Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Today on Planet Baby

Hello, my lovelies! I have quite enjoyed today on Planet Baby. So what was so different about today? Well, apart from spring’s freshness and sunniness, my dear husband (I think I’ll call him Mr PB from now on) has taken a few days off work for the first time since we arrived in Hobart a year ago. What bliss to have another set of hands to look after the pixies. And that also means time for me to relax. Oh, happy day!

He is such a caring man – his mission in life is to keep all his little family happy. That means the pixies are revelling in lots of ‘Daddy time’ as he focuses his boundless enthusiasm on them. He lives in the moment with them. Isn’t that what life on PB is all about? He can relate to them at their level, down in PB trenches, and see the world from their point of view. He remembers the carefree childhoods we had and wants to introduce the pixies to some of the things we used to get up to. He likes showing them the simple things which can bring great pleasure.

That’s when my sweet friend, Sarah, comes in. A fellow Hobart mum, Sarah has started her own blog, Oesch & Doots, this week – do stop by and say hello. On the weekend, Sarah and her lovely husband had lunch with us and some other old friends at the conclusion of the French-inspired ‘Festival of Jane’ which has been running for the past fortnight in celebration of my 40th birthday. A blissful few hours sans the pixies were spent, savouring our boeuf bourguignon and black forest cheesecake while sipping on bubbles and sharing tales of our lives on PB and even things which did not involve our children. Most odd! Anyway, Sarah gave me the following present.
Pure prettiness
See how beautifully she wrapped it? A woman after my own heart. The vibrant, patterned wrapping paper entwined with not one but two gorgeous ribbons. Sigh. Inside was this pretty card.
I have such a thing for haberdashery
And this divine book.
Ooh, I can't wait to read it!
I was unfamiliar with the author, Amanda Blake Soule, until now. Even a cursory flick through this little tome has made me a dedicated fan. I’m now avidly following her blog, Soule Mama. Do have a look if you haven’t already. She’s a mum of four young children and is very crafty. Her philosophy on raising children relates to my post yesterday about encouraging children to express their creativity and imagination. It’s quite lovely and inspiring. It’s filled with captivating ideas to gather materials, foster imagination, explore, capture moments on PB and celebrate.

Which brings me back to today and Mr PB. He scanned the book quickly this morning, seeking inspiration. He found it on p 129. And this is what resulted.
A world for Joshua’s dinosaurs to roam
And a fairy bower for fairy-obsessed India.

Here's a close-up.
The use of a feather boa was inventive!
The children are besotted. They’ve spent hours outside playing there. Life can sometimes be really simple on PB. And sweet. Do your littlies enjoy creating imaginary worlds or creating loveliness from the ordinary? I’d love to hear your ideas – the more, the merrier! 



  1. Oh my, you won some gorgeous treasures, Jane. EnJOY them all! The wrapping paper is lovely indeed, not to forget the cute ribbons. And the book, looks like a must-have!!
    Hugs for a happy Wednesday already, a lovely evening for now and sweet sweet dreams for later on ;)

  2. Thanks so much, Saskia! Sarah has lovely taste. So lovely to 'see' you again. And to you, too. J x

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day. The kids always love having dad join in their games :) My boys love to be creative, they are always asking for boxes to make rocket ships etc. Must check out the book and blog, thanks for the recommendation. Also Happy Birthday! xx

  4. So glad you loved it Jane! I have a well-worn copy of Creative Family and I pick it up for inspiration often, Looks like the pixies had a really lovely day - good work Mr PB - the fairy bower is divine!

  5. Happy birthday, Jane. That book looks like a greay score - I love those little worlds! X

  6. Thanks, ladies! Yes, the 'carnival of Jane' finally finished on the weekend. It's been a delightful fortnight of celebrating with family and friends, old and new. I'm a lucky girl. J x

  7. Hello Jane --thank you for visiting splendid market and sharing your vote!, I think I am with you. My children are quite a bit older, 13 and 16, but I shared many of your philosophies. We used to collect things from the beach and forest and make little fairy houses, reminds me of yours. Enjoy your pixies. And very happy birthday wishes to you! The double ribbon does add so much to the gift.

  8. Thanks, Emily! Now that summer's approaching, I imagine we'll be looking for beachside inspiration as well. Yes, I'm going to remember that double ribbon idea! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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