Saturday, 11 December 2010

Celebrating my first 100 posts (or I love this bloggy caper)

Hello, my sweet PB friends, all 192 of you. I’m back after a tiny break to catch my breath after that crazy weekend. Thanks again for all your thoughtful and caring comments over the past mad week. Now guess what – this is post number 100! Woo hoo!

Do you like my little purchases from Lovely Tape?
Thanks to all of you for hopping aboard this crazy planet and following our life here. I’m feeling a little less like the helpless newbie I was when I started blogging back in July. I’m starting to find the rhythm which best suits our little family (now that I’m on bloggy rehab. Oh, and on that topic, can anyone tell me when I finish rehab? Or am I on it indefinitely?!). It now feels like time for a little bloggy stocktake of where I’m at and where I’d like to go. Hands up who wants to get involved with this? A few of you? Okay, here goes.

Am I enjoying myself?

Oh, yes, immensely! Discovering Blogland with all its eclectic characters and intriguing intricacies feels like a well-kept secret known to only a select few. Blogging allows me to feel less remote on my little island at the bottom of the world. With a mouse click, I can be sitting by the fire with expat Sydneysider Miss Melissa in snowbound England, drinking wine, sharing secrets and admiring her kiddos’ hand-made Christmas present tags for their teachers.  
Doesn't Melissa have the best ideas?
Or sitting on sweet Emma’s garden swing under glorious lilac-hued Sydney jacarandas as her two little pirates play chasings while we chat. 

Don't you want to hop on this swing, right now?!
Or go haggling with my witty Dutch friend, Maureen, at her favourite flea market in Lille – she has such a fabulous eye for a bargain and what a little TLC will remedy. Mmm, this makes my typographical-loving heart sing!

Hmm, what not to take home!
Or discussing my passions for cricket, words and the delights of blogging with sweet Felicity in sunny Noosa. She finds such delightful photos for her posts like this one.

These are but a handful of you. You all add to my life in some way, for which I thank you. Deeply.

How has blogging changed my life?

Being a stay-at-home mum with 3 children under 5 was proving a little lonely after our return to Hobart from Sydney. And then on 23 July 2010, I wrote this and my life changed. Quite swiftly. Far quicker than I could ever have dreamed of, as well. I now feel connected with the outside world in spite of the ‘disconnect’ caused by my PND.

I am astounded, daily, to find more people signing up to follow our life here on this busy planet. It is such a delight to welcome you into my life and share its joys, frustrations and complexities. You inspire me, comfort me, challenge me, delight me, support me and humour me. Thank you, each and every one of you, for lifting my spirits when I feel alone ‘in the trenches’ of motherhood.

Is there anything I’d like to change on my blog?


I plan to get some help to freshen it up a little, adding a few customised buttons, using different fonts for post titles, that kind of thing. I’ve done everything myself so far and feel I’ve just about reached my limitations!


I’ve discovered blogs are innately fluid creations, ebbing and flowing with life’s events. However, I’ve been trying to from a framework upon which it can hang, to give you some ‘back story’. I *think* I have most of the furniture in place!

As for the future, I have so many ideas bubbling away, I’m struggling to organise them coherently to make my blog easy to follow and enjoyable to read. I have hundreds of draft post titles, bookmarked articles, posts and photos and thousands of my photos. I am not joking. Clearly, I won’t, and can’t, use all of this information. Working out what to use is my big *challenge* - any tips?! How do you sort, store and process all the thousands of bits of information and images you see in Blogland every day? All tips are most welcome – let’s share our secrets so we can make our blogging more fun and less stressful.


I have really enjoyed fostering a sense of community and connectedness in this little space. I value your comments and enjoy the discussions amongst us, both by comment and email. I love seeing fellow followers befriend each other and feel like they’re sharing an experience on PB. I hope you see PB as somewhere to honestly and openly share the joys and challenges of parenting (or not! You don’t need to be a parent to follow here ☺.) whilst at the same time delighting in our shared interests and passions.

I’d like to build that sense of community a little more. I’d like you to help me out, if you don’t mind. Until now I’ve called you all ‘my PB friends’. That feels a little clunky and bland. I’d like to find another word to describe you lovely followers of Planet Baby - something a bit catchier, with a ‘ring’ to it and connoting a ‘team’ feel. So far, I’ve come up with ‘Planetarians’ but maybe there’s a better suggestion out there. What do you think? I really welcome your input – all suggestions will be gratefully considered.

I also plan on adding a ‘Welcome to Planet Baby’ tab up the top with links to some key posts so new followers can get a quick ‘snapshot’ of our life here. A ‘Planet Baby 101’, if you will. Do you think that would be helpful? Or unnecessary? Please leap in with your comments. The pixies quite like the idea of having this as PB’s flag…

Is there anything you’d like me to change on my blog?

Okay. Enough about me! This is when I turn to you, my lovely PB friends, and ask for your constructive thoughts. Is there something I’ve touched on which deserves another post? What questions about life on Planet Baby would you like me to answer? And do you have any suggestions for future posts? I’d love to hear from you. Oh, and watch this space - I feel a little giveaway might *just* be coming up!


  1. Keep doing what you're doing! Lx
    P.s. Thanks for the advice the other day!

  2. Learn as you go and take a chance on your content. You write so well so keep enjoying it.

  3. I love reading honest heart posts and you are excellent at opening your heart to us. Keep doing what you are doing - I am enjoying it! Naomi x

  4. I like things just as they are too, its always nice to visit. It really is a great community this bloggy world, I'm so glad to be a part of it!

  5. Hi Jane, I really enjoy your blog, I'm still learning myself, and I'm really happy to be party of this blog community.

  6. Warmest congrats. Jane on your 100th! MOTH's suggestion for your Followers is Planetoids - smaller planets circling around the Dominant Planet (or Big Kuhuna!). No real intelligent suggestions for your bloggie, I'm a simple gal (no smart coments here please!). So I love a blog where the layout & colours are clean & slick, with not too much to distract me from the post content. Nothing perturbs me more than landing on a blog that's had everything & the kitchen sink chucked at it in the way of bells & whistles & sidebar thingies - I'm out of there in a flash never to return!
    Millie ^_^

  7. Congrats on 100 posts Jane.

    I'm a fairly new 'follower'. Don't change a bit ... your blog is an extension of you.

    I like it just the way it is! You've gained a massive group of 'followers' so you must be doing something we all like!

  8. Congratulations on your 100 posts!

  9. Congrats on your 100th! I am loving your blog and the honesty I find here.

  10. Wouldn't change a thing, Jane. x

  11. My only advice would be think less, do whatever funny, exciting, happy thought topic enters your head, even if it is irrelevant. You can NEVER figure out the reader, so it must be what you enjoy to write. At the end of the day honesty will beat contrived, humour is appreciated in whatever form, and we all like to see and appreciate word of wisdom, nice images etc. Congratulations on 100 posts!

  12. Congrats Jane on your 100th post! well done. as a recent follower I enjoy your posts even if I have been a little slack on the commenting.
    I agree with the others, wouldn't change a thing & especially agree with Millie, too much on a blog isn't great.
    here's to many more PB ♥

  13. Congratulations Jane - 100 posts!

    This is your blog and it should continue to reflect YOU, dear girl. That is what everyone is reading for! I can't remember where I saw this recently, but a wise blogger was talking about post topics, and her advice was to write on what you are feeling at the time and you can't go wrong. It sounds like great advice to me. Carry on!

  14. Congrats on 100, carry on as you are and write from the heart. Whatever you want to say, thats why its YOUR blog :)

  15. huzzah !
    loving the PB world - well done Jane - 100 sure is a bench mark.
    Wouldn't change a thing, this blog seems so truthful and clear, and in the spirit of all that happens in the PB household.

  16. Congrats on the 100! Keep doing what you're doing, sweetie!
    XO L

  17. congrats on your 100th post yah!! so happy for you sweetie,your blog is it,enjoy your weekend Jane xox

  18. I think your perfect just the way you are!!!
    Love love love your blog, Congratulations on 100 very entertaining posts!
    Have a lovely weekend!!

  19. Congratulations Dear One!

    Reading through everyone's comments it seems like there is a strong message coming through to keep doing what it is that makes you 'you' because it's resonating strongly.

    You have created a warm and friendly space here where it feels like I've just 'popped in' to have a cup of tea and a catch up.
    I've been able to meet lots of interesting people here who've also dropped by, and the conversations which you gently guide us to are always interesting and thought-provoking.

    I also love it when we go shopping through Hobart together and really enjoy seeing the delight you have in your purchases.

    As for 'redecorating' - I'm all for a good zhush as you know, but agree wholeheartedly with Millie on the 'keep it simple and clean' ethos.

    You have a lovely style, whether it be the way you write, the way that you present your blog or the way that you live your true to you and all will unfold spectacularly!

    Biggest of hugs and thank you for mentioning me so sweetly,

    Felicity X!

  20. I have seen other
    bloggers do a big
    re-do of their blogs
    and actually have
    readership DECREASE,
    so proceed with caution,
    dear Jane! You have 192
    followers because they
    already like what they
    are seeing : ) Be you.
    Nothing more is required!
    xx Suzanne

  21. Just stay true to yourself. Charmaine

  22. Just keep on keeping on Jane :)
    I can't believe you have so many post ideas! I am overhwelmed at the moment as I have a massive total of about 5!!! (only due to christmas!!)
    Hope you got those peonies :)

  23. I think your blog is fantastic just the way it is!

  24. Oh congratulations Jane!! I'm not too far behind you actually...what a mile stone :-)
    I look forward to coming back and reading all these wonderful comments properly that people have left for you (still a bit whacked after last night)
    Thanks so much for coming by my place today with your 'get well' comment - I really appreciate it :-)

  25. Congrats!
    I must agree, this blog world is like having one huge cheerleaders! ps: love flea markets!!

  26. Congrats on 100 posts, Jane! I wouldn't change your blog one little bit: it's inspiring, it brings a smile with every post I read as I feel like we're sitting together over a glass of wine chatting about our lives instead of having that pesky Bass Strait between us. Three under five in a different city is my current life too and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to chat with someone in the same life stage who speaks so openly and honestly.
    As for that name for the followers, aren't we the Babes? LOL ;)

    Well done on 100 amazing posts, here's too another hundred *clink*
    Nat xx

  27. Pleasure reading!! You remind me of those days with all those little children before school age, just me & them, the crazy things we'd all get up to. Now my eldest is starting high school, so hold onto these days, they are beautiful & yours. They soon grow up & if you raise them well, they're capable & independent, it's a wonderful mix of pride & hope & worry. Love to you all on Planet Baby, love Posie

  28. Hi Jane,
    I'm glad I found your blog as I enjoy reading about your often hectic life with your gorgeous little pixies. I will agree with most of the above comments - you don't need to change! Keep telling us about day to day stuff, it doesn't have to be any more than that.
    Regarding your followers/friends, what about 'come and join team PB?' although I like planetarians too.
    I like what Ann from A villa life has done with some links near the top of her page to tell us more about her. That could work for you? Having some key posts is good. When I go to a brand new blog I often go back to the first month just to read and get a feel for it.
    Above all, keep having fun and enjoy it and keep it as a relaxation and a place to escape.

  29. Congratulations on your 100th blog!!!!
    Keep it up!

  30. 100th post - WOW! I'm not even close yet. Well done. I always look forward to reading your posts. If you are planning on revamping your blog page can I suggest Katrina Chambers at She did wonders with mine and I'm so happy with it.
    Have a great week with your little babybeings.
    Megs x

  31. congrats on your 100th post - and what a great one it was...Lovely way to reflect on this crazy thing called blogging...

    I have not been visiting you long enough to comment but from what I have seen(as well as the 30 plus comments on this post!) I would not suggest you change much!

    You have a lovely writing style

    And thanks so much for your kind comment on our end of year/signing off post! You made my morning!

    Gill xo

  32. Hi Jane. Congratulations on 100 posts..what a great milestone. I'm afraid I don't have any clever suggestions for you (I think the paint fumes are getting to me and I have to head off to work in a minute!) but just wanted to say, if there's one thing I have learned...just do what makes YOU happy and we'll be happy right along with you :)

  33. Jane - congratulations on 100 posts.
    Very well done. I am also in the zen school I don't like too much coming at me when I click on a blog. Pages are good though. And also, as everyone else says just write about what you feel like writing about. Be authentic and that is all that matters. xo

    ps I also rather like Planetoids.

  34. Well done, Jane... 100 takes commitment so, a great achievement. G

  35. Congratulations on 100 posts Jane!!! I am so touched that you mentioned me and my humble little blog, (made me cry again but in a good way I promise!!!). Thank you very much and I am very much looking forward to the day that we can sit and chat over a cup of tea while the children scamper about. xx

  36. Oh, my! I get caught up in *life* on Planet Baby, turn away for a day and then what do I find but all these delightful messages. Thanks ever so much - this is quite overwhelming. Now just a few specific replies.

    Thanks, Laura, and pleased to help.

    Millie, thanks for the Planetoid suggestion. It'll go into the hat! I agree about clean and simple.

    Good point, Sonia - I sometimes need a reminder to just 'go for it' and not over-think things. I think it's a matter of degree, finding that balance between a bit of planning to make the blog run smoother and overdoing it and sounding contrived.

    Thanks, Sarah. Simple advice like that is often the best, I agree.

    Thanks for your gorgeous comments, Felicity. I'm so pleased you feel like PB is a little refuge and like my taste in shopping!

    Cate, I can't believe you managed to write this with everything that's been going on with you this past weekend. I hope you're feeling a little better now after that terrible shock.

    Oh, Natalie, yes, that pesky Bass Strait is a nuisance. Ah well, at least we can keep in touch this way. Us mums of 3 littlies need to unite!

    Thanks for the suggestions, Beth - I've sent you a message.

    And Megs, yes, Katrina's my planned helper.

    It's my pleasure, Emma - I hope more people find your delightful little bloggy oasis.

    J x

  37. I have just found your blog - I think it is lovely just the way it is.

    Take care

  38. I think you should keep things just as they are, just be you:) xo

  39. Well done on reaching 100 posts Jane - I have really enjoyed getting to know you and your family through your blog and eagerly await the next 100 posts!! I like the topics you discuss, your writing style and all the tips/tutorials you share. I'm still amazed at the community I've become a part of through blogging which is so supportive and encouraging - perfect for stay at home mums to network and connect with other like minded individuals x

  40. Why, thanks, ladies. I really value your comments. I am equally delighted to be following all three of you in this bloggy caper. And yes, Amanda, it astounds me, daily. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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