Monday, 30 July 2012

Sunday splendour: 29 July 2012

Er, it's Sunday-splendour-on-a-Monday again! I'm playing catch-up here. Comments are still flooding in on my posts about 'Operation bring back the blog love' (here and here). I can't thank you enough for your fabulous insights, contributions and generosity of spirit. Tomorrow when I'm pixie-free for a while, I hope to reply to all your comments. You'll notice that I've added a list to the bottom of my first post of all the new blogs I've added to my blogroll following your comments. 

Anyway, back to normal scheduling again. Here are some of my splendid moments from the past week.
I *feasted upon* this moreish orange cake. Yes, it's the one I posted about here - well spotted! At least this time, I didn't have a 100s and 100s disaster - remember this one?!
                                          Source: via Jane on Pinterest

I *discovered* this captivating teatowel on Anthropologie, thanks to my kind friend Amanda - she rightly guessed it was "so me"!
I *enjoyed* picking these jaunty daffodils and tiny snowdrops from our garden to give to lovely Romy when I lunched at her place. It was a thrill to pick the daffies we had planted as bulbs - our first since we moved here over a year ago. And of course I also relished the wrapping of them, using my beloved blue and adored grosgrain ribbon.
I *created* these little heart canvases using buttons for the pixies in their favourite colours - green for Joshie, pink for Miss India and blue for Sammy. The pixies are smitten with them. They were fun to make, although time-consuming.

Do you think I should make some of the button hearts for my Etsy shop? I'm starting to think about it more seriously now my hand has healed. 
I *read* this fantastic and uplifting post by Amy Kessel entitled 'E is for enough'. For all those of you who are recovering perfectionists like me and who are trying to prioritise self-care more, it's a must-read.
I *watched* the pixies' joy in venturing up Hobart's Mt Wellington (or 'The Snowy Mountain' as they call it ☺) for some time in the snow - snowball fights abounded. Here they are warming themselves in front of the fire in a cabin in between sorties! And yes, India is wearing a tutu over her warm clothes! Joshie is also wearing my childhood beanie - it makes me smile.

So, do tell which ones catch your eye. Have any of you tried making that orange cake recipe yet? Do you think my button hearts would sell on Etsy? And are you as smitten about that teatowel as me?! Over to you...

PS Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already - it's open for another week.
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