

  18. Happy birthday! 75 is awesome! What a beautiful family you have made, Planet Dad. x

    PS - Nice boob shot, Janey. x

  19. Goodness Jane, tears as I read this... and you know that I am not normally big on tears... what a wonderful day to remember for you and your Dad. x

  20. Such a heart warming post, Jane! I am so glad you got to share such a wonderful birthday with your dad.
    You look lovely and I am sure you will cherish these photos.

  21. Looks like your Dad had a wonderful day surrounded by his family.

    And although she'd probably hate me for saying it, your sister looks a lot like your Mum!!

  22. What a beautiful, beautiful tribute to such a lovely man. Such special memories must have been created. How lovely that he could share it all with a family who are obviously filled with such love. xx

  23. A truly wonderful day and a gift to be able to celebrate your Dad's birthday in such a warm and heart-filled way.

    He looked truly happy and it's terrific to read that you felt he was content after the long day in spite of the inevitable exhaustion.

    Both PB 'girls' and the PB lads looked uber gorgeous in their party attire and smiles and I must admit my mouth watered at the sight of the scones & thought of the Jansz.

    A time of sunshine and sparkles in the midst of the grey cloud days.

    xx F

  24. Hi Jane..thank you for sharing such a precious family event with us. I feel like a special friend invited to share the event with you. It's wonderful to see your Dad looking so happy and enjoying all of your family's company on such a momentous day!

  25. Thank you for sharing some of what was such a personal celebration for you all. It was lovely to see photos of your lovely family, I especially like the shot of you and your Dad. I'm glad your Dad enjoyed what looked to be a wonderful get together - love your gift and gorgeous card x

  26. What a wonderful celebration Jane. Happy birthday to your dear dad - it looks as though he thoroughly enjoyed himself. I love the picture of him with India. You look lovely, the blanket is beautiful and the pav looks delectable (and I'm amazed that you found raspberries in May!).

  27. Yay! What a lovely celebration. And totally wanting some of that pav :)

  28. Happy Birthday to your dear dad, Jane. He was always so very good to me and I'm so happy for you and your family that he made it to this milestone.
    Clare xx

  29. he did all did it....what a wonderful day.....
    looove that the 40 year old dress made some blue eyes smile again...

    melissa xx

  30. what a sweet, sweet tribute and how CUTE is your father? AAH! You guys are too adorable for words. You are such a thoughtful, caring daughter to go to such great lengths for his birthday. Have a beautiful weekend, Jane!

  31. such a touching post, I got choked up. Happy birthday to your father! Happy Anniversary to your parents- I love making memories- it looks like quite a few were made here!

  32. Now that I can see through the blurryness as I contain my tears I can type....
    Happy, happy memories for you and your family captured here Jane. So glad that you were able to celebrate amilestone birthday with your Dad, and it sounds like you did it in some style too? You are really treasuring the moments.
    Have a great weekens and take care.

  33. What wonderful memories you have all made! Happy birthday to your gorgeous dad! X

  34. A little bit a late but a very beautiful tribute. You look happy and gorgeous.

    Your father, big hugs to him.


  35. Sniff, sniff! Many happy returns Pa PB and as for India in your smocked dress and the pixies all gathered around your dear Dad, just divine!

  36. Happy birthday to your sweet dad Jane what a beautiful day he had with all of the special people in his life. I'm so glad that you all got to spend this moment together. Hugs and thoughts of you. xo

  37. Lovely post Jane. Gorgeous pictures and you are looking so lovely dressed up. What a blessing that you could share this special time with your Dad. Those treats look luscious and very tempting. Naomi x

  38. Oh how lovely for your Dad and the family. That's such a lovely photo of you with him, you're a natural stunner my love.
    And the card you made is ever so sweet.

    Now if only I could jump through the computer screen for one of those scones, yummo.


  39. Jane,
    I'm playing catch up today. You looked beautiful, and the birthday tea was wonderful. I'm so glad you all had a happy celebration. Your dad looks so sweet.

  40. Happy 75th Birthday to your dad.

    The photo's and memories you will take from that day are precious.

    I am only new to planet baby although I thought I started following you months ago, but alas no I didn't... Anyway, I am off to search through your archives.

    Happy Sunday

  41. Oh, cripes! I had no idea this post would elicit so many kind and caring responses. Thankyou, my dear friends. Your compassion has really touched me. I still can't grasp how much emotion can be conveyed around the globe just by words alone.

    There are too many comments to reply individually but thanks for sharing in this celebration with me.

    I didn't mean to make some of you cry but then again, I guess there's nothing wrong in that. I'm realising as we move through this grieving process during Dad's remaining time with us that crying is natural and there's nothing wrong with it occasionally. We're only human, after all.

    And thanks for the lovely comments about my dress - it was new and I was so excited to fit into it. Now that's a *huge* post topic I promise to get to soon! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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