Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 on Planet Baby: our year in photos

Bonsoir, mes amies. Oui, c'est moi! I know, it's an uncommon occurrence to have me posting on consecutive days. But I do love a Good Old Wrap-up. 2012 has been such a rollercoaster of a year. It started with my hope of 'simplifying my life'. That all went pear-shaped on 9 January 2012 when Mr PB lost his job and was book-ended by the same thing happening on 10 December 2012. A close friend remarked the other day that we'd had 'an annus horribilis'. I could easily succumb to so labelling it. But I won't. There were some definitely some upsides. I want to count our blessings and emphasise the positives. I know my Dad would be geeing me up to do just that. Anyway, without further ado, here are my highlights of our 2012.

My precious pixies in a rare photo as a trio. They're hard to pin down, my rambunctious littlies!

My darling big girl started Kindy. She was proud as punch. Faithful Tommy Dog was there to bear witness. As usual.

We delighted in watching Tasmania's victory in the final Sheffield Shield roster match of the season, sending them into the Grand Final. 

We relished sharing PB HQ with a large number of friends and their children as we celebrated Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden.

My baby enjoyed Mothers' Day as much as I did!

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the 30 Day Self-Care Blueprint with wonderful Deb and Kirri. I learnt so much about myself.

I cherished watching Sammy grow up overnight into an inquisitive toddler. Here he is on his 3rd birthday, tackling this puzzle for the first time.

My siblings, Mum and I finally laid my darling Dad to rest, nearly a year later. I think he'd appreciate this view of his beloved River Derwent.

Our efforts as gardening greenhorns finally bore fruit with this fragrant erlicheer.

Armed with my newly won iPhone, I soon became addicted to the mistress called Instagram.

By now, Planet Joy was humming along beautifully. This is one of my first custom orders.

And to end, here are my four favourite creative Instagram snaps I took. A fabulous reminder of how far I've come this year, health-wise.

Thanks for your warm companionship in Blogland in 2012. And bonne annĂ©e, mes amies! I wish you only the best of health, happiness and prosperity in 2013. I hope it's truly an annus mirabilis for you all.
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