Thursday, 6 September 2012

Psst! I'm guest-posting over at babyspace today!

Good evening, gorgeous ones. I've been so fascinated by your responses already to my last post. Unfortunately today has been calamitous so I haven't had time to respond to your comments, let alone write my promised follow-up post. 

We've had severe winds in Hobart today which caused our wooden gate to swing loose just at the split second between checking behind me and starting to reverse the car out of our drive to collect Joshie and India from school. The result? I smashed into the gate, breaking off part of it and severely denting the steel bracket affixing it to the fence post. That then split in half, causing the fence to bow about 10 cm over onto the footpath. I couldn't believe my bad luck. Now I've had to make two separate insurance claims and pay two excesses. *Sigh*. Time for my luck to change, I think.

So, please excuse me for delaying my follow-up post - hopefully I'll get to it tomorrow. Mind you, it's the first day of school holidays so I'll have all 3 pixies home with me so whether I have any time to blog remains to be seen!
Anyway, what I can share with you is my guest post today over at the lovely Bron's babyspace blog as part of her delightful 'Meet the mama' series.

There I'm answering these questions posed by Bron:
  • What a normal day looked like before I was pregnant
  • What a normal day looks like now
  • My most surprising thing about becoming a mama
  • What I wish I’d known before I was pregnant
  • My hardest part of being a new mama
  • My fave part of being a mama
  • What helps me parent well
  • The best parenting advice I’ve been given
  • The best advice I’d like to give new mamas
I'd love you to click here to read it. Please say hi to Bron from me while you're there! Hopefully I'll get back on schedule tomorrow ☺.
PS 'Blogging 101' will return next week.

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