Monday, 3 September 2012

Giveaway: a place in the 30 Day Self-care Blueprint e-course

Well hello sweet Planetarians. This week is off to a far better start than my last - thanks for all your kind and comforting words (and a sunny day today helped immensely!). To ensure your week starts just as well, tonight I have a special treat to offer one lucky Planetarian.

Remember when I posted about 'June: my month of self-care and creativity'? Then I had the pleasure of doing two e-courses, one of which was the 30 Day Self-care Blueprint. It was sensational.

Now the organisers, the huge-hearted Deb from the inspiring Home Life Simplified (a fellow Planetarian - hi Deb!) and Kirri from the wonderful Happy Mums at Home, have given me a place to offer you all in their next version of the course! Happy days, my friends ☺. So, let's get stuck into the details.

What's the course about? 

Deb and Kirri describe the course as:
An individualised action plan that is based on the pillars of self-care, self-knowledge and self-love.
You will leave with a tangible, workable self-care plan aligned with your current life circumstances and your core values and designed to enhance your self-worth and well-being.

What is self-care?

Not sure what 'self-care' entails? I wasn't, either! Deb and Kirri describe it as meaning:
  • You get to experience a richer life; one that is crafted by your priorities and choices.
  • You value yourself, your needs and your dreams.
  • You feel good about yourself.
  • It results in you being able to give more. There is a ripple effect.
Doesn't that sound fantastic? Imagine having very talented and compassionate people guiding you through the course, helping you to work out  how to be your 'best self'. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Then throw in a class of empathetic, kind and supportive classmates and you're all set to have a challenging, stimulating and thought-provoking month, all at once. 

There'll also be a lovely rapport within the group on the private Facebook page, if the past course is any guide. 
This became my new motto, thanks to the course.
What do course participants have in common?

So many of us who did the first course had similar histories of having suffered from PND, anxiety, depression and the sheer exhaustion which comes with parenting littlies. But it wasn't just mums with young children - there were also mums with teenagers and grandparents. 

What we all had in common was that we had put our own needs last for so long and to our great detriment. Does that sound familiar? How about a show of hands? Yep, I can see plenty of you waving back at me! Well, then this course is for you. Promise!

How did I find the course?*

I adored it. You can read my thoughts on it here - it really helped me in my journey of recovery from post-natal depression. And that's a big call for me.

Here's my testimonial on the 30 Day Self-care Blueprint site.

So I commend the course to you all, whether you win this prize or not. It's a tremendous investment in yourself and your happiness for a modest price. 

What are the new course details?

The course will run for the month of October 2012. Places have gone on sale today, Monday 3 September 2012, for the special early-bird price of $AUD60. That's such a bargain at a cost of $2 a day - less than the price of a coffee and many times more valuable!

The early-bird discount price ends on 15 September 2012. It will then revert to the  full price of $AUD97. That's still a bargain at just over $3 a day ☺.

You will receive a welcome pack which will include some pre-reading, some questions for self-reflection, the syllabus, a time audit exercise to do in the first week, the course workbook and more. You will receive emails from Monday through to Friday with the weekends off to catch up or to practise that self care.

Deb tells me that this time, she and Kirri have recorded all the written days. That means that someone who prefers to listen to MP3s can do so - this will be great for those who breastfeed, want to listen while they exercise, go for a walk or do anything really!

Okay, enough of the hoopla - let's talk about the terms and conditions of entering ☺.

So how do I enter the competition?

1. If you're a Planetarian, leave a comment and you're entered.

2. If you're not already, become a Planetarian by either:
  • clicking on the little Google Friend Connect button in my sidebar and follow the prompts; or
  • clicking on the RSS icon in my sidebar to have my posts delivered to your reader.
3. You get an extra entry for:
  • blogging about it;
  • linking to it;
  • putting it in your sidebar;
  • tweeting about it;
  • sharing it on Facebook; and
  • sharing it on Google+.
To make it super easy for you to do so, you can just click on the little icons at the bottom of this post!

Make sure you leave a comment for an extra entry to be awarded in each case.

4. This offer is open worldwide to all my fellow Planetarians. That's the magic of an e-course - it's border-free.

5. The giveaway will close at on Saturday 15 September 2012 at 6 pm AST (Australian Standard Time so overseas Planetarians please take that into account) and will be drawn by the pixies from the Ceremonial Planet Baby Gumboot.

6. If you buy a place at the early-bird price and then win the giveaway, Deb and Kirri will refund you your money. They're good sorts! 

So, hop to it and throw all your hats in the ring for a chance. I wish you all the very best. And even if you don't win, buying a spot in the course is well worth the investment in yourself - please consider it!

As always, do share your thoughts - do you think the course sounds just the thing for you? Have you been 'stuck' in a life rut and would appreciate some assistance? I look forward to hearing your ideas.
* These views are entirely my own and have not been compensated for in any form. I just love the work of these two wonderful women.
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