Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Feeling tired and tongue-tied

Hello lovely Planetarians. I am really struggling here. This popping-my-head-back-over-the-parapet business to restart blogging is confounding me. For the first time ever, I don't know where to start. The challenges life has been throwing us lately have left me unsteady on my feet. And this bloggy caper, which always came so readily to me before, is no longer familiar territory.

I miss it.

And I miss you, too.

I don't mean that in a melodramatic, overly familiar way. I mean it most genuinely. I treasure the support you Planetarians gift to me, in so many ways and places. I have only been visiting your blogs fleetingly of late and am missing sharing your latest tales.

Most of all, I am missing being a good friend to so many of you who have been just that to me in recent times.

I wish I could offer all you more but right now, I need to conserve my energy to focus on our family's immediate needs.

I am really tired. Bone-achingly so. Long-time Planetarians will know just how challenging the last 7 years have been since we arrived on Planet Baby. The pace has been unrelenting. And the hurdles keep popping up. I loathe running and hurdling is even less my style. But those hurdles continue to appear, just as I'm gaining some momentum.

And so I raise my right leg yet again, trying not to trail my ankle, straining forth to mount yet another one.

At the moment, I feel like I have more problems than I could poke a stick at. I've struggled to work out how to articulate this to you. I don't wish to whinge or make out that my problems are any greater than anyone else's. Far from it. I guess it's just part of my 'keeping it real' motto.

But, and there's the rub, I also feel tongue-tied. There are so many things I'd like to share with you about how we're faring right now but so many of these tales are not my own to tell. So I can't.

Here's a snapshot of life on Planet Baby at the moment:


Mr PB's job hunt continues. He's still working his casual night job. It helps but he's been taking on extra shifts. He's tired.


Life is very challenging right now.
The pixies

It's school holiday time. The days are getting shorter and cooler. That means more time indoors for the pixies. The issue of the appropriate amount of screen time for them is vexing us no end. 

Planet Joy

Planet Joy is tootling along nicely. But I have so many more ideas and hopes for it. It has so much potential that I long to fulfil.

I'd love to find a business mentor to help me write a business plan and help me find the people who have the skills I lack in photography, styling, merchandising, social media and marketing. The whole small business caper, actually.
Hmm, no wonder I'm tired. Thankfully, I am thoroughly enjoying the challenges of Bikram yoga. I've been attending 4-5 times a week for the past 6 weeks, thanks to Romy's encouragement. It's starting to work wonders with both my body and mind. Will fill you in soon about it.

This post is a bit of a meander. But it's where my mind's at right now. I hope I've filled in the gaps a little without disclosing too much.

Finally, thankyou for all your kind words and actions in recent times, especially all the emails which I've been struggling to answer. I can't express how grateful I am for every effort you make to contact me. I am trying to catch up on the backlog.

So I am back blogging. Please just bear with me a little longer while I get my rhythm back!
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