Thursday, 18 October 2012

Welcome to Planet Joy: my Etsy shop is open!

Ta da! Yes, sweet Planetarians, the moment has finally arrived. After some very late nights, I can now present to you my newest project - my Etsy shop called 'Planet Joy'. Yippee!

Let me play Tour Guide and show you around so you can get your bearings on this new planet. Being Planetarians, you know that makes you citizens there, right?!

The logo

First up, this little flutterer above is Planet Joy's new logo. Brilliant blue + butterfly = what-more-could-I-ask-for! It's a fabulous image I purchased through Piddix. Seeing it makes me happy. 

The banner

Here's my shop banner:
I chose this handwriting font as it's so similar to my own. I love its clean and classic look. 

It shows three of the products I'm starting with:
  • Hand-bent wire wrapped with silky Liberty of London fabric;
  • Canvases adorned with buttons in the shape of hearts or initials; and
  • Wooden symbols wrapped with ribbon. 
The name

It came to me in a flash some months ago. I wanted to have a connection with Planet Baby and you wonderful supporters whilst also linking to my creative side.

Initially I toyed with 'Beribboned' or somesuch (it was already taken). Then I realised that would limit the shop's appeal to search engines. So I took a different tack. Rather than focus on the materials I'd be using, I decided to base the name on an emotion crafting evokes for me.

Which all led me to choosing 'joy'.
Something I made for last Christmas
It's really the whole ethos behind this venture for me. Crafting is so pleasurable, both for me to make it and (hopefully!) for you to receive it.

I love pretty things. Making and sharing them with others brings me a contentedness I never knew I could feel.

The business card
And here's my business card. A bit more than the snippet I teased you with the other day!

The products

I've uploaded a range of my wire words and hearts wrapped in Liberty fabric and wooden words wrapped in ribbon. Here are some of them:

Something for my fellow Francophiles, naturellement! 
And because it's good manners to welcome you to Planet Joy...
I thought maybe my fellow bloggers might be interested in this @ symbol.

Maybe my goodies might bring you some of this.
I just hope you love them as much as I do!

The first sale

I've truly made the kindest friends through blogging. Like wonderful A-M who encouraged me to start my Etsy shop back here - thanks! It was just the nudge I needed. Then there's sweet Ness who's provided me with invaluable feedback and encouragement in recent days. My fellow legal eagle, Iris, kindly vetted my shop policies, making some helpful suggestions.

And then there's my lovely friend, Sarah, who surprised me out of the blue by purchasing my first sale early this morning! I hadn't even told anyone I'd launched the shop late last night. That's how huge her heart is - she'd been checking on Etsy to see whether I'd pulled it off yet and wanted to be the first customer. A true friend indeed.
Which all meant that after I'd hung the washing out and logged into my email, I found this delightful surprise! Sarah had bought one of my Liberty wire hearts. Never has earning $10 felt so good!
The wrapping

And so now all this is winging its way to Sarah in the next suburb. I was going to show it all wrapped, Sarah, but didn't want to play spoiler ☺.

What next?

Ooh, I still have a few things to do. Over the next day or so, I'm going to:
  • list more items including wooden letters and symbols wrapped in Liberty fabric; and
  • launch my Planet Joy Facebook page (I hope you'll come over and 'like' it).
But for now, I must get my 40 winks. Talk about dog-tired!

I can't wait to hear what you think about my newest caper. I've just added the Etsy widget to my sidebar to make it easy for you to find it. A penny for your thoughts!
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